The Best Android & iOS Apps That Are Very Similar To Snapchat

SNOW - Beauty & makeup camera
Apps like Snapchat

Everyone has at least heard about if not has SnapChat. You can use the face or rear cam to snap a photo and add a message to it. A snap can be saved, sent to someone on your friends list, or added to your snap story. There are also a handful of fun face filters to try out on yourself with several new ones being added every day or so. With all of these cool features, it's no wonder that SnapChat is so popular.

You might end up having so much fun with SnapChat that you want to know about other similar apps so the fun can continue. Well, here are some other apps for you to check out. From face filters to stickers, they have several ways for you to add a unique touch to your selfies. These apps are available for both iPhone and Android.

"Tons of creative features like lip sync"

TikTok lets you create videos of anything you want. You can lip sync a song of your choice, a funny audio clip, participate in a trending challenge, leave a message to all of your viewers, etc. You can spice up the clips you create with effects, filters, stickers and more. If you happen to be on the search for new music aside from funny clips, you're bound to come across a video with a cool audio clip.

If you happen to be having a bad day, you're sure to come across a TikTok video to cheer you up. If you're dying of boredom, TikTok videos will keep you entertained. Just like with several social media related apps, TikTok lets you follow users who create content that you enjoy. From the filters to the videos, TikTok has several features similar to SnapChat.

"A photo and video loving community that will keep you entertained"

InstaGram is a well known social media app that allows you to share photos and videos. Just like with SnapChat, various filters and stickers can be used to decorate these photos. You can share photos and videos of your choice with your followers as well as get to see the photos of those that you follow. The filters may be a side feature of InstaGram, but there's still a pretty good variety of them to edit photos with.

Just like SnapChat, InstaGram also has a story feature. You can share any photos of your choice which can be viewed by your followers for the next twenty four hours. Also just like SnapChat, posting on InstaGram is entirely photo/video based. It's a perfect app to play around with filters and share any edited photos you're particularly proud of.

SNOW - Beauty & makeup camera

SNOW - Beauty & makeup camera

"Silly and creative filters as well as voice changing"

Snow has hundreds of different filters and other effects to add to your photos and videos. Aside from the fun face filters and stickers, there's also a beauty filter. Use Snow to create flawless selfies and give yourself some sparkle. SnapChat occasionally puts out make up based filters to make your skin look smooth and spotless. Filters may also include lipstick, eye shadow, mascara and lighting.

Snow lets you record videos with silly filters, and SnapChat at times releases filters that change your voice. You could record yourself with huge eyes and talking like a chipmunk, and record a similar video in Snow. You can take photos with filters applied to them and add filters and other effects to existing photos. If you have fun playing around in SnapChat, you're bound to enjoy playing around in Snow.

"Extraordinary face filters"

MSQRD has face filters just as SnapChat does and has a face swap feature like SnapChat. With MSQRD, you can take photos and videos with live filters. MSQRD has the option for you to save any photos you take just as SnapChat does. With MSQRD, you can go live on Facebook with your favorite filters applied to make a silly broadcast. Just like MSQRD, TikTok and InstaGram allow you to broadcast yourself live, possibly applying filters during the broadcast. This way all of your friends can join in on the fun.

MSQRD allows you to share filters you've used and edits you've made on various social media platforms. SnapChat and other similar apps typically have the option for you to share your edited photos directly to Facebook or InstaGram aside from saving them to your device. Some of these apps double as social media platforms where you can add your edited photos to your page or your story.

lollicam - photo, video camera

lollicam - photo, video camera

"Sticker Creator and GIF Generator"

Lollicam has plenty of effects and stickers to add to your photos and videos. Lollicam has beauty effects just as Snow and SnapChat occasionally do. There are several face filters and stickers to enhance your photos and make them personally unique. Not only does this app come with stickers for editing, it allows you to create your own stickers. Several SnapChat filters require a face being detected in order for the filter to be applied, and Lollicam stickers are the same.

With the sticker creator, emoji stickers and extreme stickers, anyone who likes playing around with stickers will surely enjoy Lollicam. If you happen to like making gif's, there's a generator just for you. Lollicam has plenty of photo and video enhancing effects for you to have as much fun as with SnapChat if not more.

"Advanced Video features"

IGTV is very similar to TikTok. It allows you to create and watch videos vertically. It's a lot like YouTube, but a lot better. You can search for videos that might appeal to you and follow creators who create content that you find entertaining. Checking out users you typically watch and follow will connect you directly to their Instagram. Videos on IGTV aren't limited to being a minute long, so that means there's more content for you to enjoy.

IGTV is in a way like TikTok without the added audio clips and video effects. You can like a video and leave a comment on it just as you do with a TikTok or YouTube video. Unlike with YouTube videos, you don't have to turn your device horizontally to view a video full screen. These video features make IGTV similar to TikTok and SnapChat as any video snaps are also vertical.