13 Apps Like Skype That Can Be Real Alternatives For Android & iOS

Discord - Chat for Gamers
Threema Work
Apps like Skype - free IM & video calls

Skype is a useful program to have around. With Skype, you can make video calls, voice calls, send text messages, and more. It might be useful, but it's not perfect. You might like to find something better. Perhaps you're not impressed with their recent redesigns. The common problems with syncing might be ruining your experience. Thankfully, there are many alternatives to Skype. None of the apps are exactly the same as Skype, but they do offer similar services.

Here are 13 alternative apps and how they compare to Skype.

Discord - Chat for Gamers

Discord - Chat for Gamers

"Gamer Focused - But Can Be Used By Anyone"

If you're a gamer, then there is a good chance that you are familiar with this app. Discord is similar to Skype, but it's made to be more gamer-friendly. It has all the basics; video calls, audio calls, and chatting. Discord also has some noteworthy advantages over Skype.

When you use Discord, your device and the internet won't be a bogged down as when using Skype. Discord is designed for gamers, so it uses CPU and bandwidth very efficiently. You can also connect with others easily. Discord connects to many different social media platforms, while Skype only allows you to connect with Facebook. Discord generates a unique link for you to use to invite others to your chat server. It's not nearly as easy to invite others on Skype. Discord also offers better support for Linux users, better chat formatting, and more private screen sharing.

Skype's group video calling feature is still undefeated. Using Discord, you will be able to video call up to 10 people. You can video call 25 people on Skype. Discord only supports file sharing of files up to eight MB, while Skype allows you to share 300 MB files. With Skype, you also have the option of purchasing credit for calling landline and mobile phones.

"Ideal For Text Based Chat"

With the Telegram messenger, you can exchange photos, text, videos, audio files, and just about any other type of file. It might be the better option if you're only looking to text chat. Telegram has many chat features that are far better than the chat features of Skype.

It is easier to make Telegram suit your personal aesthetics because it allows you to personalize your messages and chat. Telegram sends messages faster than Skype. It allows you to share your location. Telegram Messenger also gives special attention to your privacy. In addition to using end-to-end encryption, Telegram has another feature that will add to your privacy. You can turn on the temporary text and images feature. When this feature is turned on, Telegram will erase all your messages after a certain period of time. This means that it even erases messages on the receiver's phone.

If you need more than text chatting, Skype is better. Telegram Messenger does not have voice chat or video chat. You can't alter your status or appear offline. Telegram also doesn't support nearly as many languages.

"Not Free But Excels At Privacy"

If you're not into using a desktop for communication, Threema might be your app. Threema is an instant messaging app for mobile phones. It has all the basics. You can send voice messages, voice calls, and multimedia files.

If you don't already think that Threema's interface is more attractive than Skype's interface, you make it so. Threema gives you the ability to personalize the app. It's also more convenient on the mobile platform, because of its widget support. With Threema, you don't have to be bombarded by messages all day. You're able to adjust your notifications to occur only at the times you specify. Threema has more end-to-end encryption that Skype. It even supports an encrypted group chat.

If you want to use Threema, then you'll have to pay for it. It's not as easy to use on a desktop. To use Threema on a desktop, you'll have to use their web interface. Threema also lacks a two-way video chat, group video chat, and the screen sharing features that come with Skype.

"Same Features With Additional Business Centric Addons"

Threema Work is an extended version of Threema. It has all of the features that came with Threema plus some added business and management features.

If you have a business, you'll be able to manage your chat groups and bots. You'll be able to control who uses your chat servers and what they will be able to access. When an employee leaves, you'll be able to revoke their permissions to enter your chat server. The Therma Work app can integrate into the common MDM/EMM systems.

Threema Work is better for text chat in a business setting, but it still doesn't have Skype's video calling.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

"Open Source"

If your biggest concern is security, Signal might be the messenger for you. Signal is a security-focused messenger app. Signal's company even helped to bring end-to-end encryption to Skype.

Signal provides automatic end-to-end encryption on every message and every call. It allows for encrypted group chats. Signal's code is open source, meaning anyone is free to test its security and improve it. As a result, Signal isn't prone to security issues that Skype has.

Signal doesn't have the platform compatibility that Skype has. Currently, the app can only be used on mobile, but there are plans for the app to spread to tablets in the near future.

Wire • Secure Messenger

Wire • Secure Messenger

"Supports Group Calls With 10 Participants"

Wire is a messenger app with a focus on privacy and security. When it comes to those matters, the Wire messenger is even superior to Signal. It's far better than Skype when it comes to privacy and security.

Every message that Wire sends has automatic end-to-end encryption. Group calls, voice calls, video calls, and even file transfers are encrypted. There's not a single voice messenger besides Wire that encrypts so many different types of messages. Wire is another open-source app, so it doesn't experience the security issues that regularly plague Skype. If you like your privacy, you'll be happy to know that Wire can be used completely anonymously. You don't have to give up your phone number or email to use the app. You also get to revoke other user's access to your chat groups and servers.

Skype is again a winner when it comes to group calling. Wire will only allow you to call 10 people at a time, while Skype allows for 25.

"Excels At Collaboration"

Slack is a work-focused communication and collaboration platform.

Slack excels when it comes to integration. It's able to integrate with over 500 commonly used application. You can connect Slack with all the other apps you use. You will then receive the notifications from all of those apps in one place. It has a powerful search tool that is capable of searching through your uploaded documents. Slack lets you create open and private channels, it gives you a communications platform for sensitive information. You can also customize the notifications of each channel.

You'll have to pay to have Slack's unlimited messaging and ability to have group video calls. You're limited to 10,000 messages, unless you pay for an upgraded plan. Slack doesn't have Skype's screenshare option. It also doesn't have the option of calling and texting landline and mobile phones. Slack uses up more CPU and can’t be used without an internet connection.

"Almost Same Feature Set As Skype"

If you like Google services, then Hangouts might be more convenient for you. Hangouts is a Google communications platform that automatically integrates with other Google applications.

Hangouts is also great to use for calling or texting landlines and mobile phones. It’s often free or cheaper than Skype. Hangouts has some other features you won’t get with Skype. You can turn off notifications, share your location, and use an in-app image gallery. Hangouts also has widget support.

Skype still has the edge when it comes to holding large video conferences. With Hangouts, you get to talk to a maximum of 10 people. Hangouts does not support group voice calls. You also can’t adjust your availability, online status, or set favorite contacts.

imo free video calls and chat

imo free video calls and chat

"Good For Basic Personal Use"

The IMO instant messenger app is well-suited for mobile phones. It's a great app if you need something that is fast and easy to use. IMO is quick and can work at low internet speeds. You can share videos, photos, and location. IMO also allows for video calling. IMO lets you send free SMS text messages.

It works great as a simple messenger, but not for much else.You will not be able to use IMO for group video and voice chats. You can't send documents, contact information, and music. It doesn't support any offline editing. There aren't any features that would support business use.

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

"Popular In Asian Countries"

Line is a messenger that also functions as a social-networking platform.

Line has some features that will let you have a little fun with it. Line has one of the largest sticker galleries of any messenger app. You can get creative with Line's photo filter and editor. The app can be personalized and has widget support. Line encourages you to connect with others. You can share your location and meet others through GPS. Line allows you to create polls and draw on photos from its in-app media gallery. It also has a web browser and customizable notifications.

Most of Line's users are concentrated in Japan. If you're not in Japan, you might have a hard time finding people who use Line. It lacks several of Skype's features. Line doesn't let you send contact information, appear offline, send documents, send music, or advertise your availability. Skype dominated group video calling. Line only allows for four people in a group video chat.

"Social Networking Included"

WeChat is a Chinese social media and messaging platform.

WeChat makes it easy to connect with others. You can use GPS to meet new people and send out anonymous messages for people to see. It has some fun features. You can use WeChat like a walkie-talkie, where you push a button when you want to send audio. The app has built-in social games. WeChat can be personalized to your tastes. It also has some useful features that you can't get with Skype. It has its own media gallery, location sharing, and a language translator. WeChat can make free international calls to mobile and landline phones.

There are only a few disadvantages when compared to Skype. WeChat doesn't allow you to specify your availability. You only call up to 9 people at a time. If you don't need to speak with large groups and enjoy socializing, WeChat is the app to use.

"Great For Personal Use - Not So Much For Business"

WhatsApp is a mobile messenger. It doesn't have everything that Skype has, but it can be more convenient for mobile use.

WhatsApp will automatically take the numbers from your phone to find people. It supports mobile widgets. You can send your location. WhatsApp also has many of the features that Skype has.

Sadly WhatsApp lacks many of Skype's collaboration tools. It also doesn't have the ability to make group video calls.

Overall it can be a great alternative to Skype though, especially for personal use.

Viber Messenger - Messages, Group Chats & Calls

Viber Messenger - Messages, Group Chats & Calls

"Built-In Translator"

Viber is one of the better alternatives to Skype. It has many of the features that are common to Skype alternatives. You can share location, share contact information, and export information to an email. Viber has its own media gallery, where you can get artistic and draw on your pictures. Its group text chat is one of the best. Viber allows you to reply to specific messages in the chats. It has a built-in language translator. Viber is also great for those concerned about privacy. In private chats, the text messages are temporary.

If you leave Skype for Viber, you'll lose the ability to send documents and music files. You also won't be able to appear offline or customize your availability.