The 13 Very Best Alternative Apps To VLC Media Player

MX Player
GOM Player
Apps like VLC for Android

VLC is free, which, of course, makes it popular. However, there are are variety of players that have many more options. Additionally, these options do not stall as a result of "rebuilding" tasks. Finally, unlike the crashing, skipping, or lag time you might experience with VLC, many other players offer steady, reliable play--which is kind of what you want in a video player.

"Handles Streams Like a Pro"

Of course, MPV plays videos, but its strength is in its ability to play streams. If you have a favorite Youtube or Vimeo channel, all you have to do is use the "Open URL" feature, and you can enjoy an entire play channel without having to repeatedly hit play. Just as important, if you watch half of a video and exit, the next time you visit the video, MPV allows you to pick up where you left off. All you have to do is set it to save last-known position, and you do not have to fumble around, fast-forwarding and re-winding, you can simply resume watching.

Other features include super-speed, fast-forward, which allows you to zip through a video as necessary, and it offers deep, rich audio. Currently, the MPV video player app is available only for Android-based smart phones.

"Kodi - Much More Than Just A Media Player"

Published by the XBMC Foundation, Kodi is not a video player--it is a media center. It can connect to a remote control, allowing you to control your home theater. Via the remote control, you can scroll through all your movie files, URLs, and photos. However, because it is a media center, you can also browse your online songs, podcasts, and Youtube channels. Basically, you have the entire internet available to you via your handy remote.

Other popular features include the ability to customize the skins, and the graphic user interface (GUI) offers large-font, closed-captioning for the hearing impaired. Because its GUI is so easy to use, you can connect to your favorite websites. That said, for your convenience, the user menu comes pre-equipped with links to weather, pictures, and music.

Finally, if you have not already guessed it, Kodi comes with a variety of game add-ons, and it is compatible with all the major console controllers. As such, all you have to do is login and start playing.

"Multi-Core CPU Compatible"

MX Player is a modern video player that takes full advantage of your phone's multi-core CPU. As such, it offers more reliable play than other players.

Standard features involve a variety of quick shortcuts, and it offers Bluetooth capability for wireless hookup to speakers or other devices. Finally, it offers child-protection via the lock menu, which prevents unauthorized people from viewing the device.

In terms of usability, it offers gesture compatibility, so all you have to do is pinch to zoom or swipe to pan.

"Simple But Powerful With Great Touch Support"

GOM Player is a basic media player designed for non-encoded files, including .mp4 video files. Although it is very basic, it offers reliable playback on Android phones. The controls are easy to see and just as easily adjusted between bright and dark, and for the hearing impaired, it offers easy-to-read subtitles.

As a media-capture device, it allows you to capture screens with a touch of a button. Additionally, it offers a timer function, allowing you to wake up to a movie in progress. For sharing, it connects to Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and OneDrive. Finally, it can manage all your downloaded media through a handy GUI, and you can favorite your videos for easy location later on.

"Free Version Can Compete With Paid Products"

The free version of BSPlayer is as good as many other apps' paid versions. For instance, it can take advantage of dual-core or quad-core processors, and its accelerated hardware allows you to save on your battery usage. In terms of connectivity, it connects wirelessly to hard drives or other wireless storage devices, allowing you to play movies and music. In fact, because it is compatible with so many file formats and storage devices, it is no longer necessary to copy media files to SD cards.

Additional features include children lock and background playback. Background playback allows you to watch a movie, and if you want to switch to another app, you can do so without stopping and re-starting your movie.

In terms of design, it has a full-screen view port with unobtrusive controls. For daylight or nighttime viewing, you can adjust the brightness. If you enjoy using it as a music player, you can play a complete playlist, or you can randomize it.

Media Player & Video Player All Format HD

Media Player & Video Player All Format HD

"Supports Pretty Much All Video File Types"

Perhaps one of the best apps on the market, Media Player All Format HD offers you the ability to play a variety of movie formats. Although it plays the common formats, such as .avi, .mp3., and .mp4, it also plays .mov, .flv., and m4v. In addition to playing virtually any video format, it also comes with an HD equalizer, allowing you to customize the audio output. If tweaking the equalizer is not enough, you can also adjust the bass booster for deeper, richer, low tones.

Under the hood, Media Player All Format decodes your phone's hardware. Simply put, this allows the media player to work on older phones while still providing you HD quality for all your movies.

In terms of user interfaces, the bold play buttons align at the bottom of your screen, leaving the edges and top free of any obscuring controls. Because it is responsive, you can watch videos in portrait or landscape mode.

Wuffy Media Player

Wuffy Media Player

"Stream Video Sites Directly On Wuffy"

In addition to playing movies and songs, Wuffy Media Player is compatible with most video-streaming sites, such as Youtube, Vimeo, or Netflix. With a tap of the screen, the on-screen controls for brightness make it easy for you to set your viewing preferences. However, they are unobtrusive and do not obscure the main viewing area, allowing you to make the adjustments and not miss a single frame.

This app offers multi-core CPU decoding, and for bilingual users, it offers multi-audio track and multi-lingual, closed-captioning. Automatic screen rotation ensures you can watch this in landscape or portrait mode, and the streamlined coding provides you nimble access to all your files.

If you are a cinephile, Wuffy provides you access to all the meta data. This allows you to view all the production-related information with which the movie is tagged. Finally, unlike many apps, the permissions Wuffy requires are all related to the app's functionality. As such, it does not require access to your photos, your contacts, or your e-mail.

"Automated Subtitle Support Included"

AllPlayer's stand-out feature is that everything is packaged in one sleek package. It has an attractive design, and once you install the app, there is no need to further install codecs to decode your movie files. Codecs are software plugins often required for playback of certain video formats, such as .mp4. However, AllPlayer prepackages everything for your convenience.

Other convenience-oriented features include the app's ability to download a variety of subtitles. Although this is an obvious feature for the hearing impaired, it is also a convenient feature when you are listening to earbuds in a noisy airport or coffee shop. For evening viewing, the app comes with night-time viewing mode, ensuring the video screen is easy to see without blinding you with bright, white light.

Video Player HD All formats & codecs - km player

Video Player HD All formats & codecs - km player

"Direct-URL Play"

KM Player offers a variety of offline and online playing options for nearly every type of video format in existence. For instance, it can play videos stored on your phone, and it can access offline storage devices for easy, fast playback. However, it can also easily link to any URL, decode the necessary file format, and provide fast, high-quality, lag-free playback.

In terms of using it at a home office or in an educational setting, KM Player allows easy connection to offline storage devices. Once connected, it will easily play downloaded videos and educational videos. For presentations, it can play a variety of video files and during question-and-answer sessions, you can fast-forward through the media to quickly reach parts that are pertinent to a discussion. Fast-forward speeds range from one to four times the speed of average play speed.

Finally, it can also play multi-media files on a variety of networks, such as DLNA, SMB / CIFS, and FTP. A fun option is "mirror-mode," which rotates the screen 180 degrees. In doing so, both the left and right views are reversed, making this app perfect for such things as dance, wrestling, or MMA practice.

Video Player Pro - Full HD & All Formats& 4K Video

Video Player Pro - Full HD & All Formats& 4K Video

"4K Videos Supported"

Video Player Pro 4K does not just play movies--it plays movies that you can see in startling high definition. For instance, standard high definition is 1,920 by 1,080 pixels. However, Video Player Pro 4K can play videos in resolutions as high as 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. The result is a cleaner, crisper display that makes it easier to see because in addition to crisper lines, the colors are more delineated and easier to differentiate. This is particularly important on small screens.

However, higher-resolution video can often take a toll on player performance. This is not the case with Video Player Pro 4K because it has a fast hardware decoder that eliminates lag and delivers clean playback at standard frame rates. Lag is also reduced by the HD video depth memory.

In terms of audio, Video Player Pro offers rich sound with bass booster, ensuring you can hear the wide and varying gamut of sounds that exist in games, songs, and movies. In terms of access, it immediately recognizes video files across connected devices, allowing you easy access via a friendly, logically laid-out user interface. Finally, the auto-rotate mode ensures responsiveness across a variety of different-sized devices, and the aspect-ratio lock ensures the movie looks good regardless of how it might be resized on a phone or a tablet.

Video Player All Format

Video Player All Format

"Beautiful Design, Nighttime Settings & Remembers Last Location"

The UPlayer plays all video formats on Android devices. It is laid out logically, and in addition to housing all the traditional user-interface options, it has a streamlined search option that will scan, locate, and display similar video files.

Playback options include playing back from the last-visited location, but it also has a fully featured folder view port. The folder view port allows you to play a variety of music files and folders, all from the convenience of the user interface.

A key feature is the video locker. The locker keeps your videos secure and private when your device is being used by other people. Additionally, it can edit videos via the video cutter, and it is capable of extracting the audio from the video portion of a media file. For nighttime viewing, it offers nighttime brightness settings and quick mute, so you do not disturb other people.

Video Player All Format - XPlayer

Video Player All Format - XPlayer

"Supports 4K & Chromecast"

In terms of aesthetics, XPlayer offers one of the very best user interfaces of all apps. For instance, the onscreen player only has one button area for play or pause. To the right of the screen, it has a full-screen option. Although there are a few smaller controls, these two, primary control options make up 90 percent of the screen's functions, keeping your view screen clean and easy to understand.

In terms of functionality, it offers powerful hardware acceleration that drives the bulk of the video playback. The result is quick, lag-free video play from downloaded or online files. Additionally, you can connect to Chromecast and cast your videos to larger screens.

Because 4K is quickly becoming the new standard, XPlayer supports 4K video formats, ensuring you see every detail of every video, and the responsive interface looks good on both Android phones and tablets. Finally, for the hearing impaired, the app will download a variety of multi-lingual subtitles, ensuring you are able to keep pace with the dialogue.

"Lightweight Player With Full Feature Set"

HD Video Player is a fully functional media app compatible with newer phones and older Android operating systems going back to 4.2. It offers high-definition and ultra-high, 4K viewing options, and a logical-grid user interface for scrolling through and selecting your movies.

The coding is clean and lightweight, making it one of the best apps on the market in terms of memory usage. It offers full-screen viewing modes, and it also offers a pop-up mode, allowing you to multitask while enjoying your favorite show. Since it does not use a ton of resources, you can surf the net or chat while enjoying lag-free performance.

Finally, the app is responsive, offering both auto-rotating sensing and aspect-ratio locking. These features ensure you can enjoy the original video layout no matter the viewing device.