The 12 Best Candy Crush Alternative Games That Crush Just As Well

Bejeweled Classic
Bubble Shooter
Bubble Witch 3 Saga
Pet Rescue Saga
Apps like Candy Crush Saga

We've all been there: playing Candy Crush and you run out of lives and upgrades and suddenly the game almost ends up being useless unless you are willing to pay to keep going. This can be frustrating and wastes time while paying for upgrades can be annoying and, more importantly, expensive.

When you take a break from your candy crushing, either because you don't want to pay to keep playing or because you are looking for a different gaming environment it can be difficult to know what are the best games and which frankly aren't worth it. There are so many competitors and even total rip-offs of Candy Crush that it can feel like the market is inundated with countless mediocre games that end up leaving you wanting something more.

This list is made to give you the best of the best when it comes to Candy Crush alternatives to help you satiate your matching craving!

"Quick loading and sparkling graphics"

Just as the name suggests, Bejeweled Classic is the original matching game. Unlike Candy Crush which is themed with all of our favorite sweets Bejeweled Classic focuses on matching sets of sparkling jewels that rupture when brought together.

It has seven gameplay modes that allow for different styles of play, as well as uninterrupted play. These seven modes are: classic, zen, diamond mine, ice storm, poker, butterflies, and lightning. Each mode boasts unique and creative problem solving puzzles that are great for adults and kids alike. Just like in Candy Crush, the levels become progressively harder as players move their way through the ranks, wracking up big scores along the way.

In the same vein as Candy Crush, Bejeweled Classic is playable on both mobile devices and computers. The colorful and modern graphics look amazing on both devices. Easy-to-learn game play and quick loading times make this a great game for any Candy Crush lover.

"Over five hundred adorable levels"

Bubble Shooter takes the matching game genre to the next level. Players shoot colorful orbs into a puzzle up above, trying to make matches and ultimately clean the board. Unlike many other matching games, upon opening the app players receive a small pet avatar who will go along with them throughout their challenges. This pet will want to be fed and can be clothed in fun and interesting items. This adds a different dimension to the game and is fun for kids and adults alike.

Bubble Shooter has over five hundred levels to work your way through for countless hours of fun. Each level gets progressively more difficult and requires knowledge that you have acquired along the way. It is a great way to pass time and relax as the sounds and colors are extremely cathartic.

Bubble Shooter works on all mobile devices and is great choice for those who are looking for a little bit more strategy. It has great graphics and adorable avatars that will get players addicted in no time. Bubble Shooter is a great alternative to Candy Crush.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

"An exciting storyline makes it an incredible game"

From the creators of Candy Crush, Bubble Witch Saga is an amazing and oftentimes addicting puzzle game. Like Bubble Shooter it requires players to make matches by shooting colored orbs into a puzzle up above. These orbs burst and allow for the witch to clear the game board.

As the player moves through each level, so does a witch avatar. Her home has recently been destroyed and she needs to destroy the orbs to build a new one. It is a unique plot and really adds something to the game.

Just like Candy Crush, King games really did a phenomenal job on this one. The graphics are bright, fresh, and adorable. The storyline makes the game interesting and hard to put down. Overall, this is another incredible game and is super fun to play.

Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga

"Wonderful graphics and easy gameplay"

Also from King games, Pet Rescue Saga is possibly the cutest puzzle game on the market today. It has a similar gameplay to Candy Crush, requiring players to match and remove blocks and free pet animals along the way.

Besides being super adorable this game is also really fun. Players can wrack up points, solve increasingly difficult problems, and save cute pets. It has wonderful graphics and is super easy to pick up and start playing right away. Within no time, players will be saving pets with the best of them. Each level adds new challenges and different tasks that keep it from ever getting boring.

King games time and time again creates superb games that manage to be fun and easy to use. Pet Rescue Saga continues in that legacy. It is a truly league above many of its competitors.

"Cool power ups and smooth gameplay"

Fruit Bomb takes the best from Candy Crush and puts their own fruit blasting spin on it. This game is much like its predecessor, Candy Crush, but instead focuses on a fruit theme. Players match fruits into groups of three and then watch them explode on the screen. There are many different challenges that get increasingly more difficult along the way. The power ups throughout the game allow for smoother gameplay and really add something special.

Fruit Bomb is an energetic and bright game. The upbeat music and engaging graphics make the game not only super addicting but also just plain entertaining. In a world of so many bad games and cheaply made puzzles, Fruit Bomb feels fresh.

Those who are looking for a familiar gameplay but a different interface should really check out Fruit Bomb. It might just make you want to eat your fresh fruits and vegetables.

"600 Levels of challenging puzzles"

Jewel Mania is both a quest game and a puzzle game rolled into one. For those who dream of being explorers and long to find new lands and solve difficult problems, look no further. Just like in many matching games, players are required to make matches of three jewels and clear the board in order to move on to increasingly more difficult levels. Along the way players collect scrolls that unlock various prizes and lands.

Jewel Mania has terrific gameplay and keeps players asking for more. With more than six hundred levels for players to work their way through, Jewel Mania never disappoints. The challenges can become difficult but never get frustrating as they might in other games.

Overall, this is the perfect alternative to Candy Crush. In no time players will find themselves thinking about matching jewels all day long.

"Fast-paced puzzle game with original Pokemon feeling"

Who doesn’t love Pokémon? It combines warm nostalgia for many but continues to be new and exciting for younger generations. Any seasoned or novice Pokémon trainer will shortly become addicted to solving puzzles and battling their Pokémon in Pokémon Shuffle.

As with all matching puzzle games, Pokémon Shuffle requires players to pair various Pokémon into groups of three or more. But unlike many other games, this allows for its players to collect Pokémon characters and battle them just like in the original game and anime. It is a fast-paced game that keeps getting better the longer you play.

While it is unknown when all eight hundred plus Pokémon will be available in this game, it is important to try and catch them all. This game is perfect for the Candy Crush lover who also can’t help but want to collect their own personal Pikachu.

"Great game for kids and adults alike"

Angry Birds is a game for a generation. The adorable little faces and sounds are totally and undeniably cute. All of the best characters from the original Angry Birds are back and players must match colored bubbles to save the birds and move through the various levels. Along the way there are daily challenges which are classic Angry Bird levels mixed in.

Angry Birds Blast manages to reinvent a very tried-and-true property without feeling out of place or confusing. Both kids and adults alike will love this game as they free their favorite birds and defeat the gross green pigs.

This game mixes things up and allows for players to play different genres of games all in one. It is a perfect game choice for anyone who likes to solve puzzles and can’t get enough of both Candy Crush and Angry Birds.

"Makes you fall in love with its light-hearted spirit and up-beat gameplay"

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter is yet another way to get your puzzle fix while also playing alongside your favorite Angry Birds friends. In this game, the Angry Birds’ babies are stuck inside of bubbles and need help returning to their families. Players shoot orbs into the puzzle above and clear the board, ultimately freeing the babies and reuniting the families. But watch out for pigs along the way!

In Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter for every holiday there are fun and unique overlays that add to the festive feel. It makes the game relevant all year long, no matter what players may be celebrating. The graphics and colors are vibrant and fun. The game load time is small and players can get popping bubbles in no time.

Whether an Angry Birds fan or not, Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter is a perfect alternative to Candy Crush. The light-hearted spirit and up-beat gameplay will keep players coming back for more.

Jelly Splash Match 3: Connect Three in a Row

Jelly Splash Match 3: Connect Three in a Row

"A great game to get rid of stress and to relax"

Jelly Splash is an adorable and quirky puzzle matching game. In Jelly Splash, players connect as many colored jellies to one another as they possibly can and try to clear the board. It is filled with relaxing and satisfying sounds and music while players blast through jellies with ease.

This may be one of the more relaxing Candy Crush alternatives, with the entire game set up in such a way to allow players to let go of whatever is around them and dive headlong into the game. The graphics and colors are really fun and adorable. The app has many levels and challenges for players to work their way through. Each level becomes progressively harder as players make their way across the board.

Jelly Splash is a great way to relax, tune out, and relieve stress. It is perfect for the casual and serious player alike. This is a fantastic Candy Crush alternative.

"Over 1500 levels of addicting puzzles"

Toy Blast is in a league of its own when it comes to addicting gameplay. This classic matching puzzle game has players make matches out of same-colored toys. Along the way, there are many fun power ups and challenges that get more and more difficult.

Toy Blast has over one thousand and five hundred levels. Each level is unique and interesting and keeps players on their toes. It can be very boring to play a game where each level feels like a repeat of the last and that is never the case in Toy Blast.

This is a competitive game and allows you to get onto the letter board as you move through the ranks. It may seem cute and adorable but it is really quite challenging and a lot of fun. Both adults and kids alike will love playing Toy Blast.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

"Features the funniest powerups ever"

Toon Blast brings the zany world of cartoons and the challenge of puzzle games together in one place. As players match colorful blocks to clear the board they receive various powerups that help them go faster. Use big hammers, little black bombs, disco balls, and red, white, and blue rockets to clear the board and win the game.

This game is a really fun concept and gives a youthful vibe to the entire game. It is like stepping into a classic cartoon as you move up through the levels and use your power ups. Players don’t even realize how much they are challenging their brains because of all of the fun they are having.

Overall, this is a wonderful alternative to Candy Crush, especially for those who are looking to add whimsy to their lives. It is fun and silly without being over the top. Perfect for any level player.