The Best Cloud Storage Apps That Might Be An Alternative To Your Dropbox

Google Drive
Apps like Dropbox

For anyone who wants to save the hassle and costs associated with storing documents on external hard drives, the typical go-to app is Dropbox, available on Google Play. However, unlike Dropbox, there are many other cloud-storage apps with similar features or features that exceed those offered by Dropbox. Whether you have large files, thousands of encrypted files, or the need to synchronize file sharing among colleagues or assistants, you can do so without feeling box-ed in.

"Free of paywalls and lock-ins"

Protecting your data, whether personal or business, is simple with NextCloud. Additionally, this open-source Android app is free of paywalls and lock-ins. The modern interface is easy to navigate, making sharing and uploading files to the NextCloud server seamless.

In terms of storage, you can store such things as calendar events, contacts, and documents. However, NextCloud also provides instant upload for your videos and photos. In terms of storage location, you can use your home server or one of the many NextCloud providers.

Four your business, NextCloud provides encryption and is compliant with the Healthcare Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). It includes a variety of auditing functions, and you do not have to worry about any inherent, organizational boundaries that might inhibit your company’s efficiency. For instance, if you are on the road or in the office, you can synchronize file sharing to increase productivity and communication.

"15 GB for free"

With over 1,000,000,000, installs, Google Drive is clearly one of the most popular cloud-storage apps available. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily access your files from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, it offers more functions than simple file storage. For instance, Google Drive provides you the ability to edit, leave comments on folders and files, and invite others to view your files and folders. You can also use your device’s camera to scan documents to upload to the drive.

With the ability to use Google Drive anywhere or any time, including when you are offline, you can access your personal files along with any project files you are working on. For instance, you can collaborate on projects by inviting others to view and download such things as designs, drawings, or stories. You can also set permission denoting access levels across different users regarding viewing, editing, and commenting privileges. Although many people share files via e-mail, Google Drive eliminates the need for email attachments because everything is conveniently located in one easily accessible location.

Finally, with Google Drive you receive 15GB of storage for free. However, if your needs are more extensive, there are in-app upgrade options.

"50 GB for free plus controlled encryption process for absolute data protection"

If privacy is the primary feature you are looking for in a cloud-storage app, you should consider Mega. This app allows you to control the encryption process such that Mega cannot access your password or even reset your password. Of course, this extraordinary level of security means that you must ensure that you remember your password, or access to your files will be permanently lost. That said, no one but you and the people you authorize will be able to access your files. Additionally, Mega has published the client-side code to allow you to review the encryption process. This transparency allows coders to verify no malware has ever been inserted into the program.

In terms of uploading files for storage, you can upload files from your tablet or smartphone. In terms of functions, you can search, view, and share your files and folders. Additionally, you can download or even stream multi-media files. In terms of sharing, Mega allows for real-time updates, and you can chat via most web browsers, utilizing the end-to-end encrypted audio and video chat that provides complete privacy. Upon sign-up, you receive 50GB of free storage with the option to upgrade to paid plans that vary from 1TB up to 8TB of storage.

"Open Source storage on your own private server"

Whether you are looking for individual or large-enterprise cloud storage, ownCloud’s open-source storage app delivers secure, compliant, sharing solutions. For instance, ownCloud is located on your own private server, providing you the assurance that all of your data is secure and under your exclusive control.

In terms of ownCloud's syncing capabilities, whether you use a web client, desktop, or mobile device, you can create new files, edit, and share your files while also keeping your folders synchronized across multiple devices. To synchronize your data, all you have to do is copy a file into a directory, and ownCloud takes it from there.

A notable ownCloud feature is the ability to integrate third-party storage providers, such as Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. This integration capability affords you the flexibility to seamlessly access all of your data, no matter where you are or when you need access.

"Access your files offline"

With MS OneDrive, you can easily access your work and personal files anytime from any Android device or computer (Mac or PC). Whether you use your tablet, computer, or phone, any changes or updates you make will be updated across all of your devices. Additionally, when it comes to privacy, OneDrive uses SSL encryption, which prevents anyone from intercepting your data.

Because you can access your files offline, your have access to all of your most important files--regardless when you need them, ensuring you can remain productive. Additionally, you can use any MS Office mobile device to increase your productivity while working with others--no matter where you are located.

OneDrive files are compatible with MS Office apps, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint slides. Finally, to ensure storage and access is as easy as possible, you can automatically tag the files, which makes searching for and finding specific documents a breeze. Another cool feature is that OneDrive keeps you updated whenever a change is made to any shared document.

"Secure cloud service that even operates without IP Adress"

Syncthing provides decentralized, open-sourced, cloud-storage service. Although it is still in development, there are a variety of production-ready features available. For instance, via your browser, you can configure and monitor this app through its user-friendly interface. In terms of compatibility, it operates on any Windows, Linux, Macintosh computer.

With Syncthing, you do not need an IP address to use it. Additionally, it does not require any complex configurations to get it up and running. You can simply use it over the internet or over LAN. Identification is made simple through an ID that you can give to family, friends and co-workers. Once you share your ID, you can begin sharing folders. In terms of syncing capabilities, this cloud-storage app provides you the ability to synchronize all the folders you want with as many people as you need.

In terms of privacy, all of your data is stored on your computer, eliminating the possibility of your data being compromised on a central server. Additionally, its use of TLS ensures that all of your communications are secure. In fact, the TLS encryption feature includes perfect forward secrecy that prevents unwanted access to your data. Finally, through the use of a cryptographic certificate that identifies every node, you can be sure that you control the nodes that connect to your cluster.

"Files are protected from data loss as well as ransomware"

With SpiderOak ONE, you can enjoy reliable and secure data backup while your files are protected from data loss as well as ransomware. In terms of sharing, it supports secure file sharing via a web-based interface. Additionally, you can create links to single files that will self-destruct.

The desktop application is compatible with Apple-, Windows-, and Linux-based computers while the mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. As such, you can sync your data across all of your devices. Additionally, all data is end-to-end encrypted whether it is in transit or on their servers. In addition to the typical features, SpiderOak ONE does not restrict nor put a time limit on access to your deleted files and historical versions.

Finally, SpiderOak ONE takes your security a step further with their "No-Knowledge" feature. With No knowledge, you can be sure SpiderOak ONE has no knowledge of any of your data on their servers, your passwords, or any metadata related to your files.

pCloud: Free Cloud Storage

pCloud: Free Cloud Storage

"Increases your phone storage up to 2GB"

With 10GB of free cloud storage, pCloud allows you to store files from a variety of devices in one convenient location. In terms of compatibility, pCloud works with computers running Apple, Windows and Linux operating systems. Additionally, you can sync your files across all of your devices and work offline when needed.

With pCloud, you can utilize typical storage features, such as file sharing, change tracking, and auto backups. However, you can also increase your phone storage up to 2TB and use the built-in audio player to listen to your favorite music. Additionally, with pCLoud, you can enjoy quick, frustration-free uploads, no matter the size of the file. Regarding security, all of your data is encrypted with military-grade, client-side encryption--pCloud Crypto®.

"Works well with My Passport or WD My Clouds products"

The MyCloud app, of course, allows you to access and share your files from anywhere. It also allows you to automatically backup your videos and photos, ensuring you will not lose your favorite memories.

Because it also integrates with a variety of other cloud services, you can enjoy one organized, central file-access location, which can be your home for all of your important data. To utilize the MyCLoud app, you first must have a My Passport Wireless product or a WD My Cloud product. In terms of ease of use, all you have to do to get it going is plug it into your router.

"10 GB free"

The deceptively simple name offers an extraordinarily complex suite of services. For instance, you can access your stored content from your desktop or from any of your Android devices. Additionally, Box provides you 10GB of free cloud storage along with the capability to view and print over 200 types of files, including Excel, PSD, and AI files. You can upload a variety of content, such as PDFs, Microsoft Office files, and videos. In terms of security, you have complete access to security controls at file level.

In terms of versatility, you can open files in hundreds of different apps and enjoy the ability to do things such as edit, e-sign, and annotate. Finding recently edited or viewed files is made easy by the consistently updated dashboard. You can also seamlessly search through Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files.

In terms of accolades, Box is the winner of PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award. Just like big name companies that use Box, such as General Electric and the Gap, you can quickly and securely manage all of your content. - Secure cloud storage and file sharing - Secure cloud storage and file sharing

"Your files recipients do not need tehir own account for sharing"

Sync allows you to share files, no matter the type or size, with anyone--even with people who do not have a Sync account. To accomplish this, multiple users access the same folders and files. However, restricted features like password notifications, password protection, and permissions let you know that you are always in control of your important content.

In addition, Sync's built-in encryption keeps your files secure and private. The end-to-end encryption ensures you are the only one that can access your content. In fact, Sync cannot access any of your photos, documents, or videos--ensuring you need not worry about any unauthorized access.

"File sharing tailored to Samsung device users"

Similar to a file explorer located on your computer, Samsung My File makes it easy to manage all of your smartphone files. In addition to allowing you to organized files on the cloud, you can also manage files stored on USB drives and SD cards.

Some of the key features of this cloud storage app include the ability to share, compress, and decompress files. You can also view recently run, opened, or downloaded files. In terms of ease of use, you can use the file and folder shortcuts (located on the app's main screen) to quickly access your data. There is also a function that will analyze and optimize your data usage to help you free up storage space.

Some new features include being able to hide unused storage space and view long file names using the “Listview” button. In terms of freeing up storage space, there is a “Storage Analysis” button conveniently located on the main screen. All you have to do is click it, and it will free up more space for you.

"File sync especially for teams"

If you are looking for a collaboration platform and file syncing for teams, you should consider SeaFile. This cloud-storage app is open source, and it includes file-syncing capabilities similar to Dropbox. That said, it is designed more for teams requiring collaboration capabilities. With SeaFile, you can easily share files and sync them using your servers, and you can share all your files across different devices.

In terms of productivity, you can organize your files into libraries that can be synced to any device. In terms of security, the built-in file-encryption encrypts your files before they are synced to the server. Finally, SeaFile includes AD/LDAP integration, fine-level permission options, and group-syncing capabilities.

"Unbelievable 20 GB for free"

A free cloud-storage service, Yandex.Disk enables you to access your content, such as documents, photos, and videos from any device capable of connecting to the internet. Whether you download the app to your phone or tablet, you will have instant access to all of your content wherever you go.

With Yandex.Disk and an internet connection, you can easily transfer data from your computer to your cell phone. Conversely, you can easily transfer your data from your phone to your computer. In terms of sharing, you can send a link for others, so they can access a file or folder. Regarding cool and convenient features, when you take a photo with the app, it is available on all of your devices—instantly. Another cool feature is that you get free access to Microsoft Office Online, and you do not need to install Excel, PowerPoint, an Word onto your computer. Finally, you receive 20GB of storage for free. If you require more space, you have the option to purchase an upgrade to 1TB of storage.

"Secure sharing via free One-time Link option"

With MediaFire you can organize, share, and store all of your content via your Android tablet or phone. Additionally, using the "share" option, you can upload files and folders from other Android apps. Once you click share, the file or folder will instantly and seamlessly upload into your MediaFire account.

The backup option is automatic, ensuring all your videos and photos are safe, no matter what happens to your phone or tablet. You can also play and stream video and music. In terms or further versatility, MediaFire allows you to view spreadsheets, presentations, and other various documents.

In terms of sharing, you can use email and SMS, or you can copy and paste links. You can also use Twitter, Facebook, and a variety of other Android apps. Additionally, One-Time link option is free, allowing you to control who the file is shared with because your recipient cannot share the link.

"Ideal for photo storage as well as finacial data and pay stubs"

For Dropbox fans who love photos, Cozy Drive is like Instagram in your pocket. It allows you upload and backup such things as photos and multi-media, but it also allows easy storage of other important documents, such as financial data and pay stubs.

In terms of security, Cozy Drive offers its source code for developers. For smart phones using Apple IOS 9.0 and Android smart phone users with a 5.0 operating system, Cozy also offers encrypted online banking. This feature ensures you have instant, safe access to your funds: anytime, anywhere.

Free storage space begins at a whopping 5GB. Five of anything might not sound like much, but this is enough for approximately 300 photos, word documents, or excel spreadsheets. As it is responsive, it looks good on your phone or on your tablet.

In an era where everything must be connected, Cozy Drive is no exception. It is connected to over 100 (and growing) banks, hospitals, and utility companies. Such connectivity allows you to track your accounts and manage your information wherever you are.