<![CDATA[About]]> https://appblast.online/about]]> https://appblast.online/ en-us AppBlast Copyright 2019 3600 <![CDATA[Facebook]]> https://appblast.online/app/facebook]]> Facebook sounds familar to most of the people when you mention it. Everybody has heard of it. Through the news, the internet, through friends and family or even colleagues. Theres even a hollywood movie abouyt the will known social network and its founder. But I do know a lot of people who haven't used Facebook yet, or people that moved on to other social networks.

The Basics

The app for Android and IOS features pretty much the same functions and look than the website. All combined in a functional and sleek design, customized to the screen of mobile devices. The app also guarantees much quicker access than the mobile website and will give you shortcuts to you favorite functions, that you use regularly.

Good News

The mobile app clearly stes a new focus. A good overview of the news feed. Departing from the website's design the Developers now included a set of functional icons that will take you to different sections of Facebook, which makes navigating much easier. If you reach the bottom of the news feed page more content will be loaded automatically, so that you can browse through your friends posts without interruptions.

Social Media Update

Since facebook seems to be used more and more by more grown up generations instead of youngsters the Developers worked hard to include new features that might attract Snapchat or Instagram Users. In addition to normal posts you have the possibility to share Stories, much like instagram, that will be accessible for 24 Hours. A Video Chat with funny masks, as well as a live broadcast feature are included as well, making it possible to express yourself in totally new ways. There are also features like "Find your Friends" that will show you friends and contacts nearby via GPS - if enabled. An encouraging tool to meet spontaneously and to see what your loved ones are doing and where.

You are also possible to customize the look of your profile with photos, pictures and colours to give your page a personal look.

The downside

Due to the design changes the Facebook Developers made one important decision that led to a lot of criticism - they removed all messenging from the main app into a seperate app called Facebook Messenger. Though they work seamlessly together and you can still communicate with all your contacts a lot of Users where upset that they had to download and install a second for feature that seemed to be easy to include in the main application.


The design team took a huge risk with changing the complete look and feel of the app. But once you use the new app, it's really easy to adapt. It might be a little more difficult now to find all the features of the app with one blink of the eye, but the big advantage is, that the app seems to look less clunky and is more appealing. I'm not sure if Instagram and Snapchat Users will move back to Facebook due to the design changes, but since the apps work together pretty seamlessly, and Facebook is still completely free of charge, it remains to be a reliable and fun app for communication and social media.

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<![CDATA[Google]]> https://appblast.online/app/google]]> Google has a lot of useful apps for Android and IOS that will help you organize your daily routine, enable you communicate or send mails, to translate into foreign languages and to find entertaining and educational videos. I use a lot of different google apps on my phone, and I'm quite happy with them. The Google app is a clever attempt to combine all of Google's Advantages and different capabilities into one smart app.

What is it for?

Basically, it's for everything. You can browse through the app and search. Search for everything you need or like and be sure to find a ton of useful and valuable information on any topic. Recommendations, Sports, News, Info - pretty much anything that you will find on the web.

Why not use your phones browser?

The more you use the Google app, the more it will adapt to your needs and interests. It gets smarter and smarter. With Discover, you have a powerful tool within the app, that will help you organize. Notifications about Weather, News, your beloved Artists and the possibility to be informed by any topic you follow. The app is a mixture between a personal assistant and a search engine.

Get in touch

The app works seamlessly with other phone app, and the integrated browser. As an Imessage User for example you'll be able to perform searches without needing to leave the messenger. Android User will soon be able to benefit from this feature as well. The Lens will enable your phone to search what you see through the camera. Identify herbs, find clothing, translate signs and interact with everything you see.


The Google app features a lot of the things we benefit from by using different Apps or Services - but the interesting thing about it is that it combines them, into one smart app. So especially for older Users it simplifies the Usage and comes in very handy for all kinds of Searches. It could use more options to be personalized visually though. While some people prefer a dark or night mode, others would like to have a shining white background so that nothing distracts them from the search. But in my eyes that's just a minor flaw and I would give this powerful app a try, if I were you.

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<![CDATA[imo video calls and chat HD]]> https://appblast.online/app/imo-video-calls-and-chat-hd]]> Communication is a big part of the modern world we live in. We do it everyday, world wide. Follow the stories of other people, send letters, e-mails, make calls or share and post what moves us. No wonder there is a rising number of tools that compete about who offers the best service and the most users.

What's the Fuzz all about?

Imo Video Calls and Chat HD is naming what it is offering in its title already. It offers Video Calls and messaging. That's it. Pretty and simple. While I can hear a fair ammount of you screaming - What the heck? - That simplicity is also what's making Imo so special. It's stripped down to the basics, which is a delight in comparison to other apps that drown us in specials, features and enhancements just to woe us in.


The app is designed pretty simple. You can either chat, group chat or Video Call everybody in your contacts or by entering a valid number. The Audio Quality was quite decent in our test calls, while we experienced some minor lags in the test video calls. Recent reports state that some Samsung mobile users experience bugs in Audio Calls as well.

Huge Community & limited Availability

Even though the User Community of Imo reached more than 500 million, a lot of Users recently reported that they experience some problems with Imos availability in certain countries. The development team works hard to make their service accessible everywhere.


If you want a real simple app to communicate with friends and family Imo might just be what you are looking for. If you expect a broad variety of features and options that competing apps don't have, you might need to try another app.

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<![CDATA[Instagram]]> https://appblast.online/app/instagram]]> Instagram has been the leader of photo sharing social media apps for a couple of years. Their growing community is creative and vivid, and the app attracts more and more users. What started out as a simple photo sharing app, is now a strong social media tool, with enhanced features.

Snap & Chat

To be able to compete with other social media communities Instagram is continuously developing the mobile app, adding features well known from other platforms. Besides being a camera app with the possibility to take, edit and style your pictures, it has a improved messaging feature, enabling you to get in touch with Users you know or like. It also features 3d masks and the Stories tool, where you can share short Videos and Gifs with texts and stickers, that will be published for 24 hours.

Workflow with multiple apps

There are numerous apps that will work seamlessly with Instagram, giving you the possibilty to take your social media game to the next level. Schedule your posts, make cool collages, add stylish text and special effects to your stories, or create hip contents like Boomerangs and memes.

Full blown photo editing

Instead of just having some simple tools to crop your pictures, Instagram offers more options to enhance your pictures than a lot of standalone photo apps. Apply filters, adjust settings, rotate the axis, shoot video up to 60 seconds and much much more.


Instagram is a top notch app. It's hard to avoid if you are interested in social media just a teeny tiny bit. Even though the app includes a ton of useful features it remains to look really easy on the eye. The modern, stylish and simple interface is a joy to work with and is much more appealing than Facebooks latest design. If you download Instagram you will get a powerful social media tool that you can use for multiple purposes - for business, for reaching out to a cool community, for getting in touch with friends or just for fun. The possibilities are endless. A minor criticism might be, that you need to install a few apps seperately if you want to create new and creative content. But maybe thats how the main app is still looking easy and accessible.

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<![CDATA[Youtube]]> https://appblast.online/app/youtube]]> When you think of Youtube, you immediately think of cute animals. Youtube has them all. Dogs, cats, turtels doing funny and adorable stuff. Millions watch and enjoy funny dog videos. But Youtube features much much more than just good old funny clips or furry friends. It is the worlds biggest platform for video content. Which gives the users of the official Youtube App an endless flood of oppurtunities.

Decide what you want to see

The Youtube app has - like most of the modern social media apps - an algorithm that will curate what kind of content you will be recommended. It does a decent job if you are clear and forward with the keywords you use in the search. You can customize your preferences and create multiple playlists with different topics and the possibilty to save videos on a watchlist for later. You have access to your search history and you can erase everything you don't want to have in the history.

Design changes

It's all about taste and customization. So it is no wonder that you have more possibilities to personalize your Youtube interface in the app. A dark color scheme, custom backgrounds and different settings will make it easy to achive the look you want to.


You can use the recommendations tab or try your luck with the search tool to find all kinds of content. From Music Videos, uprising artists, DIY tutorials to educational content you have a wide range to choose from. You can save everything you like on your personal list. If you feel like it, you can share the list with friends.


If you prefer ad free content or special content you can upgrade easily to Youtube Premium. A lot of genuine channels, Youtube original productions and enhanced features will come with the subscription. A background mode, Offline mode for travels and much more make the experience exceptional.


There's no way around Youtube if you enjoy videos of any kind. The mobile app does convince with flawless playback, customization features and a ton of useful functions. A must have for everybody.

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<![CDATA[Candy Crush Saga]]> https://appblast.online/app/candy-crush-saga]]> Fresh Content

Candy Crush Saga is updated once per week, this has been going for years already.

So if you're looking for a game that you'll probably never finish, Candy Crush Saga is exactly one of those games.

By now it counts over 4K levels and there is no sign of it slowing down.

Game Objective

The objective of the game (besides having tons of sweet delicious fun), is to match candy of the same shape and color in a row.

There more you're able to match, the better the bonuses and scores are.

Are you able to match more than 3 in a row, you'll receive one-time boosters that have various effects.

In-App Purchases

This is the only drawback with Candy Crush Saga. The in-app purchases are advertises pretty aggressively, and it never quite feels "optional", even though it is. You don't need to purchase anything, it just helps you speed up your progress and you have to take less breaks from the game and your advancement.

But the way that King advertises the in-app purchases, you are often tempted to "maybe just this once buy this small package here", maybe or "maybe that one for $0.99 more"?

To be fair, it costs a lot of money and there is a lot of manpower involved to keep this game up & running the way they do. But maybe it would do if they advertised everything a little less aggressive...


Candy Crush Saga is a great game, it simply never gets boring even if all you do is match candy and watch it explode.

King & their developers are doing an excellent job to keep this game interesting, probably for many more years to come.

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<![CDATA[Gmail]]> https://appblast.online/app/gmail]]> Gmail Features

Once you sign up with Gmail, you will find a relatively easy to use interface with three separated inboxes.

One called "Primary" which is where you'll find all your real e-mail, whether it be for your business or private emails.

The "Social" inbox lists al the emails from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth.

"Promotional" is quite self-explanatory, it's emails you receive from companies you're signed up with to inform you of new offers or coupons.

On the left-hand side you'll find the default folders your emails are sorted by, which is of course your inbox, archive, starred emails, sent emails and drafts.

You can easily customize these though and come up with a folder system that suits you the most. Google Hangouts is also located on the left hand side, so you can easily chat from there or check new messages.

Gmail Paid Upgrades

Gmail offers a paid upgrade, which is completely optional though. It's called "Google For Work" and really is only attractive for businesses.

You can assign your own custom domains to your emails, for example instead of "john@gmail.com" it could be "john@mybusiness.com". Google For Work also offers a lot of other things, like your own intranet where employees can create Wikis, profiles and even small websites for example to manage a project.

Google For Work is really worth it, if you're a business with employees, otherwise it may feel like overkill. If you simply need a custom email address for your small business without all the added extras, you'll find there are easier to setup solutions for the same price.

Gmail Desktop Notifications

One of Gmail's cool features is that you can enable desktop notifications, without installing any kind of additional software.

This does only work if you are using the Chrome browser though. You can go into settings > notifications and from there enable "Desktop Notifications".

Once enabled, you will see a small notification banner appearing in the top right corner of your Chrome browser, whenever you receive a new message.

This of course works also if you're not having Gmail open in any of your tabs, as long as the Chrome browser is signed into your Google account it will just work.

Spam Filter

Gmail contains one of the best spam filters I have seen, it is rare that I receive messages in my primary inbox that are spam.

At the same time, it is rare that a real message is accidentally sent to the spam folder. In fact, so rare that sometimes I even forget it's there and have forgotten to check there if somebody sent me an email and I thought I didn't receive it...


Using Gmail for your private or small business email is nothing to think twice about. Gmail does everything you'll ever need in terms of email, and then some. It is compatible with any email protocol such as POP3 or IMAP and can be integrated into any third-party email client with ease!

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<![CDATA[Google Hangouts]]> https://appblast.online/app/google-hangouts]]> Multi-Account Feature

Hangouts supports multiple accounts, you can log in with multiple Google accounts and if one account has messages you get a visible notification.

You can simply switch back and forth between accounts by tapping on your profile picture in the top-left hand corner of the app.

This makes it super easy to handle multiple profiles, for example one for business and one personal or maybe you like to have a family only account like me.

Google Voice Integration

As Hangouts is a Google app it can be expected that it's integrated into other Google services, such as Google Voice. The integration works nicely, you can simply connect your Google Voice account and are then able to use Hangouts also for sending real SMS messages, as well as making phone calls just like you would with your phone.

Also the voicemail functionality of Google Voice is integrated into hangouts and can be used from inside the app.

Hangouts Web Chat

Hangouts doesn't have a real desktop client, like for example Skype or Facetime. But it does have a web chat, which is integrated into Gmail and also accessible on it's own when you go to https://hangouts.google.com.

If you're logged into your Google account, you will see a beautifully designed chat UI, with shortcuts to make video & phone calls as well as sending messages (and SMS).

You'll find your existing chats & contacts on the left side. There is a little known feature that lets you use a chat in a little window that always stays on top, pretty much like a desktop chat would behave. To open this window, first you have to open a chat by clicking on it, then look at the top of the chat window and click on the arrow symbol. Now your chat is in it's own little window that you can drag around your screen and position it just like you would with a desktop software.


Hangouts in many aspects, is better than Skype in my humble opinion at least. It supports everything you know from Skype and other communication apps like for example Facetime. With an integrated Google Voice account it pretty much has the exact same feature set.

It is easy to use and integrates fully into Gmail. The only drawback I can find, is the lack of a real desktop client that you can install like Skype, Facetime and so forth.

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<![CDATA[iTunes - Apple Music]]> https://appblast.online/app/apple-music]]> Apple Music - What It Is And What It isn't

With Apple Music you pay one low monthly fee, currently $9.99/mo for a single account or alternatively $14.99 for a family subscription that you can share with up to 6 family members.

This subscription lets you then access the entire Apple Music library without limits. You can listen to any album, song or artist you wish and you're also able to download songs or even entire albums for offline listening. This all works at the tap of a button, downloaded songs are on your device and can then be played whenever you feel like it without needing wifi or mobile internet connection.

What you cannot do, is export the music outside of Apple Music. So don't think it's a good idea to try to download Apple Music onto your hard drive and then cancel the subscription again. Nu uh, won't work like that, you can only access all the music for as long as you have an active subscription.

Meaning as soon as you cancel, you won't be able to access the library anymore. To be fair though, before services like Apple Music you actually had to buy every single album at full price, so if you listen to music on a daily basis it's an unbeatable deal.


The Apple Music app lets you conveniently create Playlists that are then available on all your devices as well. You can add songs, or entire Albums to a playlist. If you like you can also share playlists with your friends, or create your own radio station from it that is then shared on Apple Music and accessible by other people all over the world.

Play Next

During workouts, I always listen to Apple Music, as I'm sure many of you are. One feature I really love is the "Play next" button.

This really shows how much thought went into developing the app. What this button does is, adding songs to a queue.

But not just songs, you can even add entire Albums, or Artists with this button. Very often when my playlist reaches a certain point where I know the music that follows from now on, is either too slow for my current workout, or I just heard those songs too many times already I can simply add another song or album or artist to be played next. Single button tap vs. having to manually add new songs, very convenient!

Offline Listening

Another feature I absolutely love, is the ability to download any of the content Apple Music offers.

Nothing is more annoying when you are listening to music and then it starts buffering like crazy, probably also right in the middle of your favorite part.

I travel a lot to foreign countries and internet availability isn't always the best, so the fact that I can just download hundreds of songs beforehand is just amazing.


Apple Music is a great service & app. It is perfect for those who love music and listen to music daily. Apple Music is available on all devices and operating systems, so it doesn't matter if you're using an iOS device or if you're hooked on Android.

There really isn't anything bad to say about Apple Music, the fact that you can only access the music library with an active subscription might sound like a turn-off for some. But remember, your imported music you can access at any time, even without subscription. If you don't have a subscription, you need to pay for every song and album, and even if you have the Apple Music subscription for decades it would still be way cheaper than always buying all the music.

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<![CDATA[Microsoft Excel]]> https://appblast.online/app/microsoft-excel]]> Excel Collaboration Tools

With Excel you can create teams and collaborate with others on spreadsheets.

Multiple people can work on a sheet at the same time, which makes it ideal not just in a business setting but flexible enough to also be used in more mundane tasks like for example a grocery list, and the whole family can participate. It is extremely simple to share spreadsheets with others, who can then edit the sheet from any device that is logged into their Microsoft account.

You can assign specific access rights to each person, for example some team member will only need read access, while others need also to be able to write and edit spreadsheets you created.

All this and more can easily be accomplished with Excels excellent collaboration tools.

Create Meaningful Charts

Once you've entered some data into your sheet, while the data can be really anything, you can create beautiful charts & graphs from these data points.

Need to visualize some financial calculations, like for example a monthly expenses vs. revenue report? Great, simply highlight both of these columns and then tap on the "line Graph" option, select a style for your chart and you're done.

Exactly this kind of flexibility is what sets Excel apart from others. Excel can be as easy, or complex as you need it to be.

It is possible to create highly complex scientific calculations with Excel that you probably only understand with at least three doctorates, but at the same time it can be as easy as our example above.

Cross-Device Spreadsheets

Since Excel is available on many different devices, it only makes sense that everything is completely independent. But at the same time also fully integrated. For example, say you've started some kind of calculation on your PC, but now you need to be able to pick up where you left off on another device, for example your iPad. No problem, as long as you're logged into the same Microsoft account, or have sufficient shared access, you can simply pick up at exactly the point where you left it on your PC.

This can make you highly productive, as you can simply get some work done while you're waiting for the bus or literally anywhere else.

You don't even need internet access, in cases where you have a bad connection or no connection at all you can simply finish your work and save. Whenever you regain your connection, it will be synced with the Microsoft servers and your changes will be available on all your other devices as well.


If you need to do any kind of data entry, calculations or simply keep track of X's and Y'z, Excel is most likely the right tool for the job.

It is not free, but nowadays there are many great offers out there that include a subscription to Office 365, which also includes Excel.

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<![CDATA[Microsoft Word]]> https://appblast.online/app/microsoft-word]]> Collaboration With Team Members

Microsoft Word for mobile lets you create teams and share any of your documents with whole teams, or specific team members.

Each person can have customized access rights, such as read-only. Members with write access can actually make edits, that you can see in real-time.

That makes it super easy to complete simple tasks like planning a small party at your house, to monumental tasks like they are common in Enterprise grade businesses.

Each edit, is saved as an individual history entry of the document. This allows for anyone with the sufficient access rights, to revert any edit to it's original state and nothing ever goes missing.

Cross-Device Workspaces

Another great thing about Microsoft Word for mobile is, that you can easily start working o a document on one device and then pick up on another.

Imagine you're working on some document from home, but you can't finish it in time. Easy, just save it and then pick up while riding the bus or train to work for example.

The document will always be available to you, all you need is a Word installation or Office 365 installation where you're signed in with your user account.

Mobile usability

Working with Word on a mobile device with limited screen size, can be a bit challenging at first.

But you will find that Microsoft did a great job to make it easy to accomplish pretty much any edit with a simple tap or swipe motion.

it is very intuitive, for example to remove an image that you inserted, simple tap on it and then tap the delete button that appeared after the first tap.

You can share, assign, or save documents in the same manner. Everything works with a few simple tap and/or swipe motions.


At first I thought Microsoft Word wouldn't be the same when used on a mobile device. But I'm happy to report that I was wrong in my original assumption.

Sure, having a small screen does make things a little awkward at times, but you can accomplish any of the tasks just as easily on a mobile device than on a computer. It does have a small learning curve involved, but nothing that requires a lot of practice.

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<![CDATA[Netflix]]> https://appblast.online/app/netflix]]> Netflix is hard to avoid these days. If you wanna join our colleagues and friends in gossip and discussion about your favorite Tv Show and series finale, you might want to get a Netflix plan - if you’re not already having one.

The Netflix app is free to download but only usable with a valid Netflix subscription, starting at $8.99 monthly.

The Content Library

Netflix features tons of content. May it be romantic comedies, horror movies, a documentary about nature, or a show about baking - Netflix has it alls. Due to their algorithm you get recommendations based on your likes and taste. Which sounds like a perfect feature has some disadvantages to it. You might miss out on some content that doesn’t match your data and it’s really complicated to navigate through the huge and fast growing library, especially on a small phone screen.

The Controls

You navigate through the app with a set of black buttons at the bottom of the screen. It’s simple and easy to browse through the titles, everything looks sleek and nice, and the movie posters stand out for a better overview in comparison to the controls. Personally I prefer the design from other streaming apps like HBO Now or the Starz app, but Netflix sets a good standard, everybody can work with.

Video Quality

Netflix works best with a good WiFi connection. The playback will start immediately with no pauses or freezes in between so that you can enjoy every content. With a mobile connection your video will be automatically adjusted due to your internet speed, which can make the video quality a bit blurry or include occasional stops of you experience very low data connection. But With a decent phone plan I experienced hardly any interruption even on the go. Depending on your subscription plan and the content you selected you can experience resolution up to 4K Ultra HD, which is cool especially for visual exciting content like science fiction or nature documentaries.

Features & Slight Disadvantages

For selected content you also have additional features like download possibility, so that you can watch in plane mode, you can rate all titles easily and if you have a big subscription plan you can share with your family and watch over the phone even while someone else is logged into the app elsewhere. Automated downloads for new episodes and notifications for your favorite shows are nice features as well.

A slight disadvantage is that neither the app nor Netflix inform you about changes in their library, so that you never know when a show might be erased from the library due to some licensing problem.


I’m a happy Netflix customer. I use their streaming service at home and love the features of the mobile app. If they would find a way to explore all the content of their library a bit easier, and not only by recommendations from their algorithms it would be a huge advantage for me. But their app is top notch in any way.

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<![CDATA[Skype]]> https://appblast.online/app/skype]]> I have been using Skype a long time for my Computer. I have friends and business partners all over the world and I rely on a communication app, that won’t let me down or freeze in the middle of an important call. So I was very pleased to see, that Skype now also offers an app for mobile devices. Let’s find out if the quality and the interface is as good as on your computer.

The Interface

Sleek, modern and with elegant simplicity- that’s the main features of the Skype interface. And also in the Android and IOS app you can see that the developers walked the extra mile to match all the controls and design features to your mobile screen. Skype is really easy and self explanatory to use

The Audio Quality

Skype does not only feature Video Calls but the good old fashioned Audio Calls as well. So I tested that feature with a business partner in Beijing. What can I say - the call quality was crisp and crystal clear, it was as if my partner was sitting in the office next door. And not thousands of miles away.

The Video Quality

I travel a lot for my job and just use the mobile data on my phone. Not every conference I need to attend fits my time schedule, so it’s necessary to join in on a group Video call sometimes. I was sitting at the airport the other day, and used Skype for a conference call with 3 other business partners. Again, the quality was pretty good, just one time I experienced a minor picture freeze when I changed my location and started walking. Pretty good for a mobile connection.

The Downsides

As much convinced I am of the Skype app for mobiles, there are some downsides.

I noticed that a lot of users rejected the latest design changes for the Skype app on Android. To make the app more compatible with social media features, the Design Team added Snapchatlike features, new tones and alarms. The design differs for sure from the well known classic interface and has not been well received by many, because the simplicity of the interface is highjacked by the new buttons.


Skype has been setting the standard for mobile video calls and continues to satisfy customers all over the world. The main features from the app, the good call quality are all available for free. I can work well with the new design changes, but for everybody that is set back by the changes, there might be better alternatives with a lighter set of features.

https://appblast.online/app/skype https://appblast.online/app/skype Tue, 28 May 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Snapchat]]> https://appblast.online/app/snapchat]]> Snapchats Concept is pretty easy and fascinating. Snapchat opens to its camera in a few seconds, so that you can “snap” whatever happens in the moment and share it with your followers and friends.

Snapchat Features

You just take a funny picture or video, add text or use filter and share it. Additional lenses, funny 3D masks, Bitmojis and a broad variety of effects add up to the fun.

You can completely alternate the way you look, or wear funny masks that automatically detect your face. Also the community can invent its own filters and publish them for everybody to try.

You can invite yo to 16 parties into a group chat, and to make it more secure snaps that you send out, will be deleted after a short while. Other users can save them to their device though.

Much like Instagram you can also follow other Users to see what they at posting or follow their daily Stories.

Snapchat Update

Since especially the Android Users of Snapchat experiences crashes, freezes and couldn’t access all the apps functions, the revisited and updated app should feature a lot of advantages like faster camera access, faster loading of the additional filters and stories and a better image quality. So far, so good.

Some Disadvantages

When Snapchat came out, it was well received especially by very young users. They were able to communicate fast, share their experiences and Snapchat become more and more popular. Other competitors like Instagram and TikTok offered similar functions and seemed to perform better. That’s why Snapchats development team seemed to struggle with keeping the app functional for users of all device. While focusing on the IOS app, the Android app had a huge amount of freezes and lags, and also crashes. Which led to a lot of criticism from disappointed users on social media feeds. Snapchat is currently struggling with losing big numbers of their users to other social media services. That’s why they offer new features to attract young users. A multiplayer gaming mode and an augmented reality platform are the newest addition to the service.

But while testing the app for Android we still experienced the glitches and freezes the Android community is familiar with. So there is still a lot to improve.


Snapchat is a fun app with a great community and a growing list of stunning features. If the development team keeps their promise to fix the glitchy interface also for Android Users, it will be as golden as in its glory days.

https://appblast.online/app/snapchat https://appblast.online/app/snapchat Tue, 28 May 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[TikTok]]> https://appblast.online/app/tiktok]]> TikTok is a new worldwide phenomenon with a growing community. Mostly of young users. It originated from the Musical.ly service that was a simple lip sync app.

How To TikTok

Basically to use TikTok you put together videos and combine the with music and effects. It resembles other apps like Snapchat and Instagram a lot. The focus seems to a bit shifted though. It’s all about the music here, and the pretty advanced visual effects that you can create.

TikTok Features

You have all kinds of tools to work with.

You can crop and edit your videos, and choose from a big library of advanced special effects, free music, clips from well known pop culture phenomena and stickers. To spice it up, all content is crispy and short.

Curated Content

TikTok not only lets you create videos, you can also surf down the rabbit hole by watching millions of short time videos selected based on your taste and interest.

The video feed will adapt to what you like best. A lot of the most watched content on Tiktok can best be described as “quirky”. But in a good way.

Create Videos and Memes that can be remixed and reimagined by the creative and imaginative community of TikTok.

Conclusion & Criticism

Despite its quick rise among social media fans, there are still millions of people who do not quite know what TikTok is. Mostly those are older people. As a thirty year old I also struggle to quite get my head around what makes TikTok stand out. I can definitely recommend trying it out, to see if you’re having fun with it. It’s quite hard to put it down, once you started using it.

My only criticism is, that even though the content is curated there are a lot of questionable videos out there. And in addition, even though you can easily delete the app at all times, deleting your profile isn’t as easy as it should. You have to get a cancellation code provided by the development team. This should be easier in my opinion.

https://appblast.online/app/tiktok https://appblast.online/app/tiktok Tue, 28 May 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[WhatsApp]]> https://appblast.online/app/whatsapp]]> The best things in life are free - like a good conversation with a friend or family member. And to connect people their are messengers - like WhatsApp, which is also completely free. No matter where your friends live you can always reach them, message them and even video call them without worrying about fees or money. That’s the biggest advantage for me.

The Details

The Whatsapp application for Android and IOS works exactly the same like the desktop version - which is great. No matter which device you use, all your devices work seamlessly with each other and you won’t miss out on any new messages or read something twice. You can send files, photos, GIFs, make & receive video calls, audio calls and group messages. All encrypted and secure. Only condition - your contact has to use WhatsApp as well. Since the messenger works with almost every device and remains highly popular that’s not a buggy.

You don’t even need to register, you just need your phone number and the App will do the rest. Import all your contacts, and your chat history, and you're good to go.

Another useful feature is that you can share your location with your contacts. In case you are meeting up in an area you are not familiar with, this comes in handy too.

The Downsides

With Whatsapp being free and accessible to almost everybody there’s not a lot room for criticism. The app features a lot of opportunities for modern communication and is pretty easy and convenient to use.

The new end to end encryption is only working if both parties use the supporting versions of the app though. In the unlikely event that the other party uses a really old phone or version of the app, the communication might not be fully secure.

The other downside is that you are just enabled to communicate with other Whatsapp users. If you want to contact someone who doesn’t use the app you have to send him/her an invite via text or mail. It’s understandable that nothing in life comes for free though - if course the developer need you to interest your friends and family in joining the app, so that the messenger service keeps growing.

So both of those seem like minor flaws to me.


I can recommend WhatsApp to anybody who wants to be able to communicate with their friends, family and business partners no matter where they are. The service is and will be free of charge. And I will continue to use WhatsApp for a long time.

https://appblast.online/app/whatsapp https://appblast.online/app/whatsapp Tue, 28 May 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Facebook Messenger]]> https://appblast.online/app/facebook-messenger]]> What It's About

Facebook Messenger is completely integrated into the FB platform. It makes it easy for you to stay in touch with friends & family.

You can have private chats that you don't want to be out in the open for everyone to see. You can also send & receive secret messages, these messages are end-to-end encrypted so that even facebook can't ready the contents. Once deleted these messages are unretrievable. Perfect for sending this weekends party planning to your buddies :)

The Messenger also lets you easily share any content from Facebook, such as funny videos, memes or GIFs.

Messenger Features

Messenger has a great search feature, which works much better than the native search in the Facebook app.

If you ask me why that is, I do not know... But whenever I try to find someone through the facebook app, chances are I won't find anything.

While it is the complete opposite with the Messenger search, which for some reason gives better results.

Facebook Messenger makes it super-duper easy to bulk-forward messages to as many of your friends as you wish. Simply tap the forwarding button and select anyone, or any group you'd like to include in this blast. Perfect to share a funny GIF with everybody.

The secret messages feature as already mentioned above, is very useful. Although I fail to understand why not ALL of the messages in FB Messenger use end-to-end encryption. This should be pretty standard today, and gives me personally some privacy concerns when using the app.

Video & Audio calls in FB Messenger work flawlessly, and I rarely have connection problems as I do with the Skype app. Even friends residing in countries far away, no problems at all.

There is also the feature that lets you add someone who isn't on facebook, just by their phone number. Very convenient feature that I personally use a lot, because believe it or not, there are many people who aren't using Facebook.


The Facebook Messenger is the perfect communication tool if you're a moderate to heavy Facebook user. It integrates fully into the FB platform and makes it super easy to share content.

If you're not that much into Facebook, there certainly are better tools available that do not lock you in Facebook.

https://appblast.online/app/facebook-messenger https://appblast.online/app/facebook-messenger Mon, 27 May 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[8 Ball Pool]]> https://appblast.online/app/8-ball-pool]]>

Billiards has fascinated me ever since I was a child. I can remember watching the black widow take out one opponent after another with skillful shots with her legendary pool cue.

Although I've been a fan of the sport for quite some time now, I haven't always been the best competitor when it comes to shooting pool. It's for this reason that I typically stick with watching the sport or playing the game on the screen of my phone.

It's much less likely to embarrass yourself if you download 8 Ball Pool on your phone then if you went out to a bar with your friends. The controls are flawless when lining up your shot with the various cues in the game, so you don't have to worry about nailing any tricky maneuvers in order to call a shot in 8 Ball Pool.

Table Designs

I always wanted to have a beautiful billiards table in a fancy game room, but I would much rather download 8 Ball Pool for free than purchase a table I would be afraid to play on.

There are a plethora of table design options when you play 8 Ball Pool, so the interface never becomes dull and boring. The developers seem to have perfected the overhead view by detailing the felt-top table to perfection. Each one has a different wooden base with intricate designs from many different genres and styles. One of my favorites looks like it belongs in a tiki bar with island-themed markings and decorations.

Choose A Cue

Probably one of the most interesting features in 8 Ball Pool is the cue selection screen. All of the other mobile billiard games I've played in the past have not included any special cues, other than ones that might be for decoration only.

However, when you install 8 Ball Pool it's as if you're unlocking an armory of cues for yourself! Not only will you have tons of designs to choose between, but you'll also want to consider the specific abilities that each cue contains. Some might tap the balls more gently for a careful nudge, and others might shoot like lightning to deliver a more precise shot.

As you level your account and progress through the game you'll be able to enhance each of your cues and make them even more formidable against your opponents.

Invite Your Friends

I couldn't wait to invite all of my social media friends to play 8 Ball Pool with me, as most of the games I've played in the past have not offered any form of social interaction with other players.

Typically, you have to contend with computer players who don't play fairly, so it's refreshing to be able to play against a real person in real-time. Not only can you invite your friends to play along with you, but you can keep yourself immersed in the gameplay by using the available chat box to keep the conversation going.

The only significant issue I found when playing 8 Ball Pool is that there doesn't seem to be an algorithm to keep like-leveled players teamed up against one another. I have seen far too many match-ups between a lower level player and someone who can clear a table without ever letting the other make a move.

There is a lot of potential in 8 Ball Pool, but as long as the development team allows this mismatch of players to occur, they are only going to chase away players who would otherwise spend a lot of time enjoying the game.

If you love to play pool but don't have a table of your own, then start playing 8 Ball Pool to get your billiards fix!

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<![CDATA[Age of Magic]]> https://appblast.online/app/age-of-magic]]>

Age of Magic is a stunning turn-based roleplaying game for the mobile gaming community that's bringing PC quality graphics and strategic battle sequences to the small screen.

I knew that I had to download Age of Magic when I noticed the level of craftsmanship that clearly went into creating the game. Age of Magic is filled to the brim with dozens of fantasy characters that you can level up and train to defeat various enemies on the battlefield.

There is so much depth and playability to Age Of Magic; you get a hearty game full of exciting quests and characters without having to spend a dime! If you've been looking for an exciting game to play on your mobile device, then stick around to hear about some of the things I enjoyed in Age of Magic.

PC Quality Graphics

If you had shown me a video of the gameplay in Age of Magic, I would have assumed you were showing me a Youtube video of a PC game. The graphics are absolutely incredible and leave many of the competing titles in the role-playing genre in the dust.

Not many mobile developers can nail the spell effects or battle sounds that you find in Age of Magic, so it's refreshing to see something that I would expect to pay to play on PC available to me for free on my phone.

PVP & Weekly Tournaments

There are so many different elements to Age of Magic, but two of my favorites have to be playing through the weekly tournaments and inviting my friends to a PVP match.

PVP matches not only give you the opportunity to play the game with your family and friends, but it also opens up the opportunity to meet new players and expand your gaming social circle. If you do meet a few new friends, you can always choose to assemble a clan and join forces to defeat your common enemies!

The weekly tournaments are a group of challenges and battles that pin players against one another for a battle to the top of the leaderboards! If you are the lucky one that earns the most points, you will be able to cash out on a massively beneficial prize.

Needs To Be Balanced

Although the game is stunning and has intricately thought out battle sequences, Age of Magic does not come without its flaws. When I began playing the game I noticed that the first several levels seemed to breeze by rather quickly. However, once you reach a certain point in the game, around level 35, you seem to run into a brick wall when it comes to leveling your heroes.

After a few more levels, the game makes it nearly impossible for you to progress through the final levels of the game, as the points you need to upgrade your characters slows down to a trickle.

Although the game is by no means perfect, I would recommend that any serious role-playing gamer tries this title. There are two unique campaigns in which to play through, and battle arenas to challenge your friends to PVP duels.

Age of Magic is incredibly immersive and makes it very difficult for any player to put the game down. If you have been looking for something exciting to play on your phone and are tired of match-3 and puzzle games, then head to the play store and download Age of Magic to get started!

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<![CDATA[Agent A: A puzzle in disguise]]> https://appblast.online/app/agent-a-a-puzzle-in-disguise]]>

A Puzzle In Disguise is the first tale in the epic series of Agent A, a spy who is searching for the devious Ruby La Rouge! There are five total stories in the series, but they all have the same intriguing play-style with hidden puzzles and mind-boggling observations.

If you enjoy a good puzzle game as much as I do, then you will lose yourself in the immersive gameplay of Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise. The controls are easy enough for any level of gamer to nail down quickly, and there is nothing about the graphics or storyline that would be inappropriate for children.

So, if you have little sleuths living under your roof, then consider downloading Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise to play catch the crook with your little detective!

Smooth Graphics

The first thing I noticed about the game was the stunningly simple graphics and the 60s style of furniture, decorations, and architecture throughout the game.

Each one of the characters and items you interact with along the way feels as though they are part of an interactive cartoon in which you are controlling all of the action.

Keep in mind that not everything will appear as it seems, because there are tons of clues hidden throughout every area of the game that will help you unlock the mystery behind the Ruby La Rouge case.

Imagination Leads The Way

What I love the most about playing Agent A: A puzzle in disguise is the interactive way in which you can play around with the background. There will be plenty of things to look at as you stroll through each room and space in the story, but you will have to use your imagination to uncover hidden clues and puzzles that will help you solve the mystery.

I very much enjoy games that urge my brain to think outside of the box, so Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise has quickly become one of my new favorite ways to work out my brain!

Responsive Development Team

If there's one thing that tells me a game is worth buying, it's whether or not I can see that the developers actually care about the problems and concerns left behind in the comments section.

There were not many complaints to be had, by me or anyone else, other than the occasional minor bug, but the ones that were there saw a response quickly.

I love seeing developers who clearly have a passion for their game and always want to keep their customers happy. Although it probably doesn't seem like such a big deal to most, knowing that a developer actually cares about the issues that players have in their projects is a huge deal to me personally.

After all, who wants to pay for an app or a game that is only going to crap out on them after a lousy update. Knowing that the developers actually care gives me the peace of mind to keep Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise in my gaming library for years to come.

There are so many things that I enjoy about playing Agent A games, but the thing I love the most has to be the depth of the puzzles. I was afraid that the game might be too simple, but the creative team did a great job at keeping the title challenging without bogging you down with too much difficulty.

At the end of the day, Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise is one of the most adorable mystery/puzzle games I've found in the play store in a long time. If you are looking for something cute to play with your kids, I would highly recommend that you download Agent A: A puzzle in disguise.

https://appblast.online/app/agent-a-a-puzzle-in-disguise https://appblast.online/app/agent-a-a-puzzle-in-disguise Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Alarm Clock & Themes - Stopwatch, Timer, Calendar]]> https://appblast.online/app/alarm-clock-themes-stopwatch-timer-calendar]]>

Nowadays, the most popular apps in the play store seem to be the ones which allow users to customize the look and functionality of their devices. I have found plenty of apps over the years that provide stunning backgrounds or notification sounds, but I have never discovered anything that focused primarily on the clock and calendar features of my phone.

Recently, I discovered the Alarm Clock app in the play store and decided to spruce up the clock display on my phone. When I downloaded the Alarm Clock App I wasn't sure what to expect initially, but I was surprised to find that there were far more options than simply changing the way my alarm clock looks on my phone.

Set Life Reminders

My favorite feature of the Alarm Clock App is the life reminders I can set to remind me about important events happening in my life. It's always been a struggle for me to remember all the birthdays in my huge family, so it was a relief for me to find the birthday notification option.

I was able to easily add a reminder for each of my loved ones with their name and a specific time in which to remind me to tell them Happy Birthday!

I am also able to set reminders for upcoming staff meetings, family reunions, party invitations, and so many more events. Ever since I downloaded the Alarm Clock App and started using it to help me manage my day to day life, I've become a far more organized person which is saying a lot for me.

Upbeat Alarm Tones

I've tried several different apps to change the sound of my alarm, but I have never found an app that would allow me to play my own music as an alarm.

You know the quintessential morning wake-up scene in the movies when the protagonist's alarm radio blares with an upbeat rock or pop song? Well, that is exactly the experience I have been looking for and am happy to say I have found in Alarm Clock App.

Not only does the app provide a list of upbeat tunes to get my morning started off on the right foot, but I can also upload songs from MP3 files on my device to use as an alarm. I love that I can choose a different song from my playlist to cater to whatever it is that I have planned for the day. So, if I have a crazy workout scheduled in the morning, I can make sure that I wake up pumped with the right music!

Turning Screens Into Timepieces

I've always loved the classic look of a traditional timepiece, especially the ones with a steampunk flair to them. Now that I check the time using the screen of my phone all the time, I've missed being able to appreciate the simplistic beauty and style of a traditional watch. There are plenty of unique clockface backgrounds to choose from in the Alarm Clock App, so I get to choose what style of watch I want my phone to look like. I love this feature because my husband and I love to coordinate our accessories with our outfits, and now we can take that one step further with our phones.

Overall, I would recommend the Alarm Clock App for anyone who enjoys customizing the look of their device. Instead of the typical cartoony images and childish backgrounds, step up your game with a timeless watch face on an elegantly styled background. Or, choose something a bit more modern and edgy with a digital look. No matter what style of watch you are into, you are sure to find it in the Alarm Clock App.

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<![CDATA[Amazon Alexa]]> https://appblast.online/app/amazon-alexa]]>

I tend to be a bit scatterbrained at times, so having a personal assistant sounds like something that would benefit me greatly. I could focus on one task at a time and rely on my assistant to help me get things done when I have too much going on.

There's only one problem with having a personal assistant if you're a regular person, they're a bit pricey! When Amazon Alexa first made her debut years ago, I knew I had to use the service to help me organize my crazy lifestyle.

Now that there is an app for my smartphone, I have downloaded Amazon Alexa to see if the app can help me even further. I must say, although she doesn't make me coffee or complete paperwork I have been putting off, Amazon Alexa has been one excellent addition to my mobile arsenal.

Create Shopping Lists

If there's one thing I'm terrible at, it's making sure that I have a completed shopping list when I hit the grocery store. Most of the time, I end up going to the supermarket with a growling tummy, so I tend to grab things that are not necessary.

Since I end up buying mostly snack foods and microwaved meals this way, I started using Amazon Alexa to create my shopping lists for me. All I have to do is ask her to create a shopping list, and when I think of an item around the house that I know I will need, I just ask her to add it onto the list!

Being able to jot down a list without having to actually scrounge around the house for a working pen and scrap of paper means that I might actually start to get some real shopping done! My phone never leaves my side, so as long as I have it with me, I will always have Amazon Alexa and my shopping lists!

Helpful Reminders

Being the scatterbrain that I am, there's oftentimes where I will forget what I was doing because another task pulled me off of the one I was focusing on previously.

Thankfully, now that I've started using Amazon Alexa so much on my phone, the app will show me exactly what I was working on or viewing through the app before I got sidetracked.

This means that if I was in the middle of making a meal plan for the week, checking the weather for my husbands upcoming business trip, or responding to an email from a client, I can easily figure out what I was doing so I can get back to it.

Severe Bugs

I was saddened, as most users were by the look of the forums, that Amazon Alexa nearly became unusable after a recent update. For some reason, the app will completely crash if I try to use the skills portion of Amazon Alexa.

It's frustrating, to say the least, that the app is having so many issues with connectivity and functionality as it is such a helpful tool when it's on its A game.

Overall, I would highly recommend that you download Amazon Alexa onto your smartphone or tablet, especially if you have any of the Alexa enabled devices at home.

If you do have a modern home with Amazon Alexa devices, then you will be able to synchronize and control each of them directly from the app on your device. This makes handling all the technology around our homes so much easier and gives us far more time to enjoy the things that really matter. Like asking Alexa to order a pizza after she helps you make the grocery list.

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<![CDATA[Amazon Kindle]]> https://appblast.online/app/amazon-kindle]]>

I've always been an avid reader ever since I was a small child. I can remember being so excited on the day of the book fair at school because I was always allowed to pick out a few books to bring home.

My love for reading only grew as I got older, and so did my arsenal of books. Although I love owning a ton of books, it's not always great when it comes time to pack up and move or if you live in a smaller home.

Recently, I decided to jump on the e-reading bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about. So, I headed to the play store on my phone to download Amazon Kindle to check out the coveted reading service for myself.

Free Reading With Prime Membership

The first thing I noticed about the Amazon Kindle app is that you can read over 1,000 books for free just for paying for an Amazon Prime subscription. This was great because my husband already pays for a Prime account so that we can watch certain TV shows and get faster shipping on gifts and other things we purchase online.

I wasn't sure what the selection was going to look like as far as free titles, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of the classics on there, as well as some modern favorites.

Sample Before You Buy

Not only do you get to read thousands of popular books for free, but you can also read the first chapter of any book you see on Amazon Kindle before making a purchase on it.

I love that Amazon allows readers to do this; when I was a child, our librarian at school taught us to read either the first few pages of a book or to choose a page in the middle to see if the content interested us. I have always stuck with this practice, so I'm glad to know I won't have to buy any books blindly when I use Amazon Kindle.

Saves Your Spot While Browsing

One of my worst habits as a reader is reading more than one book at a time. There have been several times in the past when I have been in the middle of three books at once.

With physical books it's very easy to keep your place; simply fold down the corner of a page or slide a bookmark in your spot before closing it up. I wasn't sure how this was going to work while using an app to read, so I was pleased to see that I can still read multiple books at once while the app holds my place in each one.

Not only will Amazon Kindle hold your place in each of the books you are reading, but you can also use Amazon Kindle across all of your devices. Now you can go from your PC to your tablet, and then to your phone without having to scroll through a book to find your page.

The Amazon Kindle app is a magnificent find for anyone who enjoys reading, whether it be a novel, newspaper, or magazine. Another feature I love about the app is that you can long press on a word to pull up its definition or click on Wikipedia links to learn more about a topic. Too many times I have been reading a book and been hung up on a sentence because I wasn't sure what a word meant or how it fits with the context. Now that I'm reading with Amazon Kindle, I'll never have to look for a dictionary or Google a word again!

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<![CDATA[Angry Birds 2]]> https://appblast.online/app/angry-birds-2]]>

Angry Birds has been one of my favorite mobile games for years, so when I found out that Rovio was coming out with a sequel to the infamous slingshot adventure, I knew I had to download Angry Birds 2.

Rovio has outdone themselves by including some fairly impressive additions to the sequel of their famous Angry Birds game. There are fun new backgrounds and themes in each level, and plenty of new surprises to be found as you progress through the game.

Stick around and I'll tell you all about the newness that has been added to the game and why you need to download Angry Birds 2 on your phone or tablet.

New Birds

The addition of new birds was enough to sell me on the game, even though you don't have to pay a dime to download the title. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the giant version of Red that seems to lazily roll into the little pigs who try to hide in their minor defenses.

One of my favorite new birds, however, is the tiny pink bird that blows bubblegum bubbles that lift and separate pig structures to weaken the defenses of the enemy.

There are several new birds in the game and each one comes with its own character dialogue and development, so you can really get to know the creatures. Each bird will, of course, have their own unique talents as well, but you'll have to play Angry Birds 2 to find out more.

Level Up

One feature I can't believe wasn't included in the classic version of Angry Birds is the ability to level up the birds. The more you progress through the game, the higher the level each of your birds will become. The stronger the birds become, the more easily they will be able to take down the structures built by the pigs.

I love that Rovio gave players the ability to level up the birds in the game. I truly feel that it adds another factor of playability to an already extensively replayable title. It seems that the more time Rovio puts into the franchise the more successful each title becomes.

Believe You Can Fly!

Ok, so let's be honest with each other; it's weird that these birds can't just fly over to the pigs, right? Well, the developers at Rovio have come up with a way for you to soar through the sky with your favorite birds, by including mini-games that strap jetpacks on to fly around and collect coins. However, be careful that you don't hit any of the walls or obstacles or you'll start plummeting out of the sky!

Having these little mini-games to break up the gameplay, not only gives the game another element of gameplay but it also helps to break up the monotony of aiming and firing the birds over and over.

If you're anything like me, then I'm sure you've had those moments when you've failed a level so many times that you nearly chuck your phone against the wall. Having these little breaks makes sure that players don't get too frustrated with the game when the going gets tough!

Overall, I would say that I enjoy Angry Birds 2 even more than I did the classic version of the game. If I had to find a complaint about the title it might be the pressure Rovio seems to press on players to spend money on gems by constantly advertising flash sales. Although without microtransactions, we might have to pay to play Angry Birds 2, so I suppose I appreciate those players who choose to spend the cash on the game!

https://appblast.online/app/angry-birds-2 https://appblast.online/app/angry-birds-2 Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Angry Birds Classic]]> https://appblast.online/app/angry-birds-classic]]>

Angry Birds revolutionized the way players enjoy gaming on their mobile devices by creating the best ever slingshot adventure on the market. I've enjoyed flinging these hilarious creatures across the screen of my phone for years, but there's something about the updated version of the slingshot classic that has me falling in love with the game all over again.

Rovio has included all of the things I loved about the classic version of the game while spicing it up with a few bonus features I couldn't wait to try, so I knew I had to download Angry Birds to re-experience one of my all-time mobile favorites!

Mighty League

My favorite addition to the remastered Angry Birds has to be the Mighty League! Growing up with four brothers, who also had an affinity for gaming, fostered a competitive spirit when it comes to obtaining high scores and placement on a leaderboard in games.

Because I grew up competing with them, I naturally love being able to compete with other gamers, no matter what title I'm playing. The Mighty League will put your skills to the test, but only the best of the best will earn enough stars to find their names at the top of the scoreboards!

Excellent Playability

I've always searched for games that have extensive playability; because, to me, there is nothing more disappointing than finding a game I really enjoy, only to learn that I can beat it in an afternoon.

There has always been an extensive amount of playability to Angry Birds, but on top of everything they've done to freshen up the game, you can still enjoy all 15 of the original chapters, which include over 680 levels!

If you've never played Angry Birds before, you'll enjoy the steady increase in difficulty and hilarity found in each level. The pigs will only fortify their armaments more heavily after every take-down, so you'll have to think quickly on your feet when attacking their defenses.

Random Glitches

As much as the developers have improved on the game over the years, there are still a few significant issues with the game. Possibly the most frustrating problems I came across were random glitches that would make my game freeze up and force me to shut it down in mid-flight.

I wouldn't have minded this glitch so much if I could have just opened the app and picked up from where I was interrupted, but that's never how it works out, is it?

As if the freezes in the middle of the game is not enough, you might just find that after you get back into the game that you've actually lost data and have to backtrack your progress. You can imagine how this would be especially frustrating for a competitive natured person who is trying to climb the leaderboards in the Mighty League.

At the end of the day, I find way more to love about Angry Birds than I can to complain about. The game is as stunning as ever with brightly colored, smooth graphics and endearing characters that leave you with a smile on your face. Whether you have never had the opportunity to try the game, or you have been a fan since day one, you will want to download Angry Birds to add to your mobile gaming library.

If you tend to have smooth gaming experiences on your device, then you will more than likely not experience any of the data loss or freezing issues in the game. However, if you have an older device or one that tends to give you problems, prepare yourself for the possibility of a glitchy experience.

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<![CDATA[AOL - News, Mail & Video]]> https://appblast.online/app/aol-news-mail-video]]>

AOL has been around as far back as I can remember, so I was surprised to see the AOL app in the play store on my phone. I can remember having an old AOL account, so I decided to set a new one up to see if I could use the service once again to talk with family members who still use it.

I like that I can read articles on current events, check and compose emails, look at the weather, and chat with family members all in the AOL app, but there were plenty of things I didn't like about the service as well.

Nothing Special

After I downloaded the AOL app, I was anticipating something new and exciting since the service has been around for so long. I was slightly disappointed to see the same, tired features of the AOL I remember from my childhood.

There are many apps out there that let you read email, search the weather, and read the news all in one application, so there really is no need to use a service that is outdated and overpriced for what it is.

Too Many Bugs

As if the lack of excitement wasn't enough, the app is littered with technical bugs and issues with the mail service. You would think that an app which is supposed to let you stay up to date with your email would keep things refreshed as often as possible. However, if you download the AOL app with the intention of reading urgent emails, you may want to consider something else.

My biggest pet peeve with the AOL app is that when I open my emails I see the messages from the previous day and my current emails take far too long to show up in my inbox. Because I work from home it is vital that I receive my emails as soon as possible, so this was one of the worst issues I had with the app.

Must Pay For AOL Services

One of the things I had forgotten about AOL was that you had to pay them to use all of their services. Although some things are free, just like the AOL app, there are other features and benefits from the company that you have to pay for to use.

I think this is why it frustrates me so much that AOL seems to throw a bandaid over all the issues in their app and the various services it is supposed to provide. If customers are expected to pay for a service, then I would think the company providing said service would want it to run as smoothly as possible all the time, right?

The developers at AOL seem to throw out a cookie-cutter "Thank you for being patient" message on the forums every time a customer has a complaint. Although it's great to get a response, it's far better to see some results rather than waiting around for weeks and in some cases months to see a problem resolved in the AOL app.

I was expecting so much more from the AOL app when I downloaded it, but I'm sorry to say the service doesn't provide much more than it did in the 90s. If you are still an AOL customer, I suppose it could be worth the download, although you may have to deal with quite a few bugs while using the app.

Overall, I would say use the AOL app with caution and perhaps go with a more reliable service if you are trying to establish a professional email service for a home business or other venture.

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<![CDATA[Army Men Strike]]> https://appblast.online/app/army-men-strike]]>

It's been decades since I lost my little green army men, but I still think of them as a fond childhood memory from time to time. With the advancement in gaming technology, there is no shortage of war-time related games with stunning graphics and settings so realistic your heart literally races from the heat of battle.

Although these shooters and strategy games are all fine and well, there are times I want to relive my childhood and play something that takes me back to simpler times.

When I initially discovered Army Men Strike in the mobile play store, I assumed that the game was tailored to children as it looked like something pulled out of a kids movie upon first glance. On further inspection, I realized Army Men Strike is a whimsical tower defense game that you can play with green toy army men!

Play Like A Kid Again

If you were a kid in the 80s and early 90s, then you probably remember having a bag of your own little green army men. My brother and I would place dozens of them around the house in simulated battles and pretend there was a miniature war going on, much to our mother's annoyance.

Now that I've started playing Army Men Strike, I can relive those childhood days by placing 3D army men around a virtual home so they can take out the enemy troops!

At its core, Army Men Strike is a tower defense game that gives players an entirely new experience with the genre. My favorite aspect of the game is choosing where I want to place my army men around the room to defeat the tan soldiers!

Whimsical Graphics

When I initially discovered Army Men Strike in the play store, I assumed it was a Toy Story game because of the similar graphic design. The 3D home environment in which the game takes place makes you feel as though you're playing on the floor of your childhood home once again.

The realism captured in each sequence and area of Army Men Strike is flawless and will surely immerse you into a state of childlike wonder. Though the game is quite whimsical in its design, the tower defense mechanics in Army Men Strike are still solid. So, you don't have to worry about sacrificing a decent strategy system just because the graphics aren't what you might be used to.

Family Friendly

My favorite aspect of Army Men Strike is that you never have to see the blood and guts or hear the foul language that is so prevalent in most of the games produced in today's market. Also, the user interface is not so complicated that a child couldn't play this game which gives it yet another star in my book!

It's difficult to find content nowadays that I'm ok with my children interacting with, but when I downloaded Army Men Strike I knew I had found something really special.

If you happen to be looking for a game that will take you back to when you were a kid, or simply trying to find something exciting and wholesome for your kids to play on your phone or tablet.

Another exciting mention for Army Men Strike is that you don't have to play with army men alone; There are remote-controlled planes, Transformers, rubber ducks and several other toys that you can choose to fight for you.

There is lots to see and do in Army Men Strike, so get to the play store and make sure to download Army Men Strike on your phone or tablet to take a trip through memory lane.

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<![CDATA[Assassin's Creed Identity]]> https://appblast.online/app/assassins-creed-identity]]>

Assassin's Creed is one of those adventure titles that's been around the gaming community for years, and now that it's on the mobile market, I absolutely had to buy the app to see if it was as good as I remembered!

The graphics are amazing, and the physics of the game are exactly what you would expect from a game out of the franchise. Though I was excited to try the mobile version, I was worried about the execution of the open world concept on such a small device. After all, PCs and consoles have a significantly higher amount of memory space on their hard drives for games like this. It turns out, my worries were spot on, but I'm getting ahead of myself!

Stunning Graphics With Classic Gameplay

First things first, let's talk about those amazingly realistic graphics! I was shocked to see the impressive quality of the PC and console animations make it onto the small screen of smartphones and tablets everywhere!

I love that you still get to enjoy all the fun of the parkour style of navigating around your environment; not to mention the sneaky Assassin's Creed style of creeping up behind enemies to take them out as quietly as possible!

Limited World & Replayability

Now's where the not so fun stuff begins. When I downloaded Assassin's Creed Identity, I wasn't sure what to expect as far as the open world environment I had once been so accustomed to. However, once I started playing, I realized the world was actually minimal, and I felt as though I had only received a fraction of the original game.

Because the areas in which your playing are so limited, there are only so many quests and tasks you can perform before doing them all over again.

It was frustrating to me that I had to pay for a lesser version of something that had the potential to be really great. Another letdown I noticed while playing ACI was that I couldn't choose to play offline if I wanted to go off the grid for a bit. My dreams of playing Assassins Creed Identity on any upcoming flights or road trips was also dashed because of the inability to go offline.

Repeated Payments & Overcharging

There's nothing that annoys me more than a greedy or misleading developer, and I feel like that's exactly what you get when you download Assassin's Creed Identity in the play store.

I even noticed comments in the forums about people being overcharged for the game, and with no hope of a refund from customer service.

Another grave disappointment for me was when I completed the first few missions and was greeted with a request for more money to unlock the next portion of the game.

I felt immediately dejected as I had thought I purchased the entire game with the initial fee paid, so this was also a huge letdown.

I can get over the fact that you lose the open world experience when you play Assassin's Creed Identity on a smaller device; there isn't enough GB to support that kind of game on a smartphone anyway. So, in a way, I can appreciate that the developers toned back the space in which you can explore for the sake of our phones memory space!

What I can't get over is that you spend the money to buy the game, and once you've already started playing, they suddenly hit you with another fee? This just seems like dishonest, greedy behavior to me, and is disappointing that it's associated with the title of such a favorite game like Assassin's Creed Identity.

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<![CDATA[Astronomy for Kids 🚀 Space Game by Star Walk 2]]> https://appblast.online/app/astronomy-for-kids-space-game-by-star-walk-2]]>

As a parent, I try to find ways to keep my children entertained while also fostering an educational environment. Sure, it's fine to let loose and play with things that are created for pure entertainment, but I try to sprinkle in some games and toys that will help to shape their minds as well.

Because both of my children have expressed an affinity for science and outer space, I decided to download Astronomy For Kids on my tablet so they could learn all about what interests them without feeling bored or uninterested.

The app makes it easy for kids to learn all about the planets and constellations which will only help them later on with their schoolwork. So, if you have little ones in your home that love stargazing, then make sure to get Astronomy For Kids so they can explore the skies!

Fun Graphics

One of the most important things to keep in mind when using any form of media to teach children is to keep things light and entertaining. This way, children learn through play and don't even realize they are actually studying and retaining useful information.

The cartoons, games, user-interface, and all other graphics in Astronomy For Kids are perfectly curated so that the bright colors, fun characters, and friendly narrator keep your child immersed and fully invested in the game.

Although I knew my kids would enjoy a game about space, I wasn't sure if they would sit long enough to learn something from the app, but Astronomy For Kids keeps them entertained for hours!

Go Stargazing

What good is learning Astronomy if you can't take the lesson outside and peer at the night sky to find the constellations or planets? I remember stargazing with my father when I was little and wishing there was some way that I could identify all of the different constellations.

Now, when you download Astronomy For Kids, you can simply point the camera on your device toward the sky and that app will tell you what constellations are visible.

Having the Astronomy For Kids app available as a crude smart-telescope helps out a lot when our family is out during an evening and one of the kids asks about a group of stars they see. If I'm unsure of what the constellation is called, I can turn to the app to help me identify what we're looking at.

Playing Games

My kids love using the Astronomy For Kids app to watch cartoons about the planets, moons, stars, and more, but the app provides so much more than the ability to identify constellations and watch space-related cartoons.

Kids can also use the app to play games relating to the subject matter they've learned through the app.

By giving children a game to play that covers a learned topic, the developers have not only created a useful study tool, but they have also given children a fantastically entertaining way to learn about something that would bore a lot of people.

Astronomy For Kids has been one of the best investments I could have made in my children's education, and I didn't even have to spend any money to download the app. If you are a family that loves stargazing, or you have a kid that is interested in space or perhaps has a dream of becoming an astronaut one day, then you would be remiss to leave this one out of your mobile gaming library.

I'm so glad that development teams are starting to create content that is actually educational and doesn't shove inappropriate content in the innocent faces of our children.

https://appblast.online/app/astronomy-for-kids-space-game-by-star-walk-2 https://appblast.online/app/astronomy-for-kids-space-game-by-star-walk-2 Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Avakin Life - 3D Virtual World]]> https://appblast.online/app/avakin-life-3d-virtual-world]]>

It seems as though some of the most popular titles in the gaming market today allow players to feel as though they are living a second life. There has even been a role-playing game called Second Life that came out for the PC years ago.

I have never been one to spend a lot of time playing games like this, but I heard a lot of good things about a new virtual world known as Avakin Life. Being a person who is creative by nature, I do find that when I engage in games like Avakin Life I feel as though I can be truly creative with my roleplaying style. Roleplaying can be a great way to get the story-writing juices flowing, so I downloaded Avakin Life to check it out.

Virtual World

Everything about Avakin Life is meant to simulate living life as you would in the real world, except in Avakin Life you get to choose exactly how you want to live. What will you design your home to look like? What career will you choose for yourself? Where will be your signature hangout? These are just a few of the things you can work on when you start playing Avakin Life.

Clean Graphics

Some virtual worlds can be a bit boxy or muddy when it comes to the graphics, so I was surprised to see that Avakin Life had smooth, straightforward visuals.

The balance between animation and realistic graphics is perfect for the mobile platform and are just immersive enough to pull you into the game while you roleplay with friends.

One thing I did notice about the animation in Avakin Life, however, is that at times the physics of how a character moves does not work properly. For example, there are times you might try to sit your avatar in a chair but your legs won't bend at the knees, making your avatar look awkward and unnatural in the environment.

Meet People Around The World

My favorite part about playing open world games like Avakin Life is getting to meet all kinds of interesting people from around the globe. I have met some very cool people from places I never would have thought I would make friends.

The only thing you need to keep in mind before downloading Avakin Life is that you can't expect everyone you talk to in the game to have good intentions or a clean means of communicating.

This means that if you plan on downloading the game for one of your kids you should reconsider. There isn't much you or the developers can do to make sure you aren't being harassed by other players or seeing inappropriate content; so, it's best to avoid the situation altogether if you are afraid of it being a problem.

Overall, Avakin Life is a decent game for anyone who enjoys roleplaying and meeting other gamers from around the world. I wouldn't recommend Avakin Life for children under the age of 13 as I don't think younger children would understand how to handle some of the content that could come up.

If you do have kids who are playing this game, just make sure you are being responsible and checking up on them every now and then to make sure they aren't being exposed to something they shouldn't be.

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<![CDATA[Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures]]> https://appblast.online/app/barbie-dreamhouse-adventures]]>

Times have changed quite a bit since I was a kid, but one thing that still remains popular with children, especially young girls, is the Barbie franchise. Not only does the company still come out with unique Barbie dolls, but there are also countless accessories, toys, and even video games for kids to enjoy.

Now that I have my own daughter who loves to play games, I thought I would download Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures to see if she would connect with the brand the same way I did as a kid.

I was pleased to find that the game stayed as true as possible to the original Barbie style we all know and love. My daughter enjoyed interacting with all of Barbies friends and really immersing herself into the Barbie universe.

Decorate the Dreamhouse

I was lucky enough to have a Barbie dreamhouse when I was young, and I always wished I could change the way it looked without adding stickers or using a medium that would otherwise irritate my parents.

When you download Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, one of the first orders of business is to decorate the dreamhouse to look anyway your heart desires. My daughter spent what felt like hours tweaking the look of her Barbie dreamhouse; from changing the iconic bubblegum-pink walls to her favorite shade of purple to changing the style of the accessories and items in her characters room.

Customize Your Barbie

The dreamhouse isn't the only thing you can redecorate when you play Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. As you play through the game you will earn currency toward the purchase of outfits, accessories, and even pets!

My favorite part about this game is that players get the chance to make their Barbie look however they want. I think this is a great feature, especially for kids who like to express themselves.

There are tons of different outfits, hairstyles, accessories, makeup and more for players to choose from, so the possibilities are nearly endless when creating your Barbie masterpiece.

Tons of Minigames

Because my daughter plays so many different things and seems to get bored with monotony in games, I wasn't sure how long Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures would hold her attention. Soon after she started playing the game, I started to realize how much playability was to the title.

Not only will you have the opportunity to decorate the dreamhouse any way you want and dress up your Barbie, but you can also attend a pool party at Ken's with all of your friends, head to the photo booth with Nikki and Teresa and even hang out with Barbies little sister Skipper!

I was surprised at how many different mini-games and things there are to do in such a simple game. My daughter loves playing the game and doesn't get bored too quickly, and to be honest, I even enjoy playing on occasion after she's gone to bed for the evening!

At the end of the day, this is the perfect mobile game for anyone who has an affinity for or has special memories of playing with Barbies as a child. The only problem I found with the game is that the developers added an in-game store to purchase different items and even to unlock specific characters.

I don't mind the developers trying to make a buck here and there, but the game is intended to be played by children, and an in-game store seems to be an impractical choice for a mobile game enjoyed by kids.

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<![CDATA[Battle of Vicksburg]]> https://appblast.online/app/battle-of-vicksburg]]>

When I came across the Battle of Vicksburg in the Google play store, I was intrigued by the idea of playing a game that would essentially simulate the actual Siege of Vicksburg that took place during the American Civil War. I was never one that received very high grades in history class, so I thought perhaps a game could help me retain the information I once learned in high school.

Parent's could also download the Battle of Vicksburg so that their kids can play the game and hopefully remember all the little pieces of information they learned when it comes time to take a test at school.

Whether you are a history buff, a desperate parent looking for something to sneakily teach their children, or you're simply looking for an interesting war simulator, you are sure to enjoy the Battle of Vicksburg.

Family Friendly

I don't mind playing first-person shooter games like the Battle of Vicksburg, but I can't stand when a creative team goes overboard with the little gory details.

If my soldier shoots an enemy in the game, I don't have to worry about seeing a lot of bloody animation on my screen, because the over the top nature of the FPS community is not the focus when playing Battle of Vicksburg.

Because the developers decided to leave out all the bloody details, kids could easily play this game without being exposed to anything they might not be ready to handle.

Clunky Graphics & Controls

One of the only things that really bothered me when playing Battle of Vicksburg is the lacking graphics and clunky controls. You can tell upon downloading Battle of Vicksburg that the development teams focus was not on making the game look spectacular in any sense of the word.

The background, although colorful, is flat and unexciting, and the soldiers look like glorified stick men with weapons and basic armor.

If you are solely playing this game for the historical information and gameplay, then you'll more than likely adore this game. However, if you are used to playing games with high-quality graphics and smooth streamlined controls, then you may want to keep looking for a mobile FPS.

No Internet Required

I absolutely love that this game is completely off the grid. I don't' have to worry about getting a bunch of party invites while I am on the game, and there won't be any distracting messages to cover up half of my screen while in battle.

Although I love to meet new people and play MMORPGs online, there are other times when I just want to enjoy some peace and quiet playing a game on my phone, by myself.

I also enjoy finding games that don't require an internet connection because I typically choose an app to keep myself entertained while traveling on a plane; so, I'm happy to have found the Battle of Vicksburg.

Another significant thing I noticed about the Battle of Vicksburg app is that no matter what the issue seems to be, the development team will respond to your problem in a timely manner. There's nothing that bothers me more than a developer that doesn't care, so I was pleased to see all the great responses and timely fixes on their part.

One of my only pet peeves with the Battle of Vicksburg is how boring it can be at times because of the lack of stimulating graphics. If only the creative team could revamp the look of the game, they would probably have a lot more happy players on their hands. If the game were to look a bit more polished and realistic, it would be far more enjoyable of a game.

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<![CDATA[Bee Factory]]> https://appblast.online/app/bee-factory]]>

Remember sitting in Microeconomics thinking: when will I use this stuff? Why should I care about supply and demand? Well, behold the download of Bee Factory, a game that is not just a game but also a strong teaching of microeconomics. Kids, prepare to be taught. Adults: prepare to have those lessons refreshed.

It's The Honey!

Bee Factory is set up in a split screen mode. The bottom half shows the worker bees pumping out as much honey as they can (supply). The top part of the screen shows the machine producing the honey (demand). The greater the supply, the higher the demand. In an economic model, this is called "market-driven", where the price is determined by the demand. It's often found in the essentials. Think of toilet paper. Everyone needs toilet paper. It's safe to say there will never not be a need for toilet paper. Therefore, the demand always exists no matter the amount of supply.

The same theory applies to the honey produced by our friend the bee in Bee Factory. You simply push the bees to make more honey and then swipe back and forth on the machine to make more jars of honey. As your output increases, your money increases. With the money, you can upgrade your producers (the bees) and the manufacturing equipment.

The difference between this game and those lessons of microeconomics is FUN! The game is a fun and addictive journey into an otherwise boring subject (well...boring for some people). If you enjoy the challenge of production and mastering the supply chain, this game is for you.

This game would fit perfectly in a school teaching microeconomics. I can see it used in a class of school-age children just beginning to learn about economics, and how supply and demand make a huge impact on the price of a commodity (like honey). The game is also a real-life reflection of honey collection. It's safe to say honey collection is a wise and lucrative business because the demand for honey is pretty steady. Those wishing to understand how the market works, while having fun learning, will love Bee Factory.

The upgrades in the game add an interesting angle to our theory of microeconomics. Of course, in the real world, capital is spent on upgrading equipment both on the supply and the demand side. Guess what? It's used for the same purpose here. You use the money you make to upgrade your equipment and push out even more bottles of honey. You attract more bees to work harder depositing honey into your machine. It's economics at it's finest. Fun fact: The workers never go on strike. They are bees! They love making honey!

Bee Factory is a powerful game in a fun and educational way. It's a great lesson in economics. The game provides hours of lessons in how economics works and you don't even know you're learning about supply and demand while playing it. The game should be used in a school setting where kids can learn about economics and the theory behind higher supply and demand. They also get to play with bees from a safe perspective, which is a nice addition.

https://appblast.online/app/bee-factory https://appblast.online/app/bee-factory Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Bejeweled Classic]]> https://appblast.online/app/bejeweled-classic]]>

Bejeweled was the first ever match-three puzzle game I had ever played on PC. I remember thinking that the puzzles were so interesting and beautiful to look at because of all the jewel tones and bright colors.

Now that I am an adult who doesn't have a ton of time to sit at a PC and play games, I had decided to download Bejeweled Classic to see if it will help keep me entertained while I have downtime or during traveling.

I was overall pleased with the experience, but there were a few things that could be tweaked to make the game even better, in my opinion.

Choose A Mode

I love that in the mobile version of the game you can choose which mode you'd like to play. There are several modes to choose from in Bejeweled Classic, but you won't be able to play them past the first five levels unless you play.

At first, I was really excited to see that I could change up the mode of the game, but I was quickly disheartened when I saw the multiple payments the development team wants for obtaining them. You do not only pay one fee, but you also pay a fee for each and every mode that you wish to play past the fifth level.

I understand that developers need to make a living too, but it seems a bit ridiculous to me that players are expected to pay more than once for content in a single game.

Offline Mode Available

One of the redeeming features of the mobile version of Bejeweled Classic is the ability to play the game offline. I can't stand when I find a match-three game that I really enjoy only to learn that I have to be connected to the internet in order to play the game.

I always look for games that I can play in airplane mode or offline because I travel a few times a year, and those long flights can get rather dull. Offline mode also gives me the opportunity to go off the grid if I don't feel like being interrupted by messages.

Unresponsive Developers

There's nothing I hate more than paying for a game and then having the development team go ghost on me if there are any issues. Although you can download Bejeweled Classic for free, there are several microtransactions in the game where you can purchase modes, boosts, and other items.

For a development team to ask for money from customers repeatedly and then not respond to them if they run into an issue with their product, is just disgraceful to me. If you are expecting your customers to spend money multiple times on a single game, the least you can do for them is answer an email or technical support ticket.

Overall, Bejeweled Classic is a great nostalgic game for those who love match-three puzzles and enjoy the Bejeweled franchise. Just keep in mind that if you decide to unlock the entire game you will be spending a good chunk of change to do so.

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<![CDATA[Best Fiends - Free Puzzle Game]]> https://appblast.online/app/best-fiends-free-puzzle-game]]>

Match-3 games are some of the most popular titles in the play store, and as much as I love the genre, they can become a bit monotonous. Most of the titles out there pertain to crushing candy, blocks, and other bland shapes without much of a story or connection to any characters. Recently, I was on the hunt for something a bit different and came across Best Fiends. Best Fiends changes things up by giving players the opportunity to collect "fiends," which appear to be bug-like creatures that fight on your behalf against evil slugs!

If you love playing matching puzzle games but are tired of the same old content, then head to the play store and download Best Fiends for a refreshing new pastime!

Daily Events

One of the features that drew me to Best Fiends is the daily events that take place in the game. Every day your fiends will have a new foe to take on or a special mission to complete.

Sometimes you will have to collect a specific number of colored pieces, and other times you might need to defeat a special boss. I love the addition of daily events to puzzle games like Best Fiends because they add an entirely new level of playability to the game.

There are many times that I've wanted to play a match-3 game but was stuck on a level that I could not pass. Now that I've downloaded Best Fiends, I can still enjoy solving fresh new puzzles even if I've been stuck on one for a few days.

Character Collection

There are tons of adorable characters to collect in Best Fiends and I couldn't love the idea more. By adding the challenge of collecting various characters, the developers for Best Fiends has presented yet another level of playability to the game.

Not only can you collect a seemingly endless line of characters, but you can also level them up individually to be of better use against the evil slugs! I love that I can still enjoy the satisfying gameplay of a matching puzzle game while also watching my fiendish friends battle it out with vicious slug monsters.

Non-Intrusive Ads

The only thing I despise about the mobile gaming community is how often advertisements are shoved down my throat. I understand that ads are how developers make their money, but sometimes it can become a bit overbearing.

I expected to be bombarded in Best Fiends, as usual with most mobile games, but the interruptions were refreshingly few and far between. It wasn't often that I had to stop the momentum of my gameplay to watch an advertisement, and this only made playing Best Fiends even more enjoyable.

At the end of the day, the team at Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd. have created a breath of fresh air for the mobile gaming community. There is plenty of playability to the game with daily events, character collection and management, and of course, lots of puzzle solving!

Being free to play makes Best Fiends even more enticing to play because it's one of the few that I've found that doesn't bog your experience down with ads. The team clearly cares about the game and the gamers who enjoy playing it, and it shows in the pristine quality of this title.

https://appblast.online/app/best-fiends-free-puzzle-game https://appblast.online/app/best-fiends-free-puzzle-game Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Big Big Baller]]> https://appblast.online/app/big-big-baller]]>

From Supertapx comes Big Big Baller, a fun and addictive game involving you as a ball that gets bigger with everything you crush, but look out...you have enemies. The opposition are other players who have gotten bigger and are on the hunt for your measly little ball. So what do you do? Get rolling! Get bigger!

The Strategy?

The download of Big Big Baller is akin to Paper 2 where you have a vessel and you have to avoid other players, or else it is your doom. The strategy is to basically destroy everything in your path so you can get bigger and destroy your enemies by crushing them. The game is a terrific stress reducer and can easily be mastered within a few plays. However, there are levels where you can increase your strength and speed. But beware, your enemies are bigger and faster as well. They are not immune to the change of levels, nor the increase in power.

Graphics and Feel

If you were to take the basic graphics of Paper and put it on a street-scape, you would have Big Big Baller. The graphics are basic, but fun enough to not be boring. After all, you don't really need important or intense graphics for a game of this nature. You just need your ball and lots of objects in front of it. I imagine the large ball of stone from Raiders of the Lost Ark in the world of Grand Theft Auto, with the ball being both the protagonist and the nemesis of all who oppose it.

Global Play

You are rolling against players across the globe. This makes it somewhat difficult because a lot of players have had ample time to play and thus, hone their skills and have become dangerous with the playing. The fact you are playing on a global scale is pretty interesting as you can imagine as it is fun to play against people from all over the world. The same concept exists in Paper 2. The balls have the player's handle, identifying who they are when they crush you.

First Step...Consume Everything

The game is simple but there is one strategic point: Eat Everything. Make moves quickly, absorbing all around you to become the biggest ball in the fastest amount of time. This will make you formidable across all fronts and eventually you will see your enemies running from you since your ball is gigantic compared to their little ball. This is how you become a Big Big Baller.


Overall, the game has its merits. It is fun to play and a great time monster. The game is simple so don't look for much of a challenge here. It's just a basic, fun game that consumes time. You can set a challenge for yourself to see how many balls you can consume in the short amount of time, and then try to beat your goal. The graphics are pretty simple as well, but with games like this you're not really looking for great graphics.

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<![CDATA[Big Fish Casino – Play Slots & Vegas Games]]> https://appblast.online/app/big-fish-casino-play-slots-vegas-games]]>

Big Fish Games has finally created the perfect platform for people who love playing casino-style slot games on their phone but miss the hustle and bustle of the social experience that comes with visiting an actual casino. You don't have to pour your hard earned money into a slot machine to have a good time spinning the reels. Simply head to the play store on your device to download Big Fish Casino and start using your hefty sign-up bonus to test your luck on the slots.

Many of the casino-style games in the play store miss the mark on the true experience of visiting a casino by focusing too much of their efforts on weaseling money out of their players. Big Fish Casino, however, delivers a perfectly well-rounded slot machine experience complete with all of the socializing you could hope for.

Arcade Style Graphics

One of the things I find most refreshing about Big Fish Casino is that the app uses advanced arcade graphics rather than the over-the-top 3D cinematics players might be used to.

I find it refreshing that the developers kept the graphics relatively simple so that each reel can be appreciated for what it is instead of muddying up my screen with too much glitz and glam.

I truly believe that the simplicity of the animations in Big Fish Casino helps to promote a more relaxed environment for players which only makes the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Rewarding Gameplay

Big Fish Casino is also breaking the typical mobile slot machine mold by creating a rewarding atmosphere for players to enjoy. Instead of bombarding players with constant requests for their money, the developers at Big Fish Games hand out 100,000 free chips just for downloading Big Fish Casino and you can also collect bonus chips once a day, every day and on an hourly basis when you have the game up and running.

It's so delightful to finally have a casino game to play that isn't constantly hounding me to put money into the in-game store. I understand that developers of free-to-play games have to make a living too, but it's nice to have a break from the desperation!

A Social Experience

As a gamer who has spent most of their adult gaming hours clocked in on various MMORPGs, it's important for me to have a solid social platform when playing any title, whether it be on my phone, PC or a console.

In Big Fish Casino, not only do you have the opportunity to invite your friends from various social media platforms, but you can also create a dapper or dazzling avatar to represent you in the game! The developers have even gone so far as to include a way to send free drinks and snacks to another table of socializing avatars.

It's fascinating to me that it has taken so long for someone to create a true social atmosphere in a game that should have been promoting it from the start.

Heading out for a night on the town is very much a social event, and Big Fish Casino has nailed the atmosphere of a night at the casino very well. The game doesn't push the envelope too far on the in-game advertisements, although the option is there for any players who wish to put a little bit extra into their experience.

My only word of caution on downloading games like Big Fish Casino is that with every kind, friendly face you meet, there are also dastardly people who only have negative things to say. With that said, keep in mind that Big Fish Casino is meant for mature adults only and should not be played by kids.

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<![CDATA[BIGO LIVE - Live Stream, Live Video & Live Chat]]> https://appblast.online/app/bigo-live-live-stream-live-video-live-chat]]>

Now that nearly everybody has a smartphone in their hands, it's easier than ever to put yourself out there and display your talents for the world. There are many unique platforms in which to upload your content, but not every app will allow you to connect to people on a global scale.

BIGO Live connects users from over 150 countries, so you know that your voice is going to be heard far and wide! I'm always excited when I get to interact with people from other cultures because I feel as though I get to travel the world vicariously through them.

If you have content that you want to share with the world, no matter if it's singing or competitive eating, then you must download BIGO Live to join one of the farthest-reaching voices in the mobile streaming industry.

Intimate Discussion or Party Chat

One of the things I found most appealing about BIGO Live is the fact that I can choose how many people I want to interact with at one time. Some days I am feeling more confident than others, so it's nice to be able to slow things down and choose a one on one conversation, rather than putting myself out there for a larger group of people. On the days that I am up for a crowd, BIGO Live allows me to invite up to nine people to join in on the discussion.

Automatic Beauty Filter

Let's face it, we all have those days where we don't feel as ready for the camera as we might like. Thankfully, the developers of BIGO Live have implemented an automatic beauty filter that will instantly improve the look of anyone on camera.

So, on the days when you're feeling a bit self-conscious about your skin, or you just don't feel as presentable as you usually do, just remember that BIGO Live has your back and all the viewers see is glam!

Random Matches

I typically use BIGO Live to connect with people I already know or people who share a mutual friend. However, if you are bolder than I and wish to broaden your horizons you can choose to have the app randomly choose another BIGO Live user who is either close to your location, or from a distant land!

Keep in mind, however, that not everyone you meet online is going to be friendly and hold tasteful conversations. In fact, more often than not you will probably encounter a creep or two that instantly shows up on the screen in some lewd manner; It's for this reason that you should keep an eye on the apps your kids are using.

BIGO Live is one of my favorite apps to use when I'm connecting with family from out of state and friends from my hometown. On the rare occasion that I do step out of my comfort zone to interact with people I don't know, I typically encounter lovely people with interesting stories to tell. However, there have been several other times when I've fallen victim to a flash or two.

I would recommend using this app in a private setting, just in case something inappropriate pops up on your screen around more delicate company. If you are comfortable with a bit of risque content, then you will probably really enjoy the experience on BIGO Live.

If you're ready to meet intriguing, exotic people from all over the globe, then head to the play store on your mobile device to download BIGO Live and start chatting with new friends right away!

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<![CDATA[Billionaire Casino™ Slots 777 - Free Vegas Games]]> https://appblast.online/app/billionaire-casino-slots-777-free-vegas-games]]>

There are so many different Casino games in the mobile gaming market now that it can be sometimes difficult to pick out the best ones. Most of the apps I find in the play store under the casino genre only have slot games to play and casinos are so much more than just slot machines.

I've only been to a casino a couple of times, but I've always enjoyed the sense of grandeur and thrill I get from visiting one.

As fun as it was to visit a casino the few times I did, it's still not worth it to me to dip into my wallet just to play a game that I more than likely won't win. So, I recently downloaded Billionaire Casino from the play store to see if it truly gave the casino experience it promised too.

More Than Slots

I have tried several of the casino apps in the mobile gaming market, and most of them only give you slot machines to play. Billionaire Casino, however, offers over 100 slot machines as well as several table games you would find in an actual casino.

Try your luck playing baccarat, poker, roulette, blackjack, and so much more when you download Billionaire Casino onto your phone or tablet. Because you can download the game for free, its almost as if you are getting multiple games in one without having to spend a dime!

Multiple Opportunities for Bonuses

Typically, when you start playing any game that requires coins, lives, or spins to take a turn, the developers will shell out a massive payout to get you started.

Billionaire Casino takes this idea one step further by including multiple bonuses that players can collect at various times of the day. There is even a free coin bonus that pays out to all players every fifteen minutes.

It's definitely a breath of fresh air to have found a casino app that offers plenty of playing options without constantly requesting money from me.

Visually Stimulating

If you've ever played one of the many casino games out there, then you are probably familiar with how the animations of the reels generally work. Many of the titles in the play store go a bit over the top when it comes to their graphics, but Billionaire Casino keeps their animations and graphics clean and easily readable.

Because there are so many playing options in Billionaire Casino there are many more themes and color options to enjoy. Most of the time when you're spinning the reels of a mobile slot machine the images become monotonous and expected, so it's nice to see that the developers gave us loads of stimulating graphics to enjoy!

Overall, I would recommend Billionaire Casino to any individual who enjoys playing free slot games without the developers hassling you for money. The addition of casino table games also gives Billionaire Casino a level of playability that just isn't there in the other casino games I've played.

One of my only concerns with this game is that you can't always rely on the bonuses to keep you playing. Although there are tons of ways to get free spins and coins in Billionaire Casino, it still seems as though the reels tighten up after you burn through your initial bonuses.

Though you can purchase more coins in the in-game store, as soon as you start pouring your hard-earned dollars into the game, the reels seem to tighten up even more. So, if you want to avoid the frustration of losing money in a virtual casino that you won't win any real money from anyway, you might want to avoid spending money in the game.

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<![CDATA[Bingo Bash: Online Slots & Bingo Games Free By GSN]]> https://appblast.online/app/bingo-bash-online-slots-bingo-games-free-by-gsn]]>

I have a lot of fond memories of sitting around a table with my family as we played bingo during balmy summer evenings at the community firehouse. We didn't often win anything but it was always exciting to get out there and try our luck with the rest of our neighbors.

Now that I'm older and technology has allowed me to enjoy the game from the comfort of my air-conditioned home, I would much rather play Bingo Bash on my phone than sit in a gymnasium of strangers with leaky dobbers.

If you have an affinity for bingo but don't enjoy the social setting as much as others, then head to the play store and download Bingo Bash to get in on the fun.

Playful Graphics

At the beginning of any search for a new game, I always start off by checking out the quality level of the graphics. Showing off your animation and design skills are the first two steps to catching any players attention, and the team at Bingo Bash more than succeeds in capturing attention in the play store.

If you have ever played at a bingo hall, then I'm sure you're already aware of how boring some of the cards can look. When you start playing

Bingo Bash, you'll have the opportunity to choose from several unique styles of bingo cards which only makes the game more entertaining, in my opinion.

Fair Win Ratio

If there's one common denominator found in any of the simulated gambling apps in the play store, it's the ridiculously low rate in which players actually win. You must remember, however, that any game of chance is going to require a certain level of luck, but there are ways for the developers to tweak the game so that the ratio levels out a bit.

Luckily, the team at GSN Games has finally developed a game that will actually let players win once in a while. There are tons of ways to get bonuses in the game which only helps to give players a feeling of progression in an otherwise monotonous game.

Development Team Eager To Improve

It's fairly typical in this day and age to find snarky or even negligent developers who ignore customer complaints after the success of an app. I expected much of the same from Bingo Bash if there should be any problems, but I was quickly proven wrong when I noticed how quickly the developers respond to questions, comments, and suggestions in the play store.

If you are tired of losing money to mobile developers who take your hard earned cash and then neglect to fix issues with the app you paid for, then why not play Bingo Bash and start supporting a developer that actually cares about their players.

I love that the development team for Bingo Bash gave players more options than just playing bingo cards. You can also choose from several different 777-style slot machines and even spin a Wheel of Fortune inspired wheel to win massive prizes.

There are some who would say that Bingo Bash doesn't offer long enough play time to really sink into the game, but I find the match durations to be right on point. Even though you run out of coins quickly, there are plenty of ways in the app for players to earn more coins, so it's all about how you interact with the game as a whole.

If you enjoy playing bingo but don't want to spend real money to play the game, then head to the play store on your device to download Bingo Bash to start filling up cards!

https://appblast.online/app/bingo-bash-online-slots-bingo-games-free-by-gsn https://appblast.online/app/bingo-bash-online-slots-bingo-games-free-by-gsn Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games]]> https://appblast.online/app/bingo-blitz-bingo-games]]>

I used to love going to the bingo hall on Saturday evenings with my mother when I was little, my favorite part about playing was smashing the daubs onto the cards every time I heard my numbers called!

Nowadays, it's not as easy to enjoy the little things like enjoying a small town bingo hall event, but that doesn't mean I enjoy the game any less. Thanks to the mobile gaming market, I can once again enjoy an exciting game of bingo, except this time it's on the screen of my phone or tablet! Bingo Blitz caught my attention in the play store because of the family-friendly feel I got from the game. Some apps are so focused on hounding players for money or enticing them with lewd images that the true innocence and fun of the game are lost. Luckily, the developers of Bingo Blitz kept the heart of the game intact and left out all the distractions of typical gambling games.

Adorable Characters

I think what drew my attention to the game initially were the adorable characters that play alongside you in Bingo Blitz. There are cats, mice, and other endearing critters that pop up from time to time, which I feel is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other apps I've tried.

The team behind Bingo Blitz stay true to a cartoon-like aesthetic with playful backgrounds and well animated Bingo wins. If you enjoy playing Bingo and have been looking for a wholesome game to pore some time into, then head to the play store and download Bingo Blitz to test your luck.

Lots of Options

I honestly didn't expect there to be so many options as far as themes for games in Bingo Blitz. I assumed that cards might have special animations or color schemes, but never did I imagine that Bingo Blitz would offer just over 100 choices for bingo room themes.

I love that each room offers different characters and background animations to accompany the theme of the cards, this attention to detail is not only entertaining, but it gives the game a whole new element of playability as well.

Too Many Cooks

Bingo Blitz has been a beloved mobile game for many years, but ever since Guy Fieri, the infamous Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives star, and chef, attached himself to the app it seems to be slowly going downhill.

Celebrities seem to want to latch onto other projects to keep themselves in the game, and unfortunately, that's what Guy has done with Bingo Blitz. After nearly every update since the Guy Fieri mini-game has been added to the title, there are consistent crashes, and updates that force players to spend their real money if they want to progress in the game.

Something that was meant to give players a nostalgic play experience has turned into a war of the wallets, and it has the potential to ruin a really great game.

One of the biggest problems that will need to be reworked is the tight win system placed by the development team. They say the game is all by chance and that there is no special algorithm for winning, but it seems awfully strange that after a certain celebrity latches on to the title that wins seem to occur less and less.

Unfortunately, this breakage in the system means that fewer wins for players mean fewer points to continue playing, which only puts on the pressure to spend money in the in-game shop. If you don't mind slower progression, however, then Bingo Blitz just might be the bingo experience you've been looking for.

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<![CDATA[Bitmoji – your personal emoji]]> https://appblast.online/app/bitmoji-your-personal-emoji]]>

Emojis have been a staple in modern conversation since texting became the most popular way to contact the people in our lives. I've always been a big fan of using emojis when texting back and forth with friends and loved ones, but I've always wanted a more personalized experience from the animations.

Now that I've downloaded Bitmoji on my phone, I can create emoji avatars that look just like me! Not only do I get to personalize my chat experience, but now I can include my bitmojis in countless stickers, gifs, and even change the way my avatar looks from season to season.

If you are looking for a more personalized chat experience with an emoji that captures your style perfectly, then make sure to get Bitmoji from the play store and surprise your friends!

Compatible With Snapchat & Other Apps

One of the most interesting features I found in Bitmoji was the friendmojis that you can unlock when you use Snapchat with your friends. A friendmoji is a bitmoji that includes both your avatar and the avatar of the friend you are currently talking too.

Not only can you use friendmojis in Snapchat, but you can also use your personalized Bitmoji avatars and stickers in any of the most popular social media applications today. That means you can show off your avatar on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and many other popular apps.

Buy Personalized Items

If you can't get enough of your Bitmoji, then head to the in-game store in the app to find your personal avatar displayed on countless items. You can purchase T-shirts, hats, mouse pads, tumblers, and so many more personalizable items.

I couldn't help but purchase myself a few silly items, and even created a Bitmoji for my mom so that I could send her a few items as well. It might seem like a silly thing to add to a social app, but I love having the option to create silly gifts to purchase for myself or others that has an animated likeness of myself on it. Who wouldn't love to drink out of a coffee mug every morning that has an avatar of themselves on it?

Need More Style Options

My only real complaint with Bitmoji is that there aren't enough hair or clothing options to truly personalize the avatars. There are so many different styles out there that you would think the developers would include a little bit of all of them, however, all I could find were clothing styles that I would never wear.

The hairstyles seem to be categorized by race in the app, so a lot of times, the hairstyles I find that would fit my real life appearance are locked under a different skin tone.

Overall, I love the whole concept of the app; having the ability to create an animated version of yourself to include in fun greetings and conversations has been a wish of many people for a long time, so it's nice to finally have the option.

The one thing the developers could include to make the app even more enjoyable for users would be a creative outlet for making your own stickers. All of the Bitmoji stickers in the app are pre-made, but if there was a way that users could mix and match pictures to create their own stickers, that would make Bitmoji even more exciting to use.

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<![CDATA[Bloons TD 5]]> https://appblast.online/app/bloons-td-5]]>

I love playing tower defense games, especially now that you can find them in the Google play store; but, some of them are so dark and violent that it ends up feeling a lot more serious than just enjoying a bit of fun in a game.

Recently, I have found I would much rather play a game with bright colors, fun characters, and exciting music than a dark, dingy, dungeon crawler.

I discovered Bloons TD 5 while browsing for something new, and couldn't help but download the game to see what it was all about.

I couldn't be happier with the decision to download Bloons TD 5 onto my phone as it has replaced my favorite mobile game, at least for now. The characters are adorable, the graphics are bright and engaging, and the controls are simple to master.

Family Friendly Tower Defense

My favorite aspect of the game is that the developers took a favorite gaming genre and spun it so the entire family could enjoy playing, without parents fearing the presence of inappropriate content.

The noble defenders in this tower defense title are all adorable little monkeys who work tirelessly to save their beloved village from the attacking...balloons?

Yes! At the start of the game, you will have to place your monkeys and their various towers wisely to not allow any menacing balloons through your village. Listen to the popping and snapping of the balloons as the towers shoot them down, and make sure to annihilate every colorful sphere in your path!

Beat Levels To Open All Features

I love that you have to play the game to enjoy the whole game. Some players feel that if you purchase a game, you should receive it with everything unlocked and ready to play.

I disagree as I think it's far more enjoyable to have something to strive for when starting a new game. Just because I spent real money to download a game doesn't mean I want the developers to nerf everything so that I can beat it in one day.

I've always loved the work required to conquer a decent gaming title so I can appreciate that the team at Ninja Kiwi makes you work for it, without making things too complicated, of course.

Change The Difficulty

Although you might think that Bloons TD 5 is just for kids because of the monkeys, balloons, and colorful environments, but you can always amp up the difficulty to give yourself a bit of a challenge.

In the same respect, you can also make the game even more straightforward so that the younger members of your family don't become frustrated with losing. Although I must say, the controls are straightforward as all you have to do is tap the screen to place your towers, monkeys, and to attack, so it's effortless for young kids to pick up and play.

When you download Bloons TD 5, it's like you're getting the most popular family-friendly tower defense game of all time. There's no lewd outfits, no violent content, and the graphics progress from small, helium-filled balloons to massive Zeppelin-style war machines.

I would recommend getting this game for any of you who enjoy a simple but exciting game, but who also have kids in the house who like to play games on your phone.

Keep in mind, there is a co-op feature in the game which will allow you to invite friends to a match to see who can take out the other first. So, make sure to tell your friends about Bloons TD 5 and encourage them for a fun-loving game of Bloons TD 5.

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<![CDATA[Bloons TD 6]]> https://appblast.online/app/bloons-td-6]]>

Tower defense titles are among some of the most popular strategic games available throughout the industry, but I never thought I would see one as good as Bloons TD 6 for the small screen! I'm also pretty sure the TD stands for total destruction as there is no way my enemies stand a chance against my fleet of monkeys and their formidable towers.

Bloons TD 6 is the latest installment in Ninja Kiwi's arsenal of tower defense games, but if you are used to playing, say, Bloons TD 5, then you're in for a few surprises when you download Bloons TD 6 on your smartphone or tablet.

Family Friendly Tower Defense

Typically, when you find a tower defense game, regardless of what platform it's featured on, it is usually a much darker, intense experience than the fun-loving monkeys and bright colors of Bloons TD 6. That is probably why I love playing this game so much; at times it can get a bit old playing through games with so much violence, blood, gore, and sexuality, that all you want to do is play a simple, straightforward, PG game.

Luckily, when you download Bloons TD 6, that is precisely what you're getting; a family-friendly game that is brightly colored and exciting for anyone in the family to play.

Plenty Of Map Options

As much as I love a good tower defense game, nothing is duller than having to reencounter the same enemies on the same map over and over again.

The development team for Bloons TD 6 definitely amped up the game by giving us twenty map options in which to play, and plenty of unique monkeys and towers to place around the map for an unstoppable defense system.

Because there are so many different maps, monkey soldiers, and towers to choose from, you can easily enjoy hours of gameplay on Bloons TD 6 without feeling bored or unchallenged.

Extensive, Yet Simple Upgrade System

If you think that the game doesn't sound like it could possibly get any better, just wait till you hear about the massive library of over 100 meta-upgrade options for your towers and monkeys.

Where many games have complicated systems set up to upgrade characters and weaponry, Bloons TD 6 keeps things simple by ditching the complicated jumbled mazes of upgrades for a much simpler path from one to the next in three different categories.

Each of the three paths offers different features and benefits to the characters or items in which they are added, but you can only choose one path per character; so choose wisely!

I think what I love the most about Bloons TD 6 is the "enemies" you fight against. The lower levels start off with regular, birthday party-type balloons galavanting through the streets of your monkey's village, and you have to make sure to pop them all as they pass. As the game progresses though, those tiny little rubber balls of air turn into large, formidable fleets of blimps!

The biggest let down for me with Bloons TD 6 is that there is no option to play against another person, so you're stuck playing against the computer at all times.

Although this is not the worst thing in the world for a game, it is sort of disheartening that my husband and I couldn't challenge each other to see who has the better strategy at winning the game.

Overall, I would definitely recommend playing Bloons TD 6 if you are looking for an exciting game that's filled to the brim with nothing but wholesome fun and challenges; not to mention it's easy enough for the kids to play!

https://appblast.online/app/bloons-td-6 https://appblast.online/app/bloons-td-6 Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Bouncemasters!]]> https://appblast.online/app/bouncemasters]]>

When you download Bouncemasters, you are entering a world of little penguins trying to impress their best friend the ice bear by soaring through the air as far as they can. And by bouncing on sleeping, fat seals to go even further.

Angry Birds Concept

Imagine playing Angry Birds but in lieu of a sling shot, there's a large bird with a baseball bat that knocks your character into the stratosphere and then continues to move toward the love of its' life by bouncing on different shaped seals and the occasional fire bomb. It's a great game that doesn't require much skill, outside of timing which you will need to get a good blast from the start of the game.

Fun and Addictive

The game, while not holding much steam, is very fun and addicting. This is a terrific time monster. You can play it between classes, waiting on a bus, really any event that calls for you to have to wait. It's important to note the game does start off with an offer for a subscription for the "diamond" level, so be wary of this tactic as it can make you fall into a membership subscription you may not want.

Graphics and Feel

The game is similar to Angry Birds in terms of colorful, cartoon-like graphics. The graphics are very simple and necessary for this kind of game. The feel of the game is in it's fun and addictive play ability. This is where the game can really overtake you in it's lure. It's an incredibly fun game, but a definite time consumer. You really aren't aware of how much time is passing until after you play it. In games like these, you don't really base your decisions on the graphics. The game sucks you in so fast that the graphics don't matter. It's all about the playing.

A Great Game

It's the playing that makes the download of Bouncemasters worthwhile. It is simply a great game to play while cutting away the time. Bouncemasters reminds me of the games at a restaurant one would play to make time while waiting on a server or an order. It grabs you and pulls you in, and won't let you go without a fight. I suppose it's a good thing for all games to have this kind of lure for people. Otherwise, they wouldn't make it very far. Bouncemasters is definitely a good game worth checking out, but it's not the best out there. It might be the most addictive, but the overall play is weak if you are looking for a game that involves real strategy.


Bouncemasters is a great time monster game. It serves its purpose by trapping you and not letting you go after at least four or five rounds. Games like this are important because they are short, mindless little ventures that make up for lost time while waiting on a bus or between classes. Games like this are good stress reducers as well, because- hey you are hitting a penguin with a baseball bat. Prepare for heavy ad usage throughout the game. The game is fun to play, but not a challenge.

https://appblast.online/app/bouncemasters https://appblast.online/app/bouncemasters Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Bricks n Balls]]> https://appblast.online/app/bricks-n-balls]]>

There are times after a long day of work or on a rainy weekend that you might want to just sit back on the couch and play a game on your phone or tablet. Some of the best apps you can find to entertain you on those dull, dreary afternoons are the ones offering easy enough gameplay to not discourage you, but challenging enough to hold your attention for a while.

One of the best games we could find that fit this description is Bricks N Balls. The gameplay and controls involved are all very straightforward and easy to maneuver, so you don't have to worry about any real stressful missions or tasks.

Addictive Gameplay Keeps You Coming Back For More!

One of the most deceiving aspects of Bricks N Balls is how the game board is set up. When you start off, there are only a few bricks in which to pummel with the handful of balls you have at the beginning of the match.

As you move on, however, the number of bricks and balls both increase, but the blocks you have not yet smashed continue to move down toward the bottom of the board after each move.

If you let any of the bricks touch the bottom, you're out of luck and must start from the beginning.

Although it might seem the game is rather simple, the actual gameplay is so fun, and every time it ends you eagerly find yourself wanting to press the try again button! If you are ready to see how high you can get your score, then head to the app store on your device and download Bricks N Balls to start playing!

Use Power-Ups To Stay In The Game

There is nothing more panic-inducing than knowing if you don't clear the bricks on the bottom of the board you will have to start from scratch. If you do end up finding yourself in a situation where you only have one chance to destroy a few bricks toward the bottom but no good angles to make it happen, then you can use a variety of power-ups which will get you out of a bind.

As with any game with upgrades or powerups, you'll earn a sort of currency which you may use in the in-game shop to purchase the upgrades you need to keep the game going.

Without these power-ups and items which help you progress in the game, there is no telling how long it might take to reach higher levels and more difficult game boards.

No Internet Required

Probably our favorite feature of Bricks N Balls is that you don't need a Wi-fi connection to enjoy playing. So many times we find ourselves in situations where playing an app on our phone sounds appealing, but the environment we find ourselves in does not offer a connection to Wi-fi.

There's nothing more frustrating than having something on your device you cannot use when you want to use it. That's why having a game on your phone or tablet like Bricks N Balls is so essential.

When you download Bricks N Balls, you will never have to worry about being in another situation where you have nothing on your phone to occupy yourself because of lack of internet connection.

This is indeed one of the most addictive games we've played from the app store in a long time, and the addition of it being free-to-play, no Wi-fi necessary to perform makes it even better!

The only thing we can suggest to make the game that much better would be to find a different location on the game board for the power-up indicators. Because they are close to the bottom, it's easy to accidentally select them, and then you've wasted a precious resource!

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King Games has come out with countless mobile treasures for gamers to enjoy, but recently I discovered the third installment in their infamous Bubble Witch series.

I always enjoyed how the puzzles felt more like a story between two characters. As you zap bubbles with Stella the witch, you will have the opportunity to meet several other whimsical creatures as you progress through the story.

Typically, matching puzzle games are chock full of challenging puzzles and a few entertaining characters, but most of them don't offer much more than that. Luckily, King has broken the monotonous mold by including other gameplay features to give players a break from doing matching puzzles without having to leave the game.

Adorable Characters

Match-3 puzzle games almost never have much of a storyline, let alone characters in which to develop a connection. However, when you download Bubble Witch 3 Saga, there will be several opportunities to play with, and against other characters and creatures.

One of my favorite puzzle modes is the one which enrolls players in the task of completing a puzzle to release the trapped ghosts! There is a similar mode which places different items and animals inside bubbles; once the bubble has been popped, the item or creature is free once again!

Making A House A Home

I've noticed a recent shift in matching puzzle games where developers are starting to implement other game modes into their titles. When I downloaded Bubble Witch 3 Saga, I was curious to see what surprises King had up their sleeves, and I was pleasantly surprised with the extra content they implemented into the game.

I've seen design elements in matching games before, but the developers at King have added an entirely new story component to the game which allows you to help Stella to redecorate and furnish her home. It seems the more that companies push out new matching puzzle titles, the more often you find surprising gaming elements mixed in with the genre.

I love the idea of having another gaming opportunity when playing Bubble Witch 3 Saga. At times, playing puzzles can become too monotonous, so I enjoy having another element to the game to spice things up when I'm feeling bored.

Pay To Break The Bank

If you play any mobile games, then you already know that most of the time you are completing challenges or daily tasks to earn coins, boosts, or some other form of in-game currency.

Typically, if a game promises a reward for completing a task, your character will take possession of that reward once the task is completed. However, when you finish quests and level in Bubble Witch 3 Saga, you will have to pay real money to unlock the piggy bank that all of your goodies are stashed in.

Now, I would much rather see these items in an in-game store for real money, or given away freely as a reward for completing missions and tasks rather than having to do both.

Overall, Bubble Witch 3 Saga has gotten me through a lot of dull afternoons and evenings and even helps me to drift off to sleep at night if I'm having a bad insomnia episode. The graphics are bright and whimsical and sure to keep your kids entertained if you are looking for a game that they can play on your phone or tablet.

The only problem I can see holding Bubble Witch 3 Saga back is not allowing players to openly attain their hard-earned rewards. If the developers tweak the bonus system to give out prizes and rewards like most other games, then Bubble Witch 3 Saga just might become my new favorite!

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<![CDATA[Bully: Anniversary Edition]]> https://appblast.online/app/bully-anniversary-edition]]>

Rockstar Games has launched some of the most unique, hilariously tongue-in-cheek games that I have ever played. I remember one of the first games I played by Rockstar was the original Grand Theft Auto, and after that initial experience, I was a fan for life.

I also remember reliving the fantastic days of high school in Bully when it first launched for console years ago. Now that they have brought the game to the mobile market, I can enjoy standing up to bullies, playing pranks on teachers, and much more no matter where I decide to play.

When I downloaded the Bully App to my phone, I wasn't sure how well the graphics and controls were going to transfer, but the game is just as stunning and straightforward as I remember.

Immersive Graphics

If you've ever played a Rockstar game on console or PC, then you know just how detailed the development team gets when they design each game. The graphics are so realistic, in fact, that you will almost certainly feel as though you are actually dealing with a day of high school bullies and crazy teachers.

I noticed that the physics of the game were spot on as well; when playing basketball, football, or any of the other sports in the game Jimmy and the rest of the students will move exactly as they would if they were actually playing. Even though it is expected to have spot-on physics with a game as extensive as Bully, there are some development teams that just never get it right.

Standing Up To Bullies

I was always the shy kid in school that didn't speak up for myself, so naturally, I was a target for some bullying. Though I never went through anything traumatic or terrible, it still feels good to take retribution on the bullies in the game.

There are several ways you can do this, either literally pick a fight with them in the schoolyard, take them down in a boxing ring, or play a prank on them in front of the whole class.

Even though violence and stooping to a bullies level is never the way you want to go, it still feels good to defend the students in the game as Jimmy Hopkins.

Not For Kids

Yes, this game takes place in a high school, but I still wouldn't recommend downloading Bully App for your children if they are still in school.

There are a lot of undertones in the game that are not suitable for children, and it's definetly a game just for grown ups, even though it's situated in a school.

So, if you are parent thinking about getting this game for your kids, I would definitely look for a game more suitable.

The Bully App is such a fun way to kill time on my phone; I get to enjoy all the great graphics and craftsmanship of a top-rated Rockstar game while avenging that bullied little girl deep inside.

If you have an affinity for the wit and humor that comes with the Rockstar gaming franchise, then you absolutely have to try the Bully App for your smartphone or tablet.

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There are tons of apps out there that allow us to connect to people we would never meet if the technology didn't exist. However, most of those apps are designed to hook you up with people that are only looking for a date or a one night stand.

I had been looking for an app that would not only allow me to interact with people on a flirtatious level but would also provide an opportunity to network with peers in my field and meet new people on a platonic level.

When I heard about all the different ways you can meet people through Bumble, I knew I wanted to give the app a try. So, if you have been looking for one social app that will allow you to find a date, a friend, and new clients or business connections, then Bumble just might be the app for you.

Set Filters

One of my favorite things about Bumble is the filters that unlock as you put more details in your user profile. For example, if you're looking for a long-term commitment with someone special, why would you want someone that is only looking for a good time sliding into your DMs?

If you download Bumble, you get to set the limitations on who can and cannot contact you as well as choose which information you want to disclose about yourself.

Too Many Stale Profiles

My biggest disappointment in the app was probably how many stale or unused profiles there are in Bumble. After days of trying to find someone new to hang out with in my area, I could only find profiles of individuals who haven't used the app in an extensive period of time.

It would be my suggestion to the developers that any profiles that have not been actively signed in for over six months be removed completely from the app. It's just discouraging to users when they think they've found someone special only to find out that there is no way to contact them because the user no longer logs in to their account.

Not Enough Coverage

I assumed that an app like Bumble, which allows people to customize their social experience to filter out the unwanted callers, would have a widespread following but I was sadly mistaken.

It seemed that every time I tried to use Bumble to make a connection, all I could find was dead profiles and users who live so far away there is no feasible way of meeting them.

As far as social apps go, I would say that Bumble has a lot of potential, but it seems that the people who have tried using the app in the past grew impatient with waiting for other people to jump on board with the app.

At the end of the day, if more people started using the service, Bumble might actually transform the way we connect with the people around us. Not only would you be able to find a date for Friday night, but you'll also be able to make important business connections when searching for people to network with.

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On those tough days when you need something to make you laugh, having the right app on your phone can make all the difference with your mood. Recently, I took to the Google play store to find something to brighten those less than exciting days at work, or just something to give me humorous content to take in while I wait for something more amusing to come along.

Although you could just as easily head to Youtube to take in all of your video content, there are plenty of apps out there that offer a unique experience and may show you content you haven't seen yet.

From the description of the app, it sounded like I would get all this and more if I downloaded BuzzVideo, so I decided to give the app a try.

Unique Content

One of the first things I noticed about BuzzVideo was the plethora of unique content compared to the regurgitated nonsense I usually find on video streaming services. It was refreshing to see a whole new library of videos; everything from cute animal videos, to hilarious family-fail videos, and even heartfelt tear-jerking stories are found on BuzzVideo.

I am definitely happy to have found a new app that shows content I've never seen before, however, there is an issue with inappropriate content that sneaks onto the app, and I could do without that for sure. I suppose the risk of using a streaming service that is not as mainstream as YouTube is potentially seeing content that you might not want to see. Because of this, I would caution any parents who might want to download this for their kids to watch videos.

Comments Section Not For The Faint Of Heart

As one might expect from any media app, there is a healthy amount of activity on the comments sections for the content on BuzzVideo. Unfortunately, you can't expect to scroll through any comment section nowadays without running into a troll or two, or a political activist of some kind, or even racists and bigots.

Scrolling through the comments is a bad habit we all have, let's be honest with each other. However, reading all the hate, racism, and negativity that is laced within every comment on BuzzVideo is almost nauseating. I understand it's difficult to sensor millions of people, but there must be something the developers can do to tone down all the hate on their forums. After all, there are plenty of other comments they take down, so why not the racist and hateful ones?

Pop-Up Events

Possibly one of the most redeeming factors of the app, after reading all the hate in the comments section, is the random pop-up events that take place on BuzzVideo. The app calls them community activities, but essentially they post random invitations for users to post personal content to the app. Whether it's a video setting off fireworks on the 4th of July, or a scary prank for Halloween, you can expect to see plenty of fun activities to take part in if you use BuzzVideo.

BuzzVideo definitely has its ups and downs, but I appreciate the fact that the developers go out of their way to include unique content from all the other streaming services out there. I only wish they would use the same diligence with monitoring their community forums. If they can take down political opinion comments, they can most certainly remove the ones that bully other users or use hateful speech toward people for any reason.

Overall, I would recommend this app to anyone who spends a lot of time scrolling through videos to entertain themselves, perhaps just steer clear of the comments section!

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When I'm looking for an authentic Sin City experience without having to reach into my pockets for vacation money, I look for games like the ones Playtika develops for the mobile play store.

Playtika has developed several impressive Las Vegas-inspired games like Slotomania, and my recent favorite, Caesars Slots. Each one of the titles created by Playtika offers stunning graphics that will make you feel as though you are actually sitting in front of the reels at one of the famous casinos on the strip!

If you are tired of those other casino apps falling flat of the exciting experience they seem to boast about, then head to the play store on your mobile device to download Caesars Slots to start spinning!

More Than Coins & Jackpots

Although the standard goal in any slot game is to spin the reels until you hit a juicy combo, Caesars Slots has a few extra symbols that players will have to look out for when testing their luck on the machines.

You will, of course, be able to spin for your coins, but on top of keeping an eye out for the big jackpot, players must also collect 12 props for an upcoming stage show that have gone missing. As if having to search for props for the show wasn't enough, some of your actors are missing as well; make sure to keep an eye out for the missing items and characters when you test your luck on the reels in Caesars Slots.

Many Styles To Choose From

If I could choose only one thing to talk about when reflecting on my experience playing Caesars Slots, it would be the incredible variety of machines in the game.

I've played many different casino games in my time, and although most of them have a ton of options when picking a slot machine to use, they all seem to offer similar quality to the graphics which in turn makes those other games a bit repetitive.

Luckily, each one of the 150 machines in Caesars Slots will give players a unique visual experience from the reels previously played. Although it might not seem like a big deal to most, I enjoy having several styles of artwork and animation to choose from when spinning the reels on Caesars Slots.

Free Spins & Daily Prize Wheel

When I downloaded Caesars Slots, I expected something similar to the hefty coin bonuses the majority of casino apps give away when customers sign up. Usually, these bonuses can add up to several hundred thousand, or even a few million coins; don't let the high amount fool you, however, because these sizable bonuses can be used up in just a few spins. Luckily, Playtika has changed up the game by giving players 100 free spins rather than a random amount of in-game currency. By giving away spins instead of coins, the developers are ensuring that you will be able to spin the reels long enough to win some money to continue on in the game.

Overall, Caesars Slots is one of the more unique slot experiences I have found in the mobile market. Because you are searching for items for a show as well as collecting actors, there is a different level of playability to the game which is missing in similar apps.

My only complaint with Caesars Slots is that you cannot save your game progress to the cloud; this means that if I ever change devices I will have to start the game from the very beginning. I wouldn't mind this so much if I hadn't spent real dollars in the in-game store. At the end of the day, I would advise to be safe rather than sorry and hang on to your money unless you don't plan on getting a new device anytime soon.

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Call of Duty is of one of the most popular franchises amongst FPS gamers and those who enjoy playing games with a military feel to them. I've always played the titles under the franchise on my console, but never did I think I could play Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies on my phone!

I knew I had to download Call of Duty:Black Ops Zombies when I heard from friends about the impressive graphics and immersive feel to the game. In fact, the first thing I noticed about the game was how the graphics held strong with what I remembered from the console and PC versions of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies.

Horror Meets Tactical Military

I have the utmost respect for anyone who voluntarily joins the military and puts their lives in danger to protect the people of our country, but sadly, I don't have the guts to do so myself! So, every now and then, I like to pick up my controller, or in this case, my phone, and indulge in an immersive military-style battle against my friends. You would be surprised just how immersive military games can be when you've got your headphones on and lose yourself in the heat of the battle, from the safety of your couch, of course.

Now, imagine you're deeply immersed in a war-like environment but your enemies are brain-munching zombies? The impressive graphics and intense soundscapes created for Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies will leave you jumping out of your skin and coming back for more!

Tricky Mechanics

My most significant disappointment with Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies were the fighting mechanics. At times it's necessary to throw a grenade or launch a monkey out of a window, so it's vital that the developers create a system which will reliably tell you where that device is going to land or explode when you launch it.

Unfortunately, I died several times because a grenade or otherwise explosive weapon did not detonate where it was supposed to have, which is very frustrating when you're trying to survive a match with others!

Exclusive Weapons & Tired Maps

I was so excited to see the selection of unique guns and weaponry created especially for Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. There are quite a few that are completely new and fresh to the series and are only available in the mobile version of the game.

Although I was excited to see the newness in artillery, I was disappointed to see the same old maps from the PC version. I enjoy playing these maps, but it would have been nice if the developers had created even one or two new maps to enjoy with this revamp of Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies.

I would say there is always hope for an update, but this version of the game has been around for quite some time, so it's highly unlikely that anything new or different will be added to Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, and I would highly recommend the mobile version to anyone who has spent time playing the other titles in the franchise. For a game that gives you nearly all the content you would find on PC or console while operating on a smartphone, I think it's worth putting up with the repetitive content and lack of newness. After all, they did give us a slew of new weapons to thwart our enemies within the game, and what more could an FPS player want from a mobile game?

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Candy Crush is a staple when it comes to mobile applications. It is a game that has been played by millions on both the mobile application and Facebook. When you download Candy Crush Friends Saga, you are working within a domain that has been played in several times before so people usually know what they are going to get with the game.

The Play and Feel

For those who don't know, Candy Crush presents a matrix board with different pieces of candy. Once you match 3 of the pieces, they line up and create a match which is released from the board. Once candy is released, or crushed, an animal is released as if trapped by the blocks. Candy Crush Friends Saga is an addictive and fun game with tremendous play ability. The feel of the game is the same as the other versions that have previously stormed the mobile application networks.

Not Just a Matching Game

As much as people want to say Candy Crush is a matching game, it's really not. In fact, it involves a great deal of strategy. You have to figure out which pieces can be moved to formulate a match, or the longest match. You may find matches of four or five pieces that can create a big crush.

The Addiction is Real

If there ever was a game you could not put down, it's Candy Crush. The game is suitable for any span of time where you need to wait for class, the train, the bus, a break at work. It is fun and whimsical with bright, beautiful graphics. Candy Crush 4 surpasses the other incantations by being more playful and having an actual story associated with the play.


Candy Crush has surpassed just a regular computer game to something of a cultural phenomenon where it had an actual television game show named after the game, based on the same concept of the game. It is legendary because of how many have played it, and how long it has thrived as a popular game. As one of the first major players in the mobile application game world, Candy Crush has always been the game to play to spend time while having fun. The game can be played by players of any age; there is nothing that forbids a child from playing.

A Game That Teaches

Candy Crush can be used to improve cognitive abilities because it trains you to form strategies to make matches. There is nothing more fun than a game that teaches you while building up training for strategy. You can form patterns in your mind and push forward with those matches, releasing the animals from the crushed candy. This is a good opportunity for users to take a brain exercise, while not realizing their mind is being used for something good. They are learning from playing and I can see how the game could be used to help develop young minds. In conclusion, Candy Crush 4 is an amazingly fun and addictive game with brilliant graphics and play ability.

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<![CDATA[Candy Crush Jelly Saga]]> https://appblast.online/app/candy-crush-jelly-saga]]>

Candy Crush is probably one of the most popular matching puzzle games in the mobile gaming industry, and it's clear to see why when you look at the body of work produced by the development team at King games.

I fell in love with the original title, as most mobile gamers did, but now that there are so many variations of the game, I knew I wanted to give at least one of them a try.

I loved the bright colors and intriguing characters that are included in the Candy Crush Jelly Saga game, so I decided to give that one a shot. The developers have also included new boss fights and character dialogue to the game, which gives it a fresh feel from the original.

Unique Game Modes

One of the things I have always found to be lacking in the matching puzzle industry is some form of storyline or character development. Luckily, the developers at King have finally brought these elements to the Candy Crush Saga by including the Jelly Queen and other creatures that you'll have to conquer before you can continue on the sweet road to success in Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

On top of the addition of special characters, there are also unique game modes to choose from if you need a bit of a break from the typical match-3 monotony. In some modes you will have to be the first to spread jelly across the game board, in others, you might have to defeat mischievous creatures before they beat you!

Defeat Bosses

I never thought I would utter the term boss fight when referencing a matching puzzle game, but Candy Crush Jelly Saga has several foes you will have to face along the long and winding path to victory.

Each boss will have a different requirement you must meet in the puzzle in order to pass them by, but be careful! You only have a certain number of moves you can make before the game puts your lives on cool down.

There is an in-game store to buy more lives, of course, but that is if you don't mind spending your hard earned cash in a mobile game.

Thousands of Levels

Something I have always loved about the Candy Crush Saga franchise is that they always include a seemingly endless trail of levels to contend with. Initially, Candy Crush Jelly Saga starts off like any other matching puzzle game with lots of easy levels that you will probably breeze through without a second thought.

However, the deeper you get into the game the more complicated the puzzles become and feature more obstacles for you to overcome. If you are looking for a game that you can beat in just a few hours, then perhaps you should keep looking. When you download Candy Crush Jelly Saga, expect to invest plenty of time in the game if you want to reach the higher levels.

Although the game is free to play, you can always purchase more lives or boosts in Candy Crush Jelly Saga to give you an advantage if you're having trouble. Unfortunately, the game does come with a few flaws, but with developers like King behind your game, there are sure to be improvements in one of the next updates for the game.

Some of the more challenging game modes seem to be glitched in such a way that makes it impossible for players to progress past them. For example, some of the higher level boss modes won't allow players to use certain abilities or do not give them the items needed to defeat the foe.

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<![CDATA[Candy Crush Soda Saga]]> https://appblast.online/app/candy-crush-soda-saga]]>

Match-3 games are among some of my favorite puzzle games in the mobile gaming market. I love the variety of graphics and ways that developers enhance the experience for players by adding unique boosts and advantages depending on how well you perform in each puzzle or how much money you are willing to spend in the in-game store.

I have tried and failed to find a match-3 title more enjoyable than any in the Candy Crush franchise. Nothing quite seems to compare to the lovable characters, increasingly difficult levels, and unique obstacles you must face when you play a Candy Crush game. My favorite in the franchise, however, has to be Candy Crush Soda Saga! After all, who doesn't love loads of sugary candy, sticky gummy bears, and fizzy soda pop?

Stimulating Levels

One thing I love about the Candy Crush Soda Saga game is that I don't have to worry about playing the same level over and over again as I would in some other titles.

There are hundreds of levels to play when you download Candy Crush Soda Saga, and each one offers a different obstacle than the last. There are times a level can be so difficult in fact that it may take me a few weeks to get past it.

Though you might be thinking it would be frustrating to be stuck on a level for weeks, it doesn't feel like that long when you actually play Candy Crush Soda Saga. The game doesn't allow you to binge play until you defeat a level, but we'll come back to this point later on.

Challenge Your Friends

One of the things I love about playing games like Candy Crush Soda Saga is that I can invite my friends to play through Facebook, but I don't have to worry about anyone interrupting my gameplay through chatboxes.

I can easily see where each of my friends are on the level map and once I'm playing, the game will show me exactly what score my friends got when they last played the same stage.

My favorite thing to do when I'm playing a new level is to try and get a higher score than all of my friends. It's a great way to add playability to the game, and an awesome way to kill time.

Limited Play Time

The only thing I can find to complain about Candy Crush Soda Saga is that you only get a specific number of tries at a time. Once you've exhausted all of your lives, for the time being, you have to wait a few hours until you can play again. This can be really frustrating, especially if you're close to completing a level you've been stuck on for some time. Although the game occasionally awards players with unlimited lives for a specific amount of time, it doesn't happen nearly as often as I would like. Another option is to spend real dollars in the in-game store to purchase more lives or an unlimited life boost. I love the option to buy more time and boosts if you want to, I just wish I didn't have to rely on lives to play the game.

I would highly recommend Candy Crush Soda Saga to anyone who likes brightly animated, playful puzzle games with a match-3 twist. The only thing I wish the game offered was a paid version that let you play an unlimited level or some other means in which to play the game for hours without interruption! If they ever implement an endless mode or a paid version of the game with no limitations, I may have a hard time putting my phone down!

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I've only been to a casino a couple of times in my life, but the bright lights and spinning reels of a slot machine have always been intriguing and exciting to me.

I don't much care for the idea of throwing my hard-earned dollars into an unpredictable slot machine, however, so I tend to look for my casino experiences on the screen of my phone or tablet.

There are so many different casino inspired apps in the play store now, that it can be difficult to find one that doesn't try to rip you off. When I downloaded Cashman Casino, I had high hopes for the free app, but I soon found out that I should have kept looking!

Lacking Pizazz

One of the reasons that I love playing slot machine games so much is because of the beautiful animation of the reels. Typically, I can download nearly any casino app in the play store and enjoy stunning graphics and wild winning animations.

As much as they tried to nail this effect in Cashman Casino, the quality of the animations and graphics of the reels themselves just don't hold their own. A few of the slot machines in Cashman Casino are so muddily animated that you can barely tell what images are on the reels as they come to a stop.

More Underhanded Than A Casino

After downloading Cashman Casino, I realized that I might as well have saved up a small bankroll and just gone to the casino. Even though Cashman Casino gives you a rather hefty sign-up bonus, as most casino apps do, you run through those coins rather quickly and then the advertisements for the in-game store begin!

It seems as though the developers for Cashman Casino know exactly how to entice the wallet of a gambler. Although you don't have to put your money into the app, it has proven time and time again that the players who do spend real dollars end up progressing much farther and easier in the game.

Complacent Developers

As if the team nearly begging players for money wasn't irritating enough, the developers for Cashman Casino seem to have a problem with communication with their customers.

If you have any level of an issue in the game, whether it has to do with a purchase in the in-game store or a glitch you find in the reels, the developers will more than likely just send you a cookie cutter message about how they are sorry you are having a hard time and to have better luck in the future.

I don't want to hear that a creator is sorry about their faulty product, I just want the company to care about the product they sold to me and fix the problems therein.

Overall, Cashman Casino is one of the more disappointing casino applications I've tried. If you have the patience to ignore the constant request to spend your money in the app, then you just might find some entertainment in Cashman Casino, especially if you already have an affinity for the reels.

At the end of the day, however, I would caution players to steer clear of opening up their wallets to the app as many customers complain about spending their money and not receiving what they paid for.

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There are plenty of apps out there that promise to give you an authentic Las Vegas slot machine experience, but how many of them actually use the same machine designs you would find in the most famous casinos along the strip?

I recently heard about Casino Slots: House of Fun, and although I am not the biggest fan of gambling, I thought it sounded like a fun game to try. There is not a lot of pressure to spend real money in the game so you will not have to worry about temptation if you are prone to gambling problems.

Tons Of Options

Since I've never actually been to Las Vegas I had no idea what to expect as far as how many options I would have for choosing a slot machine to play. I was shocked to learn that over 180 machines were included in the House of Fun, and I couldn't wait to try them all!

I am so glad that they give you so many options when you download House of Fun because I'm not sure how long the same reels would remain appealing. Because every machine has its own style and wins system, there is always something new and stimulating to look at which keeps the game engaging.

Daily Bonus Wheel

Even though the game is free to download, you still have to have in-game currency to actually play. So, I was a bit concerned that the House of Fun would end up turning into a game of war of the wallets.

Luckily, when you initially create your account for House of Fun you will receive 100 free spins, which will give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you want to keep on playing.

Once you run out of your 100 free spins there is a daily bonus wheel that will give you a specific number of free spins or in-game cash amount to put into the slots.

Save Money On Vacation

Now that I can essentially experience the true Las Vegas casino slot machine experience, I don't feel the need to book some fancy weekend trip to Sin City. I get to enjoy all the fun and excitement of spinning the reels without actually losing any of my money.

Although there is an in-game store for players to buy more in-game currency for spinning reels on slot machines, the development team doesn't put on a lot of pressure to spend money, which is great for people who are trying to sate the craving for a gambling addiction.

I've tried several different slot machine apps and although House of Fun promises a true Las Vegas experience, I have found other apps to be far more visually appealing when it comes to the video effects of the machines.

The slot machines in House of Fun, although bright and whimsical, don't have the same pizazz or flare that most of the other casino apps have, and I think that's what makes it just miss the five-star mark for me.

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Games the involve cats are kind of hard to take serious. Cats & Cosplay is a fun game that involves you, as the protagonist, protecting towers that you build with your cat from various enemies. These creatures can be slimers, dogs, birds, menacing things that disrupt the safety of your cat. The action makes you take it seriously in the end.

Traditional Side Scroller

The game is fun and addictive as a horizontal scrolling fighting game. Yes. I said fighting game. You punch the enemies while your cat also gets his shots in. The game, while incredibly easy, is mildly entertaining. It feels like there should be a more developed plot, but there is no real plot. You are just defeating enemies that threaten the towers built by you and your cat.

Although it sounds a little campy, it becomes a serious challenge once the monsters begin to multiply and become difficult to destroy. The real challenge is to knock them out with various weapons such as a plasma blast or a convenient land mine. This is effective, but when they come like a horde, they really come like a horde.

As you progress through through the game, you can go through various upgrades that improve your abilities. There are different upgrades that make you more intense in your attack on the enemies and help the defense of your towers built by you and your cat.

Fun for kids & retro fans

I recommend this game for elementary school age kids as there is some violence, but nothing like other popular games such as Fortnite. It is fun to play though not very challenging, and there is no strategy involved other than knowing where to place your weapons. Timing is of the essence as well. You must make the right move in the right time or the horde will defeat you.

Retro Retro Retro - 8 bit Invasion

Games like this remind me of the 8-bit classic NES games that were so fun to play as a kid. They are a throwback to the simple horizontal scrolling game and there is nothing wrong with this. Sometimes it's good to go back to the beginning and enjoy the nostalgic play of games that remind you of your youth, and the wonderful games you played when you were younger. This is only related to, of course, readers who were around when the classic NES was a popular, the most popular, gaming console. Those games weren't very keen on strategy or graphics, but they were super fun. This is the case with the download of Cats & Cosplay. The game is fun above anything else.

Cats & Cosplay is a great game for those interested in a non-challenging, shooter that is similar to those games you loved when you were younger. The point of the game is trying to save and defend your cat. Once you get so far, and defeat so many enemies, the cat gets a can of tuna. Ok. I know...kind of a strange setup, but it works for this kind of game. The game comes recommended for two age groups: those who are discovering games of our youth, and those who remember.

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Some of my favorite books to read as a kid were the ones that let you pick what happened next in the story. Lately, I've noticed a new trend in the mobile gaming community that takes this same idea and applies it to digital stories that you can watch play out any way you choose.

Although there are some out there that only focus on teenage dramatics or scenarios of couples cheating on one another, I happened to stumble upon a title in the play store that offered much more.

When I downloaded Choices: Stories You Play, I initially expected it to turn into another teenage drama game. However, I soon found out there was far more depth to the game than what I expected.

Endless Options

Whether you are a hopeless romantic who feeds off of the drama of a good love story, or someone who enjoys the thrill and mystery of an exciting horror, there is something for everyone in Choices: Stories You Play.

I was surprised at how many different categories and titles were available in the vast library of digital novels. You can choose from an endless list of love stories, science fiction, horror, suspense, and so much more when you play Choices: Stories You Play.

Chapters Added Weekly

I expected each of the stories to last maybe half an hour and offer nothing more than that since the library of options is so extensive. However, after playing the game for a few weeks I noticed that the developers add new chapters to every story every two weeks.

Because these chapters are added so frequently, it's almost as if you are creating your own series as you continue each story. You can even start a story or episode over so that you can change your choices and create an entirely new storyline.

The only thing keeping me from playing this game all through the day and night is that your choices are limited unless you want to spend real money in the store to buy more, and there is no pressure to ever spend money in the Choices: Stories You Play!

Not A Cash Grab

Typically, mobile games nowadays have a ton of ways to bleed you dry, and most of them take the opportunity every chance they get. The development team for Choices: Stories You Play, are constantly adding new ways for players to earn in-game items that allow them to advance in their story, or collect new episodes to play. It's so refreshing to have found a game that not only offers a truly free-to-play experience but Choice: Stories You Play also gives players a pressure-free experience as well.

You never have to worry about overbearing advertisements or constant requests to spend your hard earned dollars in the in-game store when you download Choices: Stories You Play.

At the end of the day, this has got to be one of the most entertaining mobile apps I have on my device right now. I can't get enough of the intriguing stories and even more interesting characters.

I love that I can choose what my avatar looks like because it gives me an even more immersive experience when choosing what I want to happen in each story. My only complaint with this feature, however, would be that you can only choose between four standard faces, so having a few more options for customization would make the game that much more enjoyable and immersive. If you are sick of playing the same old games on your phone, why not head to the play store and give Choices: Stories You Play a try!

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Citrix Receiver is now known as Citrix Workspace, but there may be a few things about the app that feel different to users. Citrix Workspace is made for busy professionals who need a means in which to take their office with them on the go. Now that I have downloaded Citrix Workspace, I don't have to worry about missing out on any work or letting my clients and coworkers down.

All of the files and programs that you use to run your business or perform tasks for your office are compiled for you in one convenient space in Citrix Workspace. The idea is to be able to access any of your documents no matter where you are, which is an extremely convenient feature.

Gesture Reminders

Because there are so many specific documents and apps available for use in Citrix Workspace, there are tons of different gestures you'll need to use to navigate the app. At first, the idea of having to remember a bunch of different hand motions to work the app seemed daunting, until I realized that every time I opened the app, there was a straightforward, clear reminder of how to perform each gesture.

After you get all the motions down, you can choose to turn off this reminder if you don't want to see it every time you open up the app. I for one, find it extremely helpful as there are several motions to learn.

Keeping The Wheels Of Industry Turning

The greatest aspect of Citrix Workspace is that it really does help to keep things running smoothly when you can't be in the office. There is nothing more frustrating than being separated from your workgroup, either due to injury, illness, or otherwise; and not being able to complete projects or communicate clearly with one another.

I love that everything I use in the office on my computer is easily accessible on the screen of my phone since I've downloaded Citrix Workspace. I am able to clearly communicate what I am working on with my teammates, and I can continue working on projects alongside them, even if I can't be in the office physically.

Buggy & Unreliable

The Citrix Workspace app could really be an amazingly beneficial tool, if only it worked flawlessly every time. At times, the companies who choose to use the service to create a seamless working experience for their employees will misunderstand how to set up the user interface, and so it can be confusing to navigate or function.

Most of the time, however, the app will freeze or crash when trying to access documents or open applications, which is completely frustrating, to say the least.

It seems as though as the years go by and more and more updates are done to the Citrix application, the less likely it is to work smoothly. Now, you can expect to run into blank screens, error messages or the app closing down on you entirely.

Overall, the intentions implied by the developers at Citrix Workspace are excellent, and the app is most certainly a game changer when it works. There lies the problem; the app is far too unpredictable for companies to rely on it for their employees. If the developers did a bit of tweaking and made the app more user-friendly for corporations to work with, then the app would be invaluable.

If you do work for a company that uses Citrix Workspace, it may be worth downloading to see if your device will work better with the program. After all, the issues we all have with apps are not always the fault of the people who create them.

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Some of the most interesting games to play for mobile are turn-based strategy games. I've played dozens of them over the course of a few years, but I knew I had found something special when I stumbled across Civilization Revolution 2.

Although every aspect of the game is not entirely accurate, there is plenty in the game that will help my young children learn what it takes to build a society, and even learn a bit about how our country was founded.

If you are looking for a game that does more than entertain you and your family, then head to the play store and download Civilization Revolution 2, you won't regret it!

Reenact Historical Events

In any decently made turn-based strategy, you will have to build structures and formidable forces to protect yourself. Much is the same in Civilization Revolution 2, but the things you build and protect in this game are all things we actually had to construct and fight for in order to build the United States of America.

You'll be able to reenact wartime scenes from the Civil War, and many other battles you may have heard about in those history books at school. If you happen to be a history buff, then you will love the many historical scenarios you find yourself in the middle of, including the signing of the declaration of independence!

Realistic Advancement

Any society has to complete specific monumental tasks in order to properly advance and thrive. I enjoy how realistic it feels to build my empire in the game; I expected there to be silly additions to the game that made no sense historically, but everything I've come across so far seems relevant.

You must build power plants to give power to your people, strengthen your military and send them to fight foes and work on the advancement of the field of science.

Smooth Graphics

One of the things I like the most about the game is how smooth and almost cartoon-like the graphics are. Although the graphics might remind you of a historical cartoon at times, there are still plenty of realistic images to keep the game feeling authentic.

Just like the graphics, the games controls work flawlessly as well. There are no over the top controls to learn, and the interface is kept fairly clean. Because of this, your kids could easily pick up the game and start playing without too much need for help.

One of the things I did find strange about Civilization Revolution is that the app has not received an update in over 4 years, and yet there is still a price tag on the game.

I understand that any new customers bring revenue for the developers of the game, and everyone needs to get paid, but it seems as though there are plenty of things they could do to vamp up the playability of the game and give their players something new to explore.

Overall, history buffs will love playing this game, and kids will barely realize they are learning vital information about our history and actually having fun while doing it.

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Elex Wireless has added countless real-time strategy games to the mobile gaming market and Clash of Kings has to be one of my favorites yet. In this RTS/RPG title, players have the opportunity to select a faction that will build and maintain a formidable kingdom.

Not only will you have to worry about defending your people and the various structures you'll have to build, but you'll also have to manage the resources that are needed to keep everything running smoothly.

If you are tired of playing the same old science fiction and fantasy RTS games, then head to the play store to download Clash of Kings for a more regal experience.

Managing Resources

Resources are some of the most important items you can collect in any real-time strategy game. Without resources, you can't feed the people in your kingdom, you won't be able to build new structures or repair those that have been attacked, and your enemies will more than likely take over some of your territories.

Typically, when playing an RTS game, you're tasked with obtaining and managing materials and resources on your own. Luckily, Elex Wireless has developed a system that will help players manage their materials more easily. When it comes time to collect resources in Clash of Kings, simply send out your dragon on a mission and it will return with all of your available materials!

Build Alliances

What good is a mobile RTS game if you can't invite all of your friends to play the game with you? Not only can you invite your friends to download Clash of Kings through social media, but you can also roam the open world of the game to form alliances with other kingdoms.

Make sure that your castle and the various structures of your kingdom are fully stocked and prepared for a battle before heading out to find friends, you never know when a foe will come knocking down your walls!

Once you've created an alliance with another kingdom you will have a much larger piece of land to protect, but you'll also have more resources and protection as well.

Crowded Map & Muddy Graphics

My only real complaint with Clash of Kings is the visual experience of the game. RTS games typically have a lot going on at one time, but there is almost always an ample map to place all of your structures and soldiers onto.

Unfortunately, Elex Wireless missed the mark with the graphics in Clash of Kings by overcrowding an already limited map area as well as delivering muddy animations that are hard to make out on the small screen of a smartphone or tablet.

If you are debating on whether or not to play Clash of Kings, I would recommend that you only download the game on a tablet with a larger screen, as some of the areas in the game are nearly impossible to navigate on a smaller screen.

At the end of the day, Clash of Kings is a fairly decent RTS roleplaying game that offers a different kind of MMORPG experience. As with most mobile games nowadays, however, you will most likely have to spend some of your hard earned dollars in the in-game shop if you want to reach the higher level content in Clash of Kings.

Unfortunately, the developers at Elex Wireless won't be of much help if you have any issues with a purchase you make in the store, or with a glitch in the gameplay for that matter. As long as you keep the old adage, buyer beware, in your mind, you shouldn't have a problem with Clash of Kings.

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When Clash of the Clans came out, I instantly fell in love with the cartoon-like style of graphics and the funny characters in the Royale family. Supercell, the development team behind Clash of Clans, created a real-time strategy game using my favorite characters from the Royale family, so I knew I had to download Clash Royale in the play store to check it out.

There are so many things that I love about the Clash franchise, and I could probably gush on and on about this game, but I will try to reign it in for you guys!

Lighthearted Graphics & Audio

Just like in the first game by Supercell, Clash Royale includes those brightly colored cartoonish animations I have come to know and love from the company.

After a while, playing dark and violent fighting games can almost become stressful and kill all the fun of playing the games. When I want to play something fun and lighthearted that mixes a bit of action into the fun, then I tend to turn toward games like Clash Royale.

I don't have to worry about anything overly violent in the game, which is nice if I'm playing around my young nieces, and the animations are gore-free!

Build Or Join A Clan

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game, so it will definitely benefit you to have a clan behind you when a fight comes around. There are hundreds of cards to collect as you play, and each card can be used during battle to give you an extra boost, perform an action, or heal your party.

When you join a clan in Clash Royale, you have the ability to trade cards with one another. This means that as a whole, your clan can come together and build some of the most powerful defenses in the game.

If you don't want the hassle of trying to gather up your friends to form a guild or clan of your own, then simply search through the selection of premade clans and request a membership!

Real-Time Matches

What I love about real-time mobile games is that I don't have to sit around for hours while the other person completely forgets about the match we were playing.

It's happened way too many times to me that I am deeply immersed in a match and then suddenly my opponent stops playing. I was so happy when I found out that this would not be a problem when I downloaded Clash Royale.

Now, I know that when I challenge one of my friends to a duel or jump into a two versus two battle with a clanmate, that I won't get stuck waiting around for another player for an unknown amount of time.

Clash Royale has definitely become one of my favorite mobile games and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys playing a good RTS game without all the gore and violence.

The bright colors and hilarious sound effects the development team pairs with each silly character keep's the game lighthearted and fun, which earns the app brownie points with me!

There is a ton of playability to Clash Royale as well, so if you are looking for something that you can put a lot of time into, then this just might be your game.

Keep in mind, that although the game is free to play, you can spend real dollars in the in-game store on cards, experience boosts, and many other items. I must say, however, that I didn't feel as though I had to spend any money to reach the end of the game or to have a good time; so, you won't feel any pressure to break open your wallet.

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<![CDATA[Cloud Print]]> https://appblast.online/app/cloud-print]]>

Although I can't think of many reasons why I would want to print documents from a device that is nowhere near my printer, I suppose there are certain situations where it could be useful. I recently discovered Cloud Print and decided to see exactly what the app had to offer. I found it strange that I didn't have to download Cloud Print as the Google play store indicated that it was already installed on my device.

Although I had a very difficult time locating it on my phone, I eventually discovered the hidden gem and went to work with testing out its performance.

Save Multiple Printers

If there could only be one thing that I could talk about with this app, it is the ability to save any and all of the printers that you use right in the app. So, next time you have to print something for someone back at the office or print something for your spouse or children at home, simply choose the location of the printer you are intending to use and forget about it!

Keeping Track

If you are anything like me and have a million things going on at once on any given day, then I'm sure you have encountered a problem at least once or twice that threw you off course.

Luckily, when I need to send an important document I can easily check the status of all of my print jobs at once. This way, if one of them doesn't go through, I immediately know to resend the job or contact the person that was expecting it, to fix an issue with the printer.

When I used to work in an administrative office setting, I hated when I would send a page to the printer for someone only to find out hours later that they didn't get the printed document.

Having the ability to check on print jobs ensures that you will never miss a deadline and nobody will ever be left hanging because you couldn't get to the office.

Sneaky Business Practices

Now for the ugly part of the app. The first red flag should have been that I didn't even download Cloud Print onto my phone or computer, and yet it was already present on both of them without my knowledge.

I assumed it was an app that came stock with my devices, so I didn't think very much of it until I started hearing complaints from other users. Another strange thing I noticed about the Cloud Print app is that you typically have a hard time finding it unless you are actively trying to print something.

It's as if the developers made this a hidden app so that customers couldn't find it on their devices to delete it. This is possibly the biggest red flag for me, as Google has its hand in nearly everything on our devices now. Consider that every time you print a document through Cloud Print, your documents are maybe uploaded on a server that could be monitored or observed, which is a small security breach in my eyes.

If it weren't for that, I might actually think this was a decent app for people with busy office jobs. However, I struggled to find a need for this app, as I am typically a short distance away from whoever needs paperwork from me.

At the end of the day, if you don't care who is looking at your documents, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. There are just too many monstrous people in the world to trust my personal information cruising through the cloud all the time.

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<![CDATA[Clue]]> https://appblast.online/app/clue]]>

Clue is the all-time most popular mystery game ever made, and I love that I can now play this favorite on my mobile device! I always liked the idea of feeling as though I was a vital detective following the clues to a sinister criminal when playing Clue with my family or friends as a child, so it's fun to revisit those memories as I play the game as an adult.

The mechanics are so simple in this mobile version of the mystery classic that you could easily download Clue for any member of the family to play. Another notable mention about Clue is that if you do decide to download it for your kids, you won't have to worry about gory images or inappropriate content as everything is kept as PG as possible!

The Good...

When you play a traditional board game you receive all instructions, pieces, and equipment needed to play the game, so you shouldn't expect anything less from a mobile version of one!

I was so concerned that I would have to keep track of all the various clues and suspects in my head, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the traditional clue sheets were included in the interface!

It seems like a small thing to be excited about, but having the tools necessary to play a game properly can be the defining factor in whether or not you love or hate a title.

The Bad...

As lovely as it is to have found a game which is a beautiful rendition of a classic favorite, it's a bit disheartening that it seems to be oversimplified at times.

Although simple can be good if you have kids playing a game, it can become rather dull very quickly for adults. I found that when starting a new murder mystery, it did not take many card plays at all for one of the six players to find the culprit.

I didn't think much of this initially, as I assumed it was a fluke, but after continued games with too-fast endings, I became bored quickly.

With that said, if you have small children who enjoy solving mysteries, you should download Clue for them as it will not be overly complicated for them to navigate and the short match times will keep their interest longer.

The Ugly...

Sigh. One of the most frustrating things to encounter when playing a game you enjoy is not being able to utilize all the features of that game; especially if you paid for it!

That's right, you have to pay to download the game, which I wouldn't mind at all if I could use all of the functions. For example; I wanted to invite my husband, brother, and cousin to a friendly game, but the online multiplayer feature would not connect us. After doing a little research on the matter, it seems this issue is common with the mobile version of Clue. So, if you are going to purchase the game, keep in mind that there are a few bugs that you may encounter with the online connectivity.

For the most part, I would say Clue is an excellent game for kids. The navigation and controls are simple enough for any child to handle, and each mystery only lasts a few minutes so they won't get bored with it too quickly.

I could probably get past the super fast solves if it weren't for the random bugs and connectivity issues for the multiplayer option. Although the developers seem to smooth out problems when they occur, they seem to continue to pop up even after being previously fixed.

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<![CDATA[CM Launcher 3D Pro💎]]> https://appblast.online/app/cm-launcher-3d-pro]]>

As someone who likes to keep their individuality, I've always gone above and beyond to decorate my belongings. I consider myself a rather artistic person, so I've always turned to applications that allow me to decorate my mobile devices in the way that I want.

I get bored with the same old backgrounds that seem to be in every other customization app for the phone, so I knew I had to branch out to look for something new. When I came across CM Launcher 3D in the play store, I wasn't entirely sure what the app was for, until I realized it would allow me to completely customize my device.

Save Data and Battery Life

There's nothing worse than realizing that your data was on the entire time you were downloading that huge app. Now that I've downloaded CM Launcher 3D, I will never again have to worry about whether or not I am using Wifi or if I remembered to put my phone charger in my purse.

Although there is plenty to download and use in CM Launcher Pro, the developers have made sure to ramp up the download speeds so that your phone doesn't waste precious data or battery life.

Thousands of Options

There are literally thousands of options to choose from when looking for customization options in the CM Launcher 3D app. If you are as tired of the same cookie cutter backgrounds as I am, then you have to download CM Launcher 3D to check out the unique selection.

I love that there are so many different options; you can find anything from seasonal backgrounds to dark gothic themes, and bright vibrant colors, so there is always something for everyone, no matter what your style is.

Because there is so much variety and so many different options for customization, it can be difficult to nail down what I really want my phone to look like. However, having tons of options just means that I get to go through the fun of choosing a new background whenever I feel like it!

Ad-Free Experience

It's important to keep in mind that there are a few different versions of the app; one is free, the others are not. If you choose to use CM Launcher 3D for free, you will more then likely be bombarded by ads, so an ad-free subscription might sound appealing after a while.

I decided to try the ad-free experience, if only for a month, just to see how well the app would continue to work. I paid the subscription fee, a bit apprehensive at first, only to find out that I was still seeing ads pop up while I was navigating the app.

When developers do things like promise one experience in exchange for money, it always disheartens me when I find that I have basically been baited and switched like many other consumers out there.

Overall, this is an excellent app to customize your phone without overloading it with data fees. I love that I don't have to worry as much about my battery life either because the app seems to do a great job in mitigating the stress on the battery of my phone.

If you are anything like me and want to give your phone a bit more flair without completely overloading your data or killing the battery on your phone, then head to the play store and get CM Launcher 3D to start customizing your device now!

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<![CDATA[Coin Master]]> https://appblast.online/app/coin-master]]>

Lately, I've been a bit bored with my collection of mobile gaming titles, so I browsed the play store until I found something that wasn't a puzzle game, or poorly developed RTS game.

When I stumbled upon Coin Master, I wasn't initially sure if I would try the app or not, but I am ultimately glad I did! I found that one of my favorite parts about the game was the subtle ways in which you can take out your aggression from the day in a way that wasn't so brutal and violent like some games can get nowadays.

If you are looking for something new and exciting to play on your phone or tablet, then stick around while I share with you everything there is to know about Coin Master before you decide whether it's worth the download.

Build Themed Villages

Although the primary focus of the game is spinning a giant golden prize wheel, there is yet another facet to the game which makes it all the more interesting to play. As you earn coins in Coin Master you can purchase decorations to go on the island you are currently playing on.

Some locations will have a typical island theme with tiki torches, sand castles, and crabs while other islands might have an outer space, winter, or fantasy-like theme with creatures you wouldn't normally find on an island.

Attack & Steal

Remember when I said you could passive-aggressively take out your frustrations on your friends and other players? Well, as you spin that glorious golden wheel, you will not only have the chance to win money for your island, but you can also earn chances to attack the islands of other players.

You may even win the opportunity to steal most of the gold that your opponent has! You can choose whether or not to steal and attack from a complete stranger, or a friend you have on Facebook which is where the passive aggression comes in. There has been more than one occasion when I've been irritated with my siblings and chosen to attack a friends island in hopes that one of their precious treasures would be destroyed. The only downside to this strategy is that you can't choose which players island to specifically attack so you might end up hitting the wrong target!

Rigged Wheel?

There is one recurring element to Coin Master that I can't quite shake. At times it seems that the developers have the game rigged to punish players who are performing well or progressing through the game too quickly.

Many customers rage on the forums about how they finally win a jackpot only to be stolen from within seconds of receiving their gold. At other times, the wheel might land on a great prize but the game never pays out to players!

Whether or not the game is rigged this way to encourage frustrated players to spend their hard earned money on boosts and extra spins is hard to pinpoint. However, it's worth mentioning that even with its flaws, Coin Master is highly entertaining and a great time-waster!

Overall, I would recommend downloading Coin Master to any player who is tired of the cookie cutter mobile gaming market. Coin Master, albeit not a perfect game, gives players a completely new experience from anything else you can find in the app or play store.

Keep in mind, however, that just because you have won a massive jackpot does not mean it will safely stay in your possession. Your island and money can both be completely wrecked within a matter of seconds, so don't become too attached to anything in Coin Master!

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<![CDATA[Color Switch]]> https://appblast.online/app/color-switch]]>

We found a game that made us want to scream in frustration and cheer in celebration all in one session of play, and we can't wait to share our thoughts with you.

One of the best times to lay back and relax with an entertaining mobile game is at the end of a long day when you're crawling into bed for the evening.

However, sometimes the bright graphics of a game can hurt our eyes and make playing uncomfortable. Luckily, Color Switch gives you a dark background to play against, so you won't be squinting against a bright white background when you play.

When you download Color Switch onto your smartphone or tablet, you'll love the various puzzles which give you colorful obstacles to work around. Remember, whichever color your ball is, that is the only color you can move through until a new color appears.

Timing & Patience Are Everything

We absolutely love puzzle games, but Color Switch seems to have created a whole new puzzle monster for us to slay, and we love it! Nearly every obstacle in each stage of Color Switch moves and intertwines with at least three other colors; so, it's essential to have a certain level of patience about you when working through each level.

Keep in mind that Color Switch is deceptively simple; meaning that just when you think you've got the rhythm of the movements of the obstacles, it throws a wrench in there to throw you off.

If you don't keep level-headed when playing Color Switch, then you just might find yourself replaying levels over and over. Timing is everything when moving through each challenge. So, if you think you can reach the highest score with your amazingly high patience level, then head to the app store to download Color Switch.

Reach For The Stars

Puzzle games are always more fun when there is something difficult to obtain that you must try to collect along your journey. Color Switch has stars sprinkled throughout each stage of the game which you are to collect and use as a sort of in-game currency.

This is another reason why patience and timing are so crucial when playing Color Switch. We found that if we tried to rush through a level as fast as possible that we would end up passing stars we couldn't go back for, which is no good!

Once you've collected a decent number of stars, you can use them in the in-game shop to purchase various unique balls which offer different effects and benefits during gameplay.

Fresh Content Added Every Update

It's not often we find a developer that actually works to keep their game at the top of the market. Color Switch is blessed to have a team that creates new levels and newly designed balls to be launched with every update.

So, if you are tired of finding an entertaining mobile game that you end up beating way too quickly, then make sure to play Color Switch so you'll never get bored again!

Color Switch has so many fun features, but the one we love the most has to be the continuous dark mode the game seems to be set in. Most of the time when we play a game on our phones it's in the evening when the light is not as plentiful, so it's much more comfortable to play games with a darker setting.

Another notable mention about Color Switch is that there are several modes in which you can play the game, and these are also updated with every new patch, so there is always something fun around the corner!

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<![CDATA[Construction Simulator 2]]> https://appblast.online/app/construction-simulator-2]]>

As a kid, there was nothing I loved more than grabbing up all of my Tonka trucks and heading out to the yard with my older brother to pretend we were building something amazing! I've always had a sort of wondrous fascination for heavy machinery, but I never had the guts or opportunity to learn how to operate anything bigger than a mere forklift.

Now that I'm a bit too old for playing in the dirt with toy trucks, I have turned to the mobile gaming industry to get my construction fix! When I found Construction Simulator 2 in the Google play store, I knew I had come across something really special.

Realistic Experience

I was worried that once I downloaded Construction Simulator 2 that it would feel too much like a child's game for me to enjoy it. However, I was shocked to see how detailed and realistic everything looked in the game.

Not only is the landscape and background animated to perfection, but each one of the 40 licensed pieces of machinery seems to shine as though they just left the car wash!

I love that the artists working on this game took the time to really make everything work as it would in real life. You can see the dust flying out of trucks as they are filled with materials, hear the crunch of gravel beneath massive tires, and so much more.

Tons Of Work

Though it might not sound appealing to have work waiting for you when you open up a game on your phone, Construction Simulator 2 has over 60 jobs for you to choose from!

Whether you want to repair a damaged canal in the city, build a new apartment complex or transfer materials from one site to another, there will always be plenty for you to experience when you download Construction Simulator 2.

Although I don't have kids of my own yet, I can imagine this being the perfect game to transition them to when they get sick and tired of playing with tiny plastic cars.

Open World To Explore

What I love about this game is that there are so many different places to go to. It's almost as if you get the full MMO experience without all the noise and static of other players running around the place.

You can choose to embark on a new job or drive around aimlessly to see where you could be of some help. No matter which way you choose to play the game, you are sure to have a blast roaming through the world of Construction Simulator 2.

Overall, this is one of my favorite games to play on my phone after a long day. Ironically, going through the mundane tasks of building, tearing down, and transporting goods and materials is rather calming and relaxing.

I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who has children that enjoy watching big machinery at work, especially if they are getting a bit too old for toy cars and trucks.

Although there are many things I deeply enjoy in Construction Simulator 2, there are a few changes I would suggest the developers make to improve the overall feel of the game. More than one camera option would be fantastic as players could choose to see the world through the eyes of his or her character as they drive from one location to the next.

There are also a few spots in the game where the equipment doesn't fit where it should, which forces the character to take a much longer route to get to the job site. As these are my only negatives found within the app, I'm sure you will agree that the small price to buy the game is well worth it!

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<![CDATA[Cookie Jam - Match 3 Games & Free Puzzle Game]]> https://appblast.online/app/cookie-jam-match-3-games-free-puzzle-game]]>

If you ever played Candy Land when you were growing up, then you probably loved the ice cream, cookie, and candy-inspired board just as much as the next kid. Although there are several games in the play store that seem to have taken some inspiration from the classic board game, none seem to capture its whimsy and childlike wonder quite like Cookie Jam.

Cookie Jam is one of the many matching puzzle games that offers players a unique way to match 3 or more shapes of the same color to beat a level. If you are ready to play thousands of match 3 levels across 3,000 deliciously designed maps, then head to the play store to download Cookie Jam and start swiping!

Simple Controls

One of the things I've always enjoyed when playing matching puzzle games is the ease in which you can make a move. In fact, match 3 games are so simple to play even the youngest member of your family can enjoy completing puzzles.

As long as you have the dexterity to tap and swipe your finger on the screen, you will be able to enjoy hours and hours of relaxing gameplay when you download Cookie Jam.

Weekly Updates

You would think with thousands of levels already available that the developers would leave well enough alone, but the team at Cookie Jam brings players fresh new levels every single week.

I believe it is the replay factor that keeps me coming back to Cookie Jam over and over again. Not only do you get to play challenging puzzles every day, but the development team will make sure to keep the content coming so you never get bored!

The only issue I have with frequent updates is that the levels seem to get so difficult at times that it becomes nearly impossible to actually win unless you use up all of your boosters or purchase some in the in-game store.

Time To Think

The main reason I play puzzle games is so that I can exercise my brain with tasks that are challenging enough to keep me thinking without being so tough that I become frustrated.

Ironically, one of my biggest complaints with Cookie Jam is that the game doesn't seem to give you enough time to consider all of the options on your own. At times, I will see a hint flash on the screen only moments after I have made a successful move.

Although it can be nice at times to get a hint if you need one, I would much rather have the option to look at a hint rather than have one flashing for me without giving me time to figure out the next move on my own.

Overall, Cookie Jam has to be one of my favorite match-3 games because of the immense replay value, and the stunning dessert-like graphics that leave me wanting more after each level.

Cookie Jam is one of the few games that I would recommend for an entire family as it's easy enough for anyone to play, and there is no inappropriate content to worry about if you have little kids around.

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<![CDATA[Couch to 5K®]]> https://appblast.online/app/couch-to-5k]]>

For years I have been wanting to lose weight and become a healthier, more active, version of myself. However, I find it's most difficult to motivate myself to do things, especially if I am taking on a challenge alone. Actually putting in the work is the simple part, it's getting off of your butt and starting that's the most difficult for most people.

I have seen several workout and lifestyle apps around, but never have I seen one with quite as much appeal as Couch to 5k. I love that everything I need to burn calories is conveniently located on my phone and that the app will take care of keeping me motivated with fun coaching options.

Choose A Trainer

Many apps have tried and failed to motivate me, usually because their idea of motivation is flashing a quick badge and positive feedback through text. Though these are great and probably work wonderfully for people who can be easily motivated; but, I needed something more!

There are four different coaches to choose from; you can choose a laid back motivator like Constance, or perhaps you'd like someone with a bit more grit, like Sergeant Block.

I personally love using the Runicorn coach; he is not only hilarious and fun to look at, but Runicorn makes sure to keep me on my toes with motivation too!

Listen To Music In The App

If there is only one thing I need besides water when working out, it's a good playlist. When I downloaded Couch To 5k I never expected that I would be able to listen to music through the app as well, but I was pleasantly surprised to see several playlist options available.

Another audio feature I enjoy in Couch to 5k is the cues from my coach while I'm walking or running. See, the whole point of Couch to 5k is to teach people like me how to start incorporating running into their lifestyle without doing too much all at once.

While you're walking or running your coaches voice will alert you to changes you need to make in pace or let you know when it's time to switch from running to walking or vice versa.

Progress Tracker

The most convenient feature of the Couch to 5k app is the tracking system. You will never have to worry about logging your steps or mileage when using the app unless, of course, you are using a treadmill.

I love that I can look back from week to week to see how far I've progressed. Everything from how fast I was walking, to the steps I took and the distance traveled, are included when you download Couch to 5k.

I would highly recommend purchasing Couch to 5k for anyone who wants to become healthier and have fun while walking or running. This is also a great service for those who are training for a 5k, as that is the primary reason for the creation of the app.

There was only one issue I found with Couch to 5k and that is the accuracy of the GPS map. You are supposed to be able to see exactly where you walked on a map of your area, but it doesn't always show you exactly where you traveled.

Although this could just be an issue with my device or where I live, it's a little frustrating that I can't keep track of my movements on the map like I should be able to.

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<![CDATA[CSR Racing 2]]> https://appblast.online/app/csr-racing-2]]>

I have played many racing games over the years, most of which have been on a console or PC, but I recently discovered a title in the mobile play store that seemed to be just as impressive.

CSR Racing 2 not only delivers some of the most impressive graphics I have seen in any racing game for the mobile industry, but the game also gives players the opportunity to restore and race over 200 of the most coveted rides known to man!

Another one of the features that truly impressed me with this title in the augmented reality section of the game. Now you can find out what it's like to actually own and drive a classic car like the Judge, and Aston Martin DB5, and so many more.

Restore Classics

Every racing game I have ever played has offered some form of customization for the cars you acquire in the game. I expected much of the same when I downloaded CSR Racing 2, but I never imagined the developers would include options to make it feel as though you are restoring the classics as well.

I've always wondered what it would be like to come across an old rusty classic and bring it back to its former glory with a bit of hard work and elbow grease. Well, now that I have started playing CSR Racing 2, I can enjoy all the fun of restoring a car without having to put a lot of money or time into it.

Choose How To Play

With so many different styles of racing games, I'm never entirely sure what to expect when I download something new. Typically, you can either have to play on your own with CPUs or the game forces you to play with other players.

Assuming that I would be stuck with one or the other, I was surprised to find that I had a choice as to how I wanted to play the game. I typically like to practice racing games before I party up with other players, so I enjoyed being able to test out different cars with CPU drivers to get the hang of the game.

I was impressed that a mobile racing game would give me the option to invite my friends and family to play along, but I was even more surprised that we could all join a club and truly drive around the game together.

Quality Graphics & Customization

The first thing that caught my attention in the play store was the impressive graphics and customization options available in the game. I expected to be able to change vinyl, paint, and maybe add a few flashy lights and other cosmetics, but CSR Racing 2 truly allows players to restore each vehicle completely.

Not only will you be able to restore a rusty looking classic to its original glory, but you can also customize the rims, brake calipers, interior trim, and so much more.

CSR Racing 2 is truly one of the most stunning racing games I have played that didn't launch on a popular console. I love that the developers have included a sizeable garage for players to house their cars in. I was afraid that the number of cars you could have at once would be limited but was excited to see I could work on upgrading multiple vehicles at once.

There are only a few times that I have lagged while racing other players, but other than those rare moments, I haven't found much to complain about when playing CSR Racing 2. So, if you are ready to play a racing game that you can play on the go and won't bore you with monotony, then head to the play store and download CSR Racing 2!

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<![CDATA[Cytus II]]> https://appblast.online/app/cytus-ii]]>

Cytus II is a riveting musical adventure which features an active judgment line game style with some of the best music found in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, and the United States.

The storyline follows a mysterious DJ who is throwing a festival and showing his face to the world for the first time. The anime sequences between each of the challenging yet thrilling rhythmic games are a welcome break from the intensity of each level.

If you love music as much as I do, and have an affinity for watching really good anime, then you must head to the play store on your device to download Cytus II.

Unique Game Style

What really drew me into Cytus II is the incredibly unique style in which the game is played. Players have to stay quick on their feet if they want to progress in Cytus II as the active judgment line is fast moving and unforgiving.

The bright colors of the game board and thrilling upbeat music keep you deeply immersed as you desperately try to keep up with the moment of the rhythm in each level.

If there was any title I could compare this game too, it might be Dance Dance Revolution. I say this because the speed in which your fingers have to dance along your screen remind me of the frenzy of feet on a DDR pad.

Massive Song Library

When I initially downloaded Cytus II, I assumed that all of the songs that came with the reasonably priced game would be included in the library. Although there are well over 100 songs to choose from, only about 40 of those are free to play when you start the game.

Most of the content in Cytus II is pay to play, but a new character has been introduced that will allow players to have access to more free songs, just in case they don't have as deep of a wallet as some others.

Each character in the Cytus story is accompanied by a unique genre of music, so depending on the character you choose to play as you might enjoy Rock & Roll, Dubstep, Orchestral, and several other categories.

Well-Balanced With Cutscenes

Cytus II would be in danger of becoming dull and repetitive rather quickly if it weren't for the immersive storyline that follows AEsir and his mysterious career. After each intense musical round of Cytus II, players can enjoy a beautifully animated cutscene which unlocks a continuation of the story.

Initially, I was afraid that the cutscenes would frustrate me as I don't tend to like a lot of disruptions when I'm playing a game, but they were a welcome break from the intensity of the flashing lights and quick moving judgment line.

Overall, I would say that Cytus II is one of the most interesting titles to hit the Google play store in quite some time. The actual style of gameplay is unlike anything I've ever experienced in the mobile gaming industry, and the music which is chosen for each level is perfectly curated to keep you immersed in the game.

My only complaint would be how expensive the game can turn out to be if you choose to unlock all of the content. If there was a way to put in more hours to unlock the DLC content, then I probably wouldn't mind as much.

However, when I pay less than five dollars for a game and the combined DLC is almost seven times what I paid to download the game, there's something wrong with the system. However, there is a decent selection of free content if you don't care to put so much money into the game.

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<![CDATA[Design Home]]> https://appblast.online/app/design-home]]>

In high school, I had the unique opportunity to learn the very basics of the advertising art & design industry by attending a vocational school. In that time, I discovered I had a knack for interior design, and I've loved it as a hobby ever since.

Because I did not pursue design as a career, I often have the urge to do some decorating, without having the means to do so. I have tried to find design games in the past, but most of them require you to spend most of the time on matching puzzles, and that's not what I want to do!

I downloaded Design Home because it offers exactly what I am looking for in a design game! No silly matching puzzles to complete, no mandatory mini-games for in-game currency to buy decorations, just designing beautiful spaces!

Stunning Graphics

One of the things that concerned me the most about finding a good design game was whether or not the graphics would look realistic enough to feel like a true design simulation.

When you play Design Home, the first thing you will notice is how lifelike the 3D animation appears in the game. Design Home was developed for adults who have an affinity for design, so each item and every space in which to design is all carefully curated to give you the most authentic design experience.

Design Challenges

One of my favorite things to do in Design Home is to take part in the daily design challenges. Every day that I log into Design Home for a new relaxing session of designing, there is a unique daily challenge waiting for me!

Now, the daily challenges are by no means mandatory, but they are a great way to get new ideas and spread your creative wings a bit.

Each challenge has a specific theme and users are encouraged to vote on their peers' designs to see who is the most popular on the leaderboards. If you happen to find yourself among the most popular designs, you will win a special bonus toward designing your own space!

I love the addition of specific challenges because it helps me to think outside of the box or design in a way I hadn't thought of before. Another great way to get ideas is to browse through the other user-created content in the app.

Buy What You Love

As if I couldn't love Design Home anymore, the developers have added the ability to purchase any of the decor and furnishings you use to design your digital room.

That's right, every single piece of furniture and decor in Design Home is an exact replication of an actual designer piece that you can purchase. If you complete a room in the game and want to transform your actual home, all you have to do is click on the items and the app will take you to a site where you can buy that exact piece!

One caution I would like to throw out there is to parents. Because Design Home was developed specifically for adults who share an affinity for interior design, there is not much in the app to keep children entertained. On top of that, you could find yourself in a bit of a financial mess if your kids get ahold of the app and don't understand that they could be spending your real money on furniture instead of digital pieces.

Although there is an option to turn off the in-game store, I would still be careful with letting your kids play on the game by themselves. For design loving adults like me, it is a highly detailed game, that keeps me entertained and in touch with the latest design trends

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<![CDATA[Dictionary - Merriam-Webster]]> https://appblast.online/app/dictionary-merriam-webster]]>

The Merriam-Webster dictionary has been a valuable tool to assist with vocabulary development for decades, but now that I'm an adult who is pursuing the dream of writing professionally, I need all the help I can get!

Merriam-Webster now has a mobile app that is helping people identify new words and strengthen their knowledge of vocabulary and it is absolutely brilliant!

I assumed that it would basically act as a digital dictionary when I downloaded Merriam-Webster, but I received so much more than I expected. If you are a student, professional writer, or simply want to build on your vocabulary, then stick around and I'll tell you all you need to know about Merriam-Webster.

Word Of The Day

I remember every time my parents went out on a date night when my brother and I were kids, my Uncle would watch us and play unique little games with us.

For some reason, one of my favorite things to do was play the word of the day game. My Uncle would teach us a new word and we had to see how many times we could feasibly use it in a sentence before the night was through.

Now, the Merriam-Webster app gives me this same exercise, but on a daily basis and I'm sure with more challenging words than the ones my Uncle presented me with as a child. I learn how to pronounce the word, what it means, and how to properly use it in a sentence. It's definitely been a helpful exercise to sprinkle new words into my everyday speech.

Train With Games

It's not always fun to just memorize words and their meanings, so Merriam-Webster has included several word games that will spice up your brain training sessions.

One of my favorite games in Merriam-Webster is the one where you have to pick the synonym for the word displayed. This one keeps me on my toes because I'm always searching for the synonyms to words in order to write with more fluidity.

I love that the developers of the Merriam-Webster app thought to include games in the features as I think it will be an invaluable tool for modern day students. I know it would have been a huge help to me as a kid in English class!

Keep Track Of Your Progress

I was pleased to see that the app keeps track of all of my work in the games and taking tests to see how well I actually know my vocabulary and grammar.

The user interface is simple enough to navigate and isn't bogged down with a lot of confusing icons or controls. Since any age of student could easily benefit from the app, it's a breath of fresh air to see the simplicity and ease in which one can use the app.

In this day and age, with mumble rappers, children having problems in our school systems, and an overall disregard for proper grammar, it seems almost necessary to arm ourselves with an app like Merriam-Webster. After a day of texting and abbreviating words and twisting them to create new meanings with slang, it can be refreshing to get back to the proper way of using English vocabulary.

If you are a student or have a budding student in your household, it would only benefit you to give Merriam-Webster a shot. After all, what could it hurt to brush up on your vocabulary?

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<![CDATA[Discord - Chat for Gamers]]> https://appblast.online/app/discord-chat-for-gamers]]>

Discord is yet another one of the amazing apps that keeps gamers and gaming enthusiasts connected no matter where they are in the world. The online gaming community is enormous, so being able to download an app to keep in touch with all of your gamer friends can be crucial.

I have played many MMORPGs over the years, and plenty of FPS and action games where I've needed to keep in close and reliable contact with the other players on my team.

There have also been many chatting services that have come and gone through my arsenal, but I knew I had found a winner when I downloaded Discord onto my phone to keep in touch with my friends.

See What Your Friends Are Playing

One of the features of Discord that I wish was part of all gaming apps is the ability to see which of your friends are currently playing, and what game they are in.

Typically, if you sign into one of these services and see some of your gamer friends in a party chat, it's safe to assume that they are completing a mission together, or some other in-game task. Without knowing which game they are playing or what they are talking about, however, can make it a bit awkward to jump into the channel.

When you download Discord, it's like having a one-stop location to check up on all of your gamer friends, no matter what platform or title they might be playing!

Cross-Platform Notifications

If you have played games on multiple consoles, then you know just how frustrating it can be to not be able to play a game with your friends or talk to them because of being on another console or game.

Now, Discord will send you real-time notifications about when your friends log into a game, which title they're playing, and what platform it's being played on.

Take all the guesswork out of what your friends are up to by receiving cross-platform notifications. This always means that you will never again miss out on an exclusive loot run or another major event because of miscommunication.

Choose How To Talk

Though you might think that you just have to talk for your voice to be picked up in Discord, there are actually two different options on how to use the app.

I personally dislike the voice activation option because every little sound in the background trips my mic and everyone on the channel can hear what's going on in my house. Although I don't have anything to be ashamed of, I know that I can't stand when I can hear other players TV, radio, or noisy family members or friends in the background.

When you choose Discord for your gaming communication, you will have the option to tell the app to pick up your voice on speaking, or you can select a unique button that will activate the microphone.

I love using Discord to talk to all of my gaming friends because unlike many of the other chatting apps out there, I can actually tell what everyone is doing and what platform their playing on.

My only complaint would be the random bugs with the audio and the fact that people can lock you out of a room if they want to. I do understand why the feature exists, but it can be quite frustrating when other players lock you out of a chat session because they are being petty or just bullying you.

Overall, I would highly recommend Discord to any gamer who is looking for a convenient means of keeping in touch with their fellow players.

https://appblast.online/app/discord-chat-for-gamers https://appblast.online/app/discord-chat-for-gamers Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[DisneyNOW – Episodes & Live TV]]> https://appblast.online/app/disneynow-episodes-live-tv]]>

For as long as I can remember, I have been one of the biggest Disney fans on the planet. So, when I heard about the DisneyNOW app in the play store, I knew I had to download it. Because the multi-billion dollar company has produced so many amazing things throughout my lifetime, I expected really great things from this app.

Unfortunately, I found myself disappointed with the content, the responsiveness, and the overall performance of the app. However, I suppose I could see where a newer generation of Disney fans might enjoy the content of the app. However, there are other problems with downloading the DisneyNOW app that even new fans can't ignore.

Disorganized Content

I fully expected to be able to binge a ton of Disney shows on my day off of work, and although there were several episodes to choose from, everything was strangely out of sync.

With most streaming services, you get a clear and concise library in which to browse the content. However, when you choose the show you want to watch on DisneyNOW, the app seemingly throws all of the available episodes into a list and leaves you to your own devices to find the episode and season you want.

This makes no sense to me because every other app I have ever used to watch a TV show has had the episodes in subsequent order. Not only do you have to scroll through a giant list of episodes to find the ones you want, but there isn't even an autoplay feature to keep the videos rolling one after another. I can't imagine how frustrating this would be for a child if it infuriates me this much as an adult!

Removes Nostalgic Content

Initially, when I downloaded the DisneyNOW app, I expected to be able to watch all of the shows I remember watching when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I found that only a small number of episodes were available for the more nostalgic shows from the late 90s and early 2000s, and suddenly, they were removed altogether!

It's really disappointing that I expected to be able to watch all of my favorite Disney Channel content, and the only shows that seem to be available are all the new ones that don't feel like Disney at all.

I suppose there could be worse things about an app, but as a life-long Disney fan, it's disappointing that they only cater to certain viewers.

Extremely Buggy

As if the lacking and disorganized content wasn't enough, you will also have to deal with bug after bug when dealing with the DisneyNOW app. Don't worry though, the developers will make sure to respond to your complaint in the forums, just don't expect anything to get done about it.

When you download an app like DisneyNOW, you typically have to sign in with a service provider to access shows. Which, in my opinion, essentially means you are paying for your content at the end of the day.

Too many times I've tried to log in with my provider's information and the entire app has either shut down on me or given me an irritating error message.

I really wanted to enjoy the DisneyNOW app, but there are just too many problems with it. I suppose if you have the patience to deal with clearing your cache every time you open the app, and watching 30-second ads every few minutes, then this would be a great app for you!

https://appblast.online/app/disneynow-episodes-live-tv https://appblast.online/app/disneynow-episodes-live-tv Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[DoubleDown Casino Slots Games, Blackjack, Roulette]]> https://appblast.online/app/doubledown-casino-slots-games-blackjack-roulette]]>

I have played a ton of different slot games in my time, but my favorite has to be DoubleDown Casino by Double Down Interactive. Each of the 150 unique 777 and authentic Vegas slot machines offer stunning graphics that look as good as if you were sitting right in front of them at the casino.

If you too are an avid slot machine and card player, then you must head to the play store on your phone or tablet to download DoubleDown Casino today. You don't want to miss out on one of the best Las Vegas slot machine games on the market.

Free Chips

As with most casino games, DoubleDown Casino gives out 1,000,000 free chips for players who start playing the game. Not only do you get that massive starting bonus, but the developers also set up plenty of ways for you to earn the chips for free when using the app.

There are several specific times of day when the team drops chips on players who are currently in the game, however, they are not always convenient times for everyone who wants to play the game.

For example, one of the bonuses comes through on a Monday at noon. I don't know about you, but I don't have time at noon on the first day of my work week to stop and pick up free chips in a meaningless game.

Other than that small gripe, I enjoy receiving all the special bonuses throughout my gameplay.

More Than Slots

Most of the time I end up getting bored with all of these monotonous and seemingly identical slot machine apps, so I started looking for games that would provide more of a true Casino experience.

When I downloaded DoubleDown Casino I was so excited to see that I could play video poker, roulette, and blackjack! It is simply because of this small addition to the game that I have deleted any other slot apps on my device and am now solely using DoubleDown Casino to get my card game and slot machine fix!

Pay To Win More Chips

Ok, so we all knew this was coming, right? I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was disappointed to see the blatant cash grab that is the diamond club included in the ad for DoubleDown Casino.

As if developers weren't being pushy enough about getting money from their devoted players, now DoubleDown Casino is boasting about their pay-to-win experience, right in the contents of the advertisement for their own game.

While watching the ad before I downloaded the game, DoubleDown Casino states boldly that if you pay to join their diamond club, they'll make sure that the reels payout to you more often, and with higher payouts. It just doesn't seem fair or right to me that a developer would put out there that they actually do favor their paying customers.

There are plenty of things I enjoy about DoubleDown Casino, but there are also a few things I would like to see fixed. Namely, it seems as though the developers want customers to pay good money for a product that doesn't always give you what it promises.

If you aren't careful spending your real money in a mobile game store, you might find out the hard way that the customer service for the mobile gaming community is absolute garbage.

There are too many customers who have complained about not receiving their proper amount of coins and the developers never come up with a solution or correct the issue to make the customer happy. Once you open up that wallet, they stop caring about your experience as a customer!

https://appblast.online/app/doubledown-casino-slots-games-blackjack-roulette https://appblast.online/app/doubledown-casino-slots-games-blackjack-roulette Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[DoubleU Casino - Free Slots]]> https://appblast.online/app/doubleu-casino-free-slots]]>

I had almost given up on casino games completely until I stumbled across one in the play store that looked fairly promising. Most of the slot machine games I have downloaded for my phone either lure you in with massive bonuses to get you hooked and then they never let you win the game! To make them even worse, most of those other casino games will offer you chances to purchase more spins or more coins only to sit back and laugh as customers continue to lose on rigged reels!

Well, I heard a lot of great things about DoubleU Casino from a few friends, so I decided to give the genre one more chance before calling it quits for good.

Stunning Slots

Too many times I've played slot machine games on my phone that are either not flashy enough, or so gaudy and over the top that you can barely tell what's going on in the game.

The first thing I noticed about the game was how vibrant and clean the animations were for each of the slot machines in the game. Every slot in DoubleU Casino has impeccable video animation which will make you feel as though you are actually sitting in front of a machine in a famous Las Vegas Casino.

Fair Win/Loss Ratio

If there's one thing that frustrates me about playing mobile slot machine games it's the unfair win to lose ratio you typically find in them. Most of the time you will win just enough to feel comfortable spending your money in the in-game store and then suddenly the reels tighten up and the coins stop flowing.

When you download DoubleU Casino you will not only have a great bonus to start off with but regardless of whether or not you decide to spend your actual money in the game, you will never notice a tightening of the reels. Sure, there will be plenty of times when you won't win anything from spinning the reels in DoubleU Casino, but the developers will never tamper with them just to coax money out of your pocket.

Plenty Of Options

It's not unusual for a slot game to have a ton of different slot machine styles to choose from, but it's not often that I find an app that offers more than just slot machines.

On top of the 100 slot machines you get to choose from in DoubleU Casino, there are also three different poker games to choose from as well. So, if you enjoy table games when you go to the casino, then download DoubleU Casino to get the best of both worlds.

It's so refreshing to have found a game in the casino category that doesn't feel worse than stepping into the actual place. DoubleU Casino is a must download for anyone who struggles with wanting to spin the reels but fighting the urge to entertain a gambling addiction.

Even though there are ways that you can spend your money in the game, there is less of a desire to do so when the developers have balanced the reels so well. So, if you love playing the slot machines or sitting down to a skillful game of cards, then head to the play store and install DoubleU Casino for the best casino experience around!

https://appblast.online/app/doubleu-casino-free-slots https://appblast.online/app/doubleu-casino-free-slots Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Dragalia Lost]]> https://appblast.online/app/dragalia-lost]]>

A problem with RPG games is that they move too quick, they max out their player abilities so fast you don't really have time to enjoy the game. The download of Dragalia Lost is different in that it tries to involve the player as much as possible. This is important when it comes to RPG games because they are so involved, and the longer a player plays, the more connected they feel to the game and characters.

The Game

Dragalia focuses on the bonds built between humans and dragons. That is to say, a dragon is not the main character, but the main character can become a dragon. The gameplay in Dragalia is ferocious and intense, shining with amazing and beautiful graphics. The difference between Dragalia and other RPG's is that Dragalia is a social RPG. This means it is not as competitive as other RPG's but the action never stops.

The Story

With RPG's, the backstory makes the game more interesting which makes it a better game to play. A flaw with a lot of RPG's is the consistent story line; they are very much the same. Dragalia has a different story line that is in very in-depth and makes it all the more fun to play. It's like playing a real story line on your mobile device. There is a ton of customization options you can play on this as well, making it personal and even more intriguing. The game is remarkably well-executed in every link it shares with the story. Prepare to enter the world of fantasy and adventure; you won't regret the choice at all.

The Graphics

Dragalia has some amazing graphics. The artistry is intensely beautiful with incredible drawing and color schemes. A game with good graphics is, in my opinion, more fun to play because you feel like you are actually in the game when playing it. Some games don't try to have good graphics and it's evident in how they play. However, the games that really try to push the graphic envelope are evident because they are trying to make a great experience for the player. While some games don't need to have great graphics, RPG's most certainly do. You are playing a story that can be found in a book, and the story comes alive with great graphics.


Dragalia is a fantastic RPG game full of adventure and endless strong game play. The story is remarkably interesting and provides even more fun and interaction. The best part of Dragalia is how it pulls you in and keeps you there, wanting more. It's a game one can get easily immersed in because the story is enthralling and attractive. The graphics are beautiful with a great color scheme. Nintendo has created a wonderful game with Dragalia and I hope we see other games in this same vein. Nintendo creating mobile games that are just as amazing as their console games is a great thing for the mobile gaming community.

https://appblast.online/app/dragalia-lost https://appblast.online/app/dragalia-lost Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Dropbox]]> https://appblast.online/app/dropbox]]>

The gig economy is changing the way that people pursue their dreams, and technology is a big part of that. Because a lot of people are starting to work from home or on-the-go, technology is necessary at times to keep everything organized.

Even though there are tons of apps in the play store to help keep our busy lives organized, at some point, it becomes challenging to manage all of the different programs and services that hold your important files and documents.

Dropbox promises to eliminate the busy work of sorting through all of the different applications that store your files by keeping everything stored in one location. The app also promises simple collaboration between friends and colleagues by allowing permission to send files to people who have not downloaded Dropbox. If these features sound appealing to you, then stick around so I can share my experience with you.

Collaboration Difficulties

Even though the description of the app says that you can send files and documents to people who do not have the Dropbox app installed, I had the hardest time trying to get anything to send to another person through the app. The only times I found success transferring files to another user was when they also had Dropbox installed on their device.

Not being able to truly collaborate with all of my peers seamlessly really put a damper on what I could actually do with Dropbox. Unfortunately, for me, this misrepresentation of the collaboration one is supposed to experience when using the app completely negated my purpose for downloading Dropbox in the first place.

Limited Usage

Nowadays, everyone has multiple mobile devices that serve different functions in their lives. You might have a personal cellphone, a designated work phone, a tablet or a smartwatch; no matter what the case, you would think that most developers would allow you to use their app across many unique devices, right?

Unfortunately, my hopes of seamlessly collaborating with my peers across all of my devices were quickly dashed when I realized I could only link up to three devices with my Dropbox account.

By limiting their users to three devices and restricting collaboration so that you can only send files to other Dropbox users, I feel as though the developers are missing the true potential this app could reach.

Buggy Updates

As if the limitations weren't frustrating enough, I learned all too soon that Dropbox has an issue with updating as well. After some updates, you might notice that you can't sign in to the app because you are supposedly signed in to too many devices.

Unfortunately, when this bug occurs, there is no way to unlink the devices as most of the time they are ghost devices that are glitched into your app. There have been several other occasions that Dropbox has completed froze up on me and prevents me from accessing any of the files I need.

I wouldn't mind it so much if the app had a few bugs here and there, what app doesn't from time to time. However, when the bugs are restricting me from my own content that should be accessible to me at all times, that's where I draw the line.

Dropbox carries a lot of potential, but until the developers put in some much-needed work, that's as far as the app goes for me; potential. I suppose if you are in a bind and you know for a fact that the peers you need to work with use Dropbox, then you'll probably have a more seamless experience. However, if you're unsure what your colleagues are using, I would ask around before committing to Dropbox.

https://appblast.online/app/dropbox https://appblast.online/app/dropbox Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Drum Pad Machine - Make Beats]]> https://appblast.online/app/drum-pad-machine-make-beats]]>

Making music is not something that everyone can afford or complete as talentedly as some, but with apps like Drum Pad Machine, it becomes a lot easier!

If you have the ear for creating great beats, but don't have the funds to get the equipment you need to make it happen, then head to the app store and download Drum Pad Machine to start creating hits on your own!

Drum Pad Machine gives music lovers the freedom to play with the arrangement of songs they already love from established artists or create their own music with the available sound packs on the app. No matter what level of music producer you are, the features available on Drum Pad Machine are sure to impress!

Turn Your Device Into A Drum Machine And Beat Mixer

Instruments in which to produce music are not cheap and take some level of skill to master. However, when you download Drum Pad Machine, you are getting nearly everything you need to make great music without having to spend any money if you don't want.

There are several different modes in which to create awesome sounds with, and you can navigate all of them through your tablet or another smart device. You'll want something with a decently sized screen as some of the modes can become rather extensive with their features, so a tablet is more appropriate for the Drum Pad Machine.

Multi-Touch Capable

One of the most frustrating things with mobile apps that require you to touch your screen to navigate them, which let's face, is all of them now, is when you are trying to select two features but can only use one at a time.

Although this is not a very common problem amongst mobile app users, it is a situation that can put a damper on certain mobile circumstances.

With Drum Pad Machine, you can select multiple boxes at once to create unique sounds. Because you can use more than one sound at a time, you can honestly get the whole music production experience when you install Drum Pad Machine.

Remix Your Favorite Music

Many people aspire to create their own music for the world, but others just want to remix favorite songs they believe could be improved upon. If you have a favorite song you know will sound great if you could only get your hands on a mixer, then you are missing out if you don't already have Drum Pad Machine.

It's easy to take familiar songs and turn them into unique remixes through the various options available through the app. If you are ready to see if you have what it takes to make music, then head to the app store to get Drum Pad Machine!

Drum Pad Machine is the perfect app for anyone who aspires to improve their skills in arranging music or producing beats for their own songs. As with many apps, Drum Pad Machine is not perfect and contains a good deal of ads for other apps and services.

Although there are few bugs to be found in Drum Pad Machine, the creators do their part to ensure the app stays up to date and bug-free!

https://appblast.online/app/drum-pad-machine-make-beats https://appblast.online/app/drum-pad-machine-make-beats Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Dungeon Maker]]> https://appblast.online/app/dungeon-maker]]>

I've always wondered what it might be like to create my own game or see what it's like to develop an entire dungeon filled to the brim with monsters and treasure galore! However, I don't have a lot of time to sit in front of a PC or gaming console, so I was hoping to find something in the play store that would give me a shortened version of the experience.

When I initially found Dungeon Maker I was so excited to see all the amazing options the developers laid out in the description. Tons of monsters to choose from, various weapons and spells to use, and many other features I thought would make for a great game.

Strange Layout

When I downloaded Dungeon Maker, I expected to see what any gamer would when hearing the word dungeon. I thought the atmosphere of the game would be on the darker side, with intricate levels to map out and strategize battles on.

What I actually found was something entirely different, and in my opinion, a bit strange. Instead of a dungeon that you run through with companions to track down enemies, it's almost as though you are placing all of your items, characters, and bosses on a piece of paper in the game.

Each page is blocked off with squares where you can place monsters to attack, structures, and other items found in the game. The actual avatar you play as appears as a pixelated figure that almost resembles a paper doll.

Messy Animation

Though I thought the layout of the dungeons was a bit strange because you are just standing in one spot, I thought I'd continue and see what actually happened when the battle began.

Because you're basically mapping out a dungeon on a piece of paper, there really isn't much room for an animation to take place. I was very disappointed with the overall dungeon experience with Dungeon Maker because as your battles are going on there are so many animations and graphics going off at once that it becomes nearly impossible to see what's going on.

Greedy Developer

You really never can tell if a developer is asking for money because of greed or for legitimate reasons. The initial fee to purchase the game was fairly reasonable, so I didn't think twice when I downloaded Dungeon Maker. However, soon after an update was made to the game, the developers were asking for more money for the content added to the game, which I felt was unfair.

I understand paying for extra content for a PC or console game, but when a mobile app is updated with new content or bug fixes, I don't understand why you would have to pay more money.

Another significant issue I had with Dungeon Maker was the near constant rate of crashes I had to endure. There were multiple times I had to completely start over because the game wouldn't load properly or stay connected. I find it strange that a game which requires no internet connection would experience so many issues.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend purchasing this game if you are looking for a true dungeon runner experience. I suggest saving your money for a sandbox game that will actually allow you to create levels or dungeons the way they are meant to be run.

https://appblast.online/app/dungeon-maker https://appblast.online/app/dungeon-maker Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Dungeon Princess]]> https://appblast.online/app/dungeon-princess]]>

I remember as a young child I wrote a very passionate "Dear Nintendo," letter complaining about the lack of female representation in the various games I played with my brothers. It seemed as though all the girls in the games we played were damsels in distress or in some way helpless without the help of a male protagonist. Although this has changed drastically over the past decades with the growth of the gaming community, I was still pleasantly surprised to see a title like Dungeon Princess in the Google play store.

Even as an adult it's always refreshing to see equal representation, but there was something different about this game. When I downloaded Dungeon Princess, I expected something very different than what I got.

Minimal Foes, Extensive Gear

One of the things I just couldn't wrap my head around while playing Dungeon Princess is why there were only 18 or so monsters and bosses in the game, but a plethora of items for each Princess to obtain.

Every single character in the game is a female aside from Ism, a "genius gamer" who aims to make his sister Nadie the Dungeon Princess over them all. The point of the game is to enter each dungeon with several other female characters who will all help to take down the foes in your path.

Pixel Heavy Graphics

Another feature I found to be interesting and infuriating all at the same time were the 2D, sometimes extremely pixelated graphics. As you play more in-depth into the game, you'll have hundreds of items to choose from. The only problem is, the thumbnails are so small for each graphic that you can hardly tell what the image is supposed to be.

Luckily the animation smooths out slightly while in gameplay, but the animation and graphics leave something to be desired in Dungeon Princess. The female characters in the game are animated to stand in strange, awkward, anime-girl poses, which can be quite irritating when you're trying to play a fighting game.

Usually, I wouldn't care about the stance of a hero, but it seems as though the characters are positioned sloppily so that you can see each female face on, which is strange, to say the least.

Misses The Mark On Empowerment

When you read the description of Dungeon Princess, it seems as though the developers were trying to create a game that showed women can be just as strong as men when delving deep into dungeons to concur their enemies.

However, when you download Dungeon Princess and start to play the game, it starts to feel like an anime girl fashion show. You can absolutely tell that this title was created by a man, for men, because the main focus is clearly on the attractiveness of the characters you get to play.

One of the things I find so confusing about this game is why there have to be so many females on the screen that I can barely see the background or comprehend who is casting what spell or completing what action.

The one redeeming factor I found with Dungeon Princess is that the developer and creator of the game are highly responsive to comments and questions about the game, so it is likely that all of its issues may be corrected in the future.

However, if you are looking for a great game with lots of epic battle sequences played out by strong, independent females, then you might want to keep looking because even the audio tracks for the characters makes them sound weak and helpless.

Because of the lack of story and decent graphics, I wouldn't spend the money to repurchase this game.

https://appblast.online/app/dungeon-princess https://appblast.online/app/dungeon-princess Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Duolingo: Learn Languages Free]]> https://appblast.online/app/duolingo-learn-languages-free]]>

I've always thought that learning a second language was an admirable trait for someone to have, and it is something I've always wanted to do for myself but always found some excuse not to make it happen.

The first time that I took a language class was in middle school where I attempted to learn the ancient and nearly dead language of Latin; probably not the best choice for someone who was getting through English class with barely passing grades.

I've always been a visual learner which leads me to believe that is why learning a second language has always been so difficult for me. Luckily, I found Duolingo, an app that breaks down all the fundamentals of learning your chosen second language, and shows you how to speak the language properly starting at the basics.

Clean Interface & Navigation

When I initially discovered Duolingo, I expected to become overwhelmed with information like so many other language learning sources. However, Duolingo keeps everything simple by only giving you a few items to review at a time.

I also enjoy that there isn't a lot going on in the app other than what you are trying to learn, so there are no distractions that can keep you from reaching your goals. There is an owl named Duo that will lead you through the app and give you a thorough tutorial when you download Duolingo; so, you'll never have to worry about flying solo when you use the app.

Listen Closely

My favorite feature in Duolingo is having the ability to hear everything pronounced as often as I need it to be. If there's one thing I struggle with when trying to learn a language it's getting that perfect inflection when speaking.

What I find helpful and interesting about this feature is the voice will change from male to female depending on the orientation of the phrase or words being spoken. Because Spanish, my second language of choice, has so many different rules as far as the gender of a word, it helps me to retain the information when I can hear a male or female voice associated with the words.

Learn by Category

When you download Duolingo, the first order of business is to tell Duo which language you would like to learn. After you've chosen from the vast selection of language options you will select how long you want to train every day and then it's time to get started!

You'll be met by a tree of categories that you can unlock as you progress through each lesson. As you start the app, you will be asked what level you are already at with the language you wish to learn so Duo can better choose a training method for you.

Initially, you'll learn a lot of basic words and phrases that you're probably already familiar with, however, as you progress through the training course you will start to see categories like food, travel, family and more!

Duolingo has definitely helped me feel more confident with the little bit of Spanish I do know, but I can't wait until the day that I can actually hold a conversation with a fluent speaker!

Duolingo is also a great app for kids as it's always easier to learn another language when you are still young. If you have an upcoming trip to a foreign land, or you simply want to surprise someone with the ability to speak a second language, then make sure that you train with Duolingo for the most attainable results. What makes the app even better is that you don't have to pay a dime to download!

https://appblast.online/app/duolingo-learn-languages-free https://appblast.online/app/duolingo-learn-languages-free Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Easy Voice Recorder Pro]]> https://appblast.online/app/easy-voice-recorder-pro]]>

Easy Voice Recorder is the best companion app to have if you are a student, professional, or simply want to be able to record audio at a moments notice. I can remember struggling to keep up with the teacher in school when taking notes. Oftentimes I would miss out on important information because I wasn't able to focus on what they were saying while I hastily jotted down whatever notes I could remember.

Now that I am an adult who attends meetings and other events where I need to remember vital information, the Easy Voice Recorder app allows me to record everything being said so that I can be present at the moment and review what I need to on my own time.

Record Anytime Anywhere

One of my favorite aspects of the Easy Voice Recorder is that I always have it with me. I am infamous, among those who know and love me, for losing things shortly after acquiring them, especially if they are important.

Now that I have downloaded the Easy Voice Recorder, I never have to worry about whether or not I have it with me, which I'm sure will give those around me a sense of relief as well!

My biggest concern when considering whether or not to purchase the Easy Voice Recorder was whether or not I could record long sessions or if there was a limit. Luckily, you can record as much as you want, and as long as you want in the Easy Voice Recorder app. That means you won't be worried about checking to make sure it's still recording either.

Non-Disruptive Interface

If you are a student that is considering the use of this app in a darker classroom setting, you don't have to worry about the light from your phone distracting the teacher or any of the students around you, as the developers have included a dark theme.

Although it might not seem like a big deal to most, having the ability to turn your screen darker means that it won't be shining a bright, intrusive light when people around you are trying to focus, and that's something I can appreciate!

Share Recordings

If you've ever been placed in a workgroup, then I'm sure you're familiar with the annoyances that come with having to share your notes with other students or colleagues that don't care to pay attention, or who were absent during a lesson or meeting.

If you tend to share a lot of your information, then you will love having the ability to send any of your recordings through email, text message, or social media. No more late night texts asking for info, no more having to try to remember everything that was said. Now you can just click on the recording you'd like to share, and send it off for others to write their own notes!

The Easy Voice Recorder is a must-have for anyone who has a need for a recorder. The app is far cheaper than any device you may find in an electronics store and it offers far better features as well.

You don't have to be a student or professional who attends meetings to benefit from using the Easy Voice Recorder. Imagine being able to record your music without limits and share your voice with your loved ones and the world around you.

There are so many great ways to use the Easy Voice Recorder app, but I would definitely recommend it for anyone who has to take notes on a regular basis, or who has a hard time remembering things that might be important.

https://appblast.online/app/easy-voice-recorder-pro https://appblast.online/app/easy-voice-recorder-pro Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest]]> https://appblast.online/app/empires-puzzles-rpg-quest]]>

There are endless options in the play store for those who enjoy a good game of match-3 puzzle solving, but all those options don't always give players the most variety when it comes to gameplay.

Most of the time, you may download a new matching puzzle game just to find out that it has a different theme than the ones you've already beaten. Recently, I was growing weary of all the monotony in the genre, so I took to the play store to find something unique and different.

Empires & Puzzles is one of the most unique matching puzzle games I could find in the market. The game blends the action and glory of building a team of heroes and defeating enemies, all while performing spells and actions by completing matches in challenging puzzles.

If you're tired of the same old match-3 experience, then download Empires & Puzzles to see if you have what it takes to defeat your enemies!

Next Level Experience

In Empires & Puzzles, you must select cards with unique heroes that offer special abilities. Each hero card has a designated color which corresponds with gems in the matching puzzle between your enemies and your heroes. The game becomes rather fast-paced as spell effects and damage starts to fly at your foes with every match you make.

If you enjoy matching puzzle games but have been looking for a more advanced experience, then you are sure to enjoy the depth and playability in Empires & Puzzles.

Stunning Graphics

Unlike some mobile developers who miss the mark on graphics for the small screen, Small Giant Games has truly set the bar for the future of matching puzzle games.

Not only are the jewel tones and spell effects absolutely stunning in this game, but the characters, both on cards and standing against you in battle, are impeccably animated to look as though they were pulled from a console game! It's not easy to deliver such impressive graphics for the small screen, but Empires & Puzzles seem to nail the task with no problem.

Wallet War

It seems as though the leading trend in mobile gaming is the almighty microtransaction. Unfortunately, Empires & Puzzles jumped on the bandwagon with developers who bombard players with requests to spend money on gems or other in-game items.

Unless you want to spend a ridiculous amount of time playing the game to level up your heroes, you almost have to spend your hard-earned dollars to progress in the game. This problem won't affect those players who enjoy taking their time beating a game, but for those of us who don't like to doddle when progressing through a game, it can be rather frustrating to be stuck at a snail's pace.

Empires & Puzzles may have its minor problems, but there is no denying that the game brings a certain breath of fresh air to the puzzle genre. Gamers who love puzzles, as well as action games, will love the blend of the two categories when they download Empires & Puzzles.

The only other issue I've noticed with Empires & Puzzles is that the game is a bit glitchy after updates; there are times that I can't get the game to load up for a few days. Overall, I would recommend the game to any players who want to try a new take on matching puzzle games.

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I remember watching soap operas with my mother on sick days from school when I was a kid, but I never understood why someone would want to live such a dramatic life! Nowadays it seems that everyone feeds off of the drama and scandalous happenings of everyday life. So much so that there are games in the app and play stores now that let you live the life of a soap opera star or another dramatic character.

I had been seeing a lot of fuss about an app that lets you make decisions that affect the way a story plays out, so I headed to the play store to download the Episode App to see what it was all about.

Play As Favorite Dramatic TV Characters

I used to love watching Pretty Little Liars back when it first came out, so I was initially excited to see that I could choose to play as my favorite characters from the show.

Basically, if you watch any teenage dramas, soap operas or similarly styled stories, then you will have the opportunity to play out some of those stories on your own terms if you download the Episode App.

See What The Other Side Is Like

I suppose one of the intriguing aspects of the Episode App is that you get to pretend to be someone and something you are not for a short time. Halloween was my favorite holiday when I was a kid for this very reason. I didn't have to worry about being awkward, clumsy me because that was the one day I got to be someone else. The Episode App has a very similar feel in that you get to choose how you think a character should react in a situation or what they should say in response in an argument.

Not A Good App For Developing Minds

I suppose this would be an entertaining app for young ladies in college or men who have an affinity for all things dramatic, but it's not a very good example of how you should behave.

Most of the stories and situations you find yourself in on the Episode App are highly inappropriate for kids and even teenagers. The app features a lot of adult choices with the various situations it puts your character in. For example, if you have a teenage daughter who plays the game, consider that it may be asking her to decide whether she wants her character to crawl through the bedroom window of a boy for a hot makeout session or whether she should do something else.

I don't know about anyone else, but this doesn't sound like the kind of content I want my kids playing when they are in their own little worlds on their phone.

The Episode App is definitely best enjoyed by mature gamers who clearly understand the concept of right and wrong and have a clear set of moral values in place. I myself would not recommend a game like this to many people unless of course you enjoy dramatic stories and want to play a game that makes you feel as though you are playing out a soap opera story.

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My favorite gaming console of all time is the PlayStation, and although I've stuck with the franchise since I can remember I miss being able to play those old classic games.

Something that always frustrated me about gaming is that a lot of the games we used to play back in the day are not available for play on the newer consoles.

Years ago, when I was deeper into the PC gaming world, I would install emulators to get my gaming fix, but they didn't always work the way they promised to.

Now that the mobile gaming industry is booming and growing ever-popular, I had to download ePSXe to see how well it ran my old favorites.

Classic PlayStation Emulator

When I have relied on emulators in the past to get my gaming fix, I've been disappointed with the lack of options, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I found ePSXe in the play store.

Some of my favorite classic PlayStation Games are from the Crash Bandicoot or Spyro franchises, and I was beyond pleased to see a wide selection from each of them. Just about every game I could remember owning as a kid was available in the run game section of the app, so of course, I couldn't wait to get started!

All you have to do to enjoy your favorite PlayStation games in ePSXe is click on the run game option and then choose from a plethora of titles.

Straightforward Controls

One thing I hated about the old emulators is that it was not always so clear how you were supposed to maneuver your character or perform specific tasks.

I love that in ePSXe there is a button overlay which appears on the screen of my phone, so it's always clear where I'm supposed to tap to play the game. Essentially, the overlay looks like the skeleton of a PlayStation controller with everything but the thumbpads included.

Now, I know what you're thinking, the overlay of the buttons probably covers up a lot of the game, right? Thankfully, the developers made sure to keep the controls light enough to not ruin the immersion of your game, but noticeable enough to not be overlooked when needed.

Tinny Audio

Although the graphics are pretty much spot-on compared to their console counterparts, each game seems to have a slight issue with the sound quality.

I can't be sure whether or not it is simply my device, but the audio in each game, including dialogue, music, and battle sequences, seem to have a slightly tinny tone to them. It's not the end of the world to have less than great sound quality when playing on an emulator, but it does make the gameplay far less immersive and appealing as it could have been.

Overall, I absolutely love the content you get when you download the ePSXe emulator. Not only have I found an emulator that really works and gives you tons of games to play, but I am not tied down to a computer to do it!

The best part about having the ePSXe app on your device is that you can play all the classic PlayStation games you want no matter where you go!

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If there's one thing I love about technology it's that gaming graphics have transformed from mere 8-bit pixelated animations to fully fledged 3D universes on the small screen of a cell phone or tablet.

I find myself always looking for the next best thing in mobile gaming; what are developers doing with graphics, how is the gameplay different, what are other people saying about the game?

Recently, I stumbled across Era of Celestials and was blown away with the level of detail and care the developers clearly took to create an immersive mobile experience. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about the game to decide whether or not you want to download Era of Celestials for yourself.

Eye-Catching Animation

I have played countless RPG games in my time, but I had never found a mobile game that offered graphics that looked as though they were intended for a PC until I found Era of Celestials.

Each time your party runs through an environment and engages in battle with new foes you will be impressed by the level of realism and quality in the graphics.

My only complaint when it comes to the visual aspect of the game is that at times there are so many spell effects, health bars, and character names in the way that it's hard to figure out what's actually going on.

Quick Fixes

I always feel discouraged when I find a mobile game that I really like, but the development team doesn't seem to respond to issues or fix any glitches that may be reported.

I was pleased to find that any bugs or glitches found in the Era of Celestials are quickly followed by a hotfix or patch to correct the issues players are having. Not only does this give me confidence in the lifespan of the game, but I also feel better about spending money in the in-game store if I feel like treating myself to a special boost or exclusive item.

Pay To Play

Even though you don't have to pay the developers to download Era of Celestials, you may find yourself spending more money in the game than you ever intended.

Just because a game comes with a $0 price tag doesn't mean that you'll never have to spend money in the game. Unfortunately, there are a lot of events that take place in Era of Celestials that require players to have specific items or characters that can only be obtained by putting real money into the game.

Although it's nice to have the option to spend a few dollars here and there if you want to, I don't think it should ever be a requirement for players to put their personal money into a game for something that offers no value to them.

Overall, Era of Celestials is a solid RPG adventure that offers plenty of playability and immersion for players who are looking to spend some real time on the game.

You will probably find the game more enjoyable if you spend a few dollars in the in-game store, but hopefully, with enough time, the developers will make it so that everything in the game will be attainable through hard work and dedicated gameplay.

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As someone that doesn't work a conventional job, I tend to do a lot of traveling for my work, which means tons of different files across all of my devices. There have been far too many times that I have desperately needed a file that I accidentally left at home on my laptop and was unable to retrieve it as soon as I would have liked.

Ever since I decided to download ES File Explorer App onto my phone, I can easily manage all of my files no matter where I am or how far away my devices are.

Manage All Devices

I truly didn't expect Es File Explorer App to work as well as it did, but everything seemed to connect seamlessly and allowed me to find all of the files I needed without any grief at all.

Whether you want to pull up that photo album on your computer, retrieve the downloaded movie off of the kid's tablet, or work on the thesis you started for class, you can do so by selecting the kind of files you want to search for.

I love that I can move files from one device to another without having them in front of me. Now, I can rest at ease knowing that next time I fly out of the state I won't have to scramble to figure out how to get my work to me.

Preview Compressed Files

There are some occasions where it is necessary to compress files, but that makes it rather frustrating to find where you put a specific document later on.

I've always hoped that someone would come up with a way to simplify the process of unzipping files and locating specific documents, and now my wish has come true! Now that I've downloaded ES File Explorer App, I can easily click on a compressed folder to preview all the files inside.

I don't know about you, but this feature alone was enough to sell me on the app.

Encrypt Files

Because the app is meant to manage all of your files from one location, you may want to consider protecting some of your files from sensitive eyes. Particularly, if you have children at home and don't want them to open certain files, whether they be financial documents you don't want them to accidentally delete or ruin or a movie you'd rather they didn't watch, you can safely encrypt any of your files through the ES File Explorer App so that they can only be opened by your password and username.

Another reason it might be a good idea to encrypt the files you save on your devices is if you work in a competitive environment where you must protect your work.

The ES File Explorer App has streamlined my business in ways I never thought possible. Now, instead of lugging all of my devices with me across the country, I can access everything I need with just a few taps of my phone screen.

If you have a ton of files that you struggle to keep organized, then I recommend using the ES File Explorer system to make the process a little bit easier for you!

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Are you sick and tired of missing out on the action when your favorite sports teams are playing? If so, then you should consider downloading ESPN onto your phone or tablet to have instant access to all of the live events, documentaries, and other sports-related content you've been missing out on.

The ESPN app gives sports fans the freedom to live their daily lives without worrying about whether or not they're going to miss out on an event because of other plans. Whether you just want to peak at the scoreboard or watch live events as they occur, the ESPN app has you covered with all the content you could ever want or need.

Easy Access To Scores

I'm not one of those die-hard fans that absolutely has to see every highlight of every game, but I do like to keep myself up to speed on the score of a game that's in progress.

Now that I've downloaded ESPN on my phone, I can check on the scores of every single game that is in progress, or recently played. Now I don't have to worry about a coworker or friend giving away the score before I can check it myself.

Another great way to check up on your favorite sports teams is to use the ESPN app to read articles about your favorite players. So, even if I wasn't able to catch the highlights of a game, I can still read about the condition of my favorite player if he's been injured in a game.

Premium Subscription

Although you can use the ESPN app for free with a cable subscription, there is also a premium subscription for viewers who want a few extra features and benefits from the service.

For just a few dollars a month, viewers can enjoy all the live events and on-demand games they can watch. On top of being able to read articles, check the scoreboards for various sports, and watch live events, you can also enjoy watching all your favorite exclusive ESPN shows and movies through the app when you pay for an ESPN+ subscription.


The most significant issue I found when using ESPN on my phone and tablet is that the app isn't always reliable when it comes to consuming content. Even though I pay for an ESPN+ membership, there have been several occasions when the app simply will not load a live event or will cut to a black screen halfway through a game.

I wouldn't mind this so much if you didn't have to pay for the ESPN+ service. If you ask me, it seems as though ESPN is trying to get away with milking their customers of every dollar they have without providing a seamless sporting experience.

It would be nice to be able to rely on multi-million dollar company to produce an app that would allow it's viewers to consume content without a problem, but it seems that ESPN has some tweaking to do with their application.

The ESPN app might come with its fair share of problems, but you can always rely on the app to give you reliable information about players, officials, and scores from various sporting events. I would caution any user who does decide to download the app to use the service without paying for the ESPN+ subscription. At the end of the day, you are only going to pay for a portion of the app that only seems to function when it feels like it.

However, if you stick to using the service without paying for the ESPN+ subscription, then you will more than likely enjoy a seamless experience watching your sports of choice!

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Evoland has to be one of my new favorite games to play on my smartphone. There's nothing like sitting down to a long, entertaining session of this game after a long day of work. As an adult gamer in my 30s, I have been gaming since the Nintendo was the hottest console a kid could own. With that said, I have quite a bit of gaming under my belt, and was pleasantly surprised to find that all of the styles are love are bound together in a neat little package within Evoland.

There is an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia when I play Evoland, and I think that's probably my favorite part about it. Without further gushing over my love for it, how about I dive into what is great about the game and why I think you should download Evoland too!

From Archaic To Modern

If you remember playing those 8-bit and 2D games when you were a kid, then you'll appreciate the starting graphics when you play Evoland. You'll even have to reacquaint yourself with the controls of older games, as the developers have made everything feel as close to the original play style as possible.

As you advance through the game, the graphics and controls begin to shift and morph as they have while technology has developed the gaming industry over time. You'll go from flat, monochrome color in 2D, to magnificent, vibrant 3D color and animation.

Once & Done!

There's nothing more irritating to me than a game that makes you pay to download it and then hounds you for more money while you're playing the game you've already put money into.

I was pleased to see the super low price tag on Evoland and decided to check it out because of all the game styles available with the title. I'm glad to report that once you pay the low fee to download Evoland, you will never again be bothered to spend a single penny as the game does not have any in-app purchases.

The best part about paying for Evoland is that you don't have to sit through any ads! So, just as you would if you were sitting in front of the TV playing on your console, you will never have to wait for an ad to finish and break you out of your zone!

Don't Die!

Although you never want to die when playing any RPG, you definitely won't want to let your guard down when navigating through the dungeons of Evoland.

One of the unfortunate things I've noticed about the game is that once you've died in battle, all of the enemies you previously defeated will respawn, but your health bar will not fill up.

This came as a shock the first time it happened to me, but it sure made me play with more strategy to not catch myself at a disadvantage again.

I could go on for hours about how much I love this game, but Evoland doesn't appear to be flawless either, so I've got to give you the lousy medicine now!

Although the game is optimized to work with most Android devices, the controls tend to get a bit clunky and invasive on some phones or tablets.

There are also a few random crashes here and there that may affect the outcome of your currently saved game tremendously. Some players even found that when they logged back into the game, it had reset their progress back to the start. However, you can't expect a mobile game to come without its random bugs and crashes. Overall, Evoland is a solid game that any seasoned, or young gamer for that matter, would enjoy thoroughly.

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Some of my favorite games to play as a kid were the 2D adventure games like The Legend Of Zelda or The Super Mario Bros. franchise. However, once technology and animation caught up in the gaming world, we started to see some incredible graphics across multiple platforms.

You wouldn't think that one game would include just about every other game element within its story, but Evoland 2 delivers everything I could ever ask for and even more.

When you purchase and download Evoland 2, it is like you'll be buying multiple games at once for one low fee, because you will feel as though you have!

Tons Of Easter Eggs

Gamers from all walks of life will appreciate the seemingly endless nods to titles from the past. Not so hidden in the game are many scenarios which might end up looking familiar to you.

You may have to grab a sword and run through a forest of foes attempting to rescue a damsel in distress, or you might be racing through a dark dungeon with strange yellow blocks that produce coins when you hit your head on them from beneath.

Even the mini-games laid out in Evoland 2 pay homage to some of the most popular games of all time. So, if you are one that loves all kinds of games, from puzzles, adventure RPGs, to card games and battling enemies, then you must download Evoland 2 to start playing!

Shifting Graphics

My favorite part about playing Evoland 2 is that you never get bored with the graphics or gameplay. I'm not sure how the developers get away with creating so much content while charging so little for such an extensive game, but my wallet sure does appreciate it!

When you start playing Evoland 2, you'll notice that your character and environment are all in the fashion of 2D adventurers like Link or Mario. However, after a while, you'll see that your game merges into a stunning 3D game with graphics worthy of any console.

Once you've completed specific quests and tasks, you'll be shifted back into a 2D form to continue on with your story.

Endless Hours Of Playtime

Though you wouldn't think a mobile game would have as much playability as a PC or console title, you'll be pleasantly surprised to hear that Evoland 2 is chock full with 20 hours of fully fleshed out content.

So, not only does the game give you plenty of nostalgia to keep you interested, various side games to play, and stunning graphics, but Evoland 2 is also apparently a game that was built to be enjoyedd for a long while.

This is the game you've been searching for if you find yourself getting bored with other games too quickly. There is enough content in Evoland 2 to keep even the pickiest of gamers entertained for hours on end.

The developers at Playdigious have outdone themselves with this fantastic game. If you are more comfortable playing console games, for example, you could always grab your favorite Bluetooth gaming controller to sink to the game for an even more enjoyable playing experience. Evoland 2 has so much to offer that there isn't much I could say against the app; however, with that said, it does not come without its flaws.

You might find that random quests will bug out leaving you unable to complete them or progress, but again, this is extremely rare and should by no means stop you from trying out the game. The only caution I could offer with trying Evoland 2 is that you must pay to download the game.

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<![CDATA[Exploding Kittens® - Official]]> https://appblast.online/app/exploding-kittens-official]]>

I absolutely love cats, so when I heard there was a card game called Exploding Kittens at our last family gathering, I was so excited to play! In the typical reunion fashion, we all gathered around this unique game for an evening of hilarity and quality time!

This is seriously one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played, and I'm so excited that I can get it for my phone too! I wasn't exactly sure what the game was going to be like when I downloaded Exploding Kittens, but I am so happy with the product I received!

Invite The Family To Play

My family loves to get together and play games that make us laugh and create ridiculous scenarios with funny cards. Exploding Kittens gives us all of that and so much more, but unfortunately, as we've all grown older and formed our own lives and families, it's not always so easy to come together and have a game night.

When you play Exploding Kittens, you have the option to either play a solo match, a match containing 2-5 players with strangers, or a 2-5 player match with family and friends whom you invited.

Hilarious Cards

My favorite part about Exploding Kittens are the funny cards in the various decks throughout the game. Luckily, in the mobile version of Exploding Kittens, they have included several brand new decks that you won't find in the physical card game.

This is genius to me, because if you are a real fan of the game, then you would naturally want to collect as many cards as you could. So, to honestly have all of the cards in the Exploding Kittens franchise, you would need to purchase the mobile version of the game as well. Clever, very clever indeed, Exploding Kittens!

Some Missing Elements & Some New

There are a ton of great things about the mobile version of the game, but when you download Exploding Kittens, don't expect to have every aspect of the traditional gameplay.

For example, when you play the physical copy of the game, you can stack specific combinations of cards and demand that an opponent give you cards from their deck.

It's not the most significant issue in the world, but it's worth mentioning that the competitive edge of the game is tarnished with this omission.

Some good news comes with the bad, however, and Exploding Kittens have added a few features to the end of the match that they apparently couldn't include in the physical game. You'll get to see how many exploding cats are left standing, how many players were in on the match, and many other stats at the end of each stage.

Exploding Kittens has quickly become a family favorite, and it's always included in our game nights when we can manage to get together. If you're looking for a hilarious game that will keep your family laughing and having a good time together, then you have to purchase Exploding Kittens!

As spot on as this version of the game is, it just doesn't pass with flying colors. I found in several of the matches I played with friends that many of the cards which are supposed to perform specific actions do not follow what they are supposed to.

Some cards that are to deal one or two new cards from the deck might throw several out at you instead. Little things like this are enough to make a match irritating, but not quite enough to ruin such a fun and belly-laugh-inducing game. As long as you have an open sense of humor, you're sure to enjoy Exploding Kittens.

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<![CDATA[Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go]]> https://appblast.online/app/fake-gps-joystick-routes-go]]>

When I first discovered Fake GPS Joystick in the app store, I wasn't quite sure what the app was supposed to provide. I soon discovered that the service is actually a location spoofer, which means you can fool any application or service on your phone into thinking you are anywhere in the world.

Initially, I thought this was strange and had no idea why this would be helpful in any capacity, but then I thought about the possibilities presented in the app and decided to download Fake GPS Joystick to give it a whirl.

Making Social Media Safer

Probably one of the most important benefits of downloading Fake GPS Joystick is simply to create a safer social media environment. I love the fact that you can go on to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and countless other social media pages and trick the site into thinking you are in a different location.

I see this as being a reliable safeguard at keeping our children safe. There are far too many social media outlets for them to contact strangers and that is a recipe for disaster. When you install Fake GPS Joystick onto your child's device, you are giving yourself the peace of mind that they aren't sharing their true location with strangers all over the world.

The thing I love most about this way of using the app is that you are in no way infringing on your child's privacy; they can still talk to their friends without worrying that you are spying on their phones.

Play Different Cities In Pokemon Go

I never imagined I could walk through my neighborhood and collect Pokemon from different cities all over the globe. Initially, I couldn't understand how a location spoofer like Fake GPS Joystick could fool Pokemon Go into displaying the unique creatures to that specific area.

Not only does the app fool the game into giving you the same experience you would as if you were in the chosen city, but it also provides a joystick to help you when it comes time to navigating gameplay.

The joystick itself has very smooth mechanics and I was pleasantly surprised to find how seamlessly it worked with third-party applications.

Snarky Developer

I thought there could be nothing worse than a developer that doesn't respond to customer complaints, but I was proven terribly wrong by the developer of Fake GPS Joystick.

This fella is missing a few rays of sunshine with his morning coffee because nearly every single reply in the forums has a snarky tone. I was appalled to read the tone in which this specific developer speaks to customers who have spent money to purchase their app.

If nothing else, reviews are meant to do developers a favor and assist them in improving on their product so that it can be more successful. For a developer to come back with rude comments that nearly insult the intelligence of their customers is just inexcusable in my opinion.

There are a lot of cool things you could do with Fake GPS Joystick, my favorite, of course, being the safety implications of the app. I will feel much better knowing that my nieces are speaking to their online friends while their actual location is safely hidden away. It's just unfortunate that customers have to deal with rude remarks and nasty comebacks if they have any complaints or suggestions on how to improve Fake GPS Joystick.

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<![CDATA[Family Locator - GPS Tracker]]> https://appblast.online/app/family-locator-gps-tracker]]>

In this day and age, the world can be a terrifying place, especially if you have a family with kids. You never know what can happen nowadays when the family separates every morning to go about their daily routines, so it's nice to know that app developers are finding new ways to keep our families safe and out of harm's way.

Our favorite aspect of Family Locator is that you are never really out of the loop on where your family is because the GPS tracker will show you anytime you need to feel that sense of peace and calm.

Although there are those out there who might use this app to violate the privacy of their friends or family, the app indeed does offer quite a lot of great safety features to protect the ones you love most.

Real-Time Location Mapping

If you are a parent who's ever been waiting around the house well after your child was supposed to return from being out with friends or at school, then you know that terrible gripping fear that takes over.

Your knees start to shake, your stomach is in knots, all because you can't get a hold of your child and have no idea where they are. Now, if you ever have a fear that one of your family members is lost or in danger, you can open the family locator map and see their location in real time.

Another way to use the app to keep track of your family members is to create a "circle" which is a group of loved ones who you can reach out to and communicate with through the Family Locator app.

Driver Care Support

There's nothing more terrifying than having a spouse who travels on the road frequently or having a teenager with a fresh license. It can be daunting to imagine that your loved one could find themselves injured in a wreck with no way to contact you or let you know what's happened.

Fortunately, when you download Family Locator, you are also making sure that everyone in your tightly knit circle will always have an eye in the sky while they're driving. If for some unfortunate reason they are involved in a car accident, the app will notify you as well as the authorities. Now you can rest at ease knowing that someone is watching over your loved one when you cannot be there.

Location History

This is where things get a little tricky. Location history is one of the many features of the app which lets you check out where your family members or friends have been according to the app.

Now, we know what you're probably thinking, this is a disaster waiting to happen with jealous spouses or overprotective mothers. However, you must consider the safety implications this brings up.

Consider the terrifying event of your child being abducted or lost in an unfamiliar area. The app will keep track of their comings and goings so that you can track them down and get them home safely.

There is one significant issue with apps like Family Locator, and that is the inevitable abusive use of the app by overprotective parents and controlling spouses.

If you have kids and you are using the app to know they are safe and keep an open, direct line of communication while you are apart, then great, you're using the app the way it's intended.

But if you are planning to download Family Locator on your device just so you can spy and play puppeteer with your loved ones, then perhaps you should take a good hard look at why you want to download it?

https://appblast.online/app/family-locator-gps-tracker https://appblast.online/app/family-locator-gps-tracker Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Farm Heroes Saga]]> https://appblast.online/app/farm-heroes-saga]]>

There are countless renditions of match-3 games in the mobile play store, but I find myself growing bored with all the monotony and predictability with the titles I've tried in the past.

Lately, I've missed playing the puzzle games, so I wanted to see if there were any titles out there that would bring something new to the genre. I ran across a few different apps to try, but Farm Heroes Saga had to be my favorite out of the bunch.

If you have been searching for a breath of fresh air when it comes to playing games in the match-3 category, then head to the play store and download Farm Heroes Saga to start playing!

Bright Whimsical Graphics

What initially caught my eye when scrolling through the play store, was the brightly colored and whimsically animated vegetables and other icons. I have grown so tired of seeing the same style of match-3 puzzles in every other game in the genre, so it's refreshing to see shapes other than a square or jewel on the board!

The background of the game is just as stunning as the characters on the puzzle board with rolling countryside hills and roaming livestock on sprawling farmland.

Defeat Enemies To Progress

Possibly the most intriguing aspect of Farm Heroes Saga, in my opinion, are the various boss fights that pop up along your puzzle journey. Not only will you have to complete puzzles which increase in difficulty as you move forward through the game, but you will also have to contend with challenging villains like an evil raccoon before you can progress.

The boss fights are some of my favorite puzzles to complete in the game, as you must complete as many matches as you can to diminish the strength of your foe and ultimately defeat him.

I was worried that the boss fights might feel out of place in the game, but the creatures used by the developers to create enemies are ones you might actually contend with on a farm.

Excellent Playability

When looking for any new game to play, one of the first things I look for is whether or not the game seems like it has worthwhile replay value. If I know that I can probably beat a game in a few hours without having much else to do, then I typically skip over it altogether.

I know that match-3 games typically have a few hundred levels, so I was expecting the same when I downloaded Farm Heroes Saga and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was no end in sight, even after playing for days on end.

What I love most about Farm Heroes Saga is that it steps outside of the box when it comes to match-3 games, almost literally! Most of the games in the market focus on square images like pieces of cake, candy, or toy blocks, so it's always refreshing to find a developer that goes against the grain a bit.

My only complaint with the game would have to be the number of ads that pop up when I'm playing the game. There have even been a few occasions when a commercial has popped up in the middle of a match and completely ruined my momentum and progress.

Another thing that always bothers me about match-3 games is that they always include some form of life or turn system that limits the time you can play the game. At times, I have been stuck on a level for days because I kept running out of lives before I could complete it.

With that being said, there is always the option to spend money in the in-game store to buy boosts and infinite lives, but I would rather play my free-to-play titles, for free!

https://appblast.online/app/farm-heroes-saga https://appblast.online/app/farm-heroes-saga Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Farming Simulator 18]]> https://appblast.online/app/farming-simulator-18]]>

There are tons of simulation games on the market, but very few of them offer realistic graphics and tasks. I was so used to playing the limited cartoonish simulators on social media, that I was surprised to see one as sensible and well-thought-out like Farming Simulator 18.

Since I was a child, I've always been obsessed with farming and the way of life that surrounds it, but I never had the opportunity to spend much time on a farm. So, now that I am an adult, any simulation of farming I can get is a real treat.

If you want to see what a real farming game is supposed to feel like, then head to the play store on your device to download Farming Simulator 18.

Realistic Simulation

Most farming simulators are laid out in an aerial view, and you choose blocks in which to plant crops or place animals and decor. These sorts of games are fun enough, but they can also be very limiting as most of them require lives or points to make a move and then it's hours until you can play again.

I love that Farming Simulator 18 doesn't limit your gameplay in any way, and because you pay for the app, you don't have to sit through random ads while farming either.

There are over 50 replicas of actual farming equipment for you to use in the simulator and each one offers a different benefit, as it would on a real farm. Not only do the machines look realistic, but the mechanics and physics of the game are made to make them work the way they are supposed to as well, so you're really going to feel like a virtual farmer!

Transporting Goods

Typically, when I've played lesser farming simulations in the past, I have had to try and sell my goods to other players in an in-game marketplace.

However, when you download Farming Simulator 18, you get to choose one of the many transport vehicles to load up your material and take it out for sale on the road.

I love every practical aspect of this game, and it only makes me want to live and work on a farm even more, but for now, Farming Simulator 18 will have to do.

NPC Vehicles Are Glitchy

As great as the game is, there is one hilariously glaring issue which needs to be addressed. There are tons of NPCs, or Non-Playable Characters, that will help you get your work done on the farm, or at least try their best! Many of the NPC vehicles seem to have a hard time staying on the road or figuring out where they are supposed to go, as I have found a few of them trying to drive through a wall already.

The frustrating part about this is that if they are out on the job for you, you may have to head out and round them up to get it done.

Overall, I love playing Farming Simulator 18 because it really feels like I am using the equipment and managing crops in my own fields. I also enjoy that you can use the machine to load other vehicles up, instead of watching a cinematic of it.

Because the game lets me perform all the actions myself, it doesn't get boring too quickly, and it adds a bunch of replay value to the game. One note about the development team I'd like to make is that they seem very quick to respond to customer issues with Farming Simulator 18.

So, if you find yourself getting frustrated with something, just reach out to them and get the problem worked out as soon as possible.

https://appblast.online/app/farming-simulator-18 https://appblast.online/app/farming-simulator-18 Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Fate/Grand Order (English)]]> https://appblast.online/app/fategrand-order-english]]>

RPG adventures have been a staple in my video game library ever since I was old enough to really get into the hobby. Typically, I would sit in front of the TV or computer monitor for hours on end grinding from one quest to the next, but who has time for all of that as an adult? I found myself browsing the play store recently with hopes of finding a mobile RPG that would be less time consuming to play but would also provide the same excitement as a console title.

Although there were plenty of solid choices, I landed on Fate/Grand Order because of the intriguing mix of immersive storytelling and epic card battle sequences. Don't let the story portion of the game deter you from downloading Fate/Grand Order as the developers have written it in such a way that both fans and newcomers to the series will enjoy the storyline and dialogue between characters.

Beautiful Animation

I was initially drawn to Fate/Grand Order because of the stunning anime-style graphics both during the battle sequences and story cinematics in the game.

There are over fifty famous illustrators from the anime community, so you know the artwork is going to be impeccable when you download Fate/Grand Order. Every single battle scene has in-depth animation that even includes the light from the sun shining through the treetops and shadows casting off of the environment.

If you are tired of looking at over-the-top 3D graphics while you're playing monotonous match-3 games, then perhaps it's time to switch up your mobile gaming library with something that has a bit more depth.

Extensive Story

When it's time to relax, there are only a handful of activities you'll find me doing. Either I'm hovering over my phone playing an exciting mobile game, or I'm lounging on the couch with a good book. It's a rare occasion to find these two pastimes merged together, but when it happens I can't help but download the game in question.

Fate/Grand Order not only offers an impressive visual experience, but the game also gives players the opportunity to immerse themselves into a storyline consisting of over one million words. The word count isn't as daunting as it seems, however, because each of the characters in the game must be unlocked before their part of the story can progress. So, there is a comfortable flow when it comes to reading through plot and dialogue, and battling against your enemies.

Always Improving

It's rare nowadays to find a development team that doesn't drop the quality of their game over time. Even though Fate/Grand Order has been a popular title for some time now, the development team is regularly updating the game and improving on the overall user experience.

One of my favorite things about playing Fate/Grand Order has to be the true free-to-play experience. I never feel pressured to spend my money in the in-game shop, even though there is one available if I should ever feel like splurging. It definitely takes a dedicated player to put in the time and commitment to progress through Fate/Grand Order, but the end result is well worth the wait.

I would highly recommend Fate/Grand Order to any player who enjoys an immersive RPG adventure with an even blend of fighting and amazing graphics as well as immersive storytelling.

I found it refreshing to finally play a game that didn't make me feel as though I had to spend money in order to advance through the story. Although some of the characters in the game may be tougher to level up, I think that makes the game all the more fun to play.

https://appblast.online/app/fategrand-order-english https://appblast.online/app/fategrand-order-english Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS]]> https://appblast.online/app/final-fantasy-brave-exvius]]>

Although I love the breathtakingly realistic graphics that are more and more prevalent in the gaming community, there are still times that I like to kick back and relax with a good 2D turn-based RPG. Because I spend most of my gaming time on my tablet or smartphone, I began searching for a title in the play store that would allow me to have a nostalgic experience on the go.

Final Fantasy is one of the most popular franchises in the gaming industry, so it's no wonder that I came across several options; however, there was one that caught my attention above the others.

If you too are looking for a nostalgic RPG gaming experience, then stick around while I tell you all about the things I enjoy about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and which aspects I would change.

Simple Controls, Challenging Gameplay

One of the first things I look for before downloading any mobile game is how well the developers have set up the control system and user interface. There's nothing more frustrating than spending most of your energy trying to figure out how to actually play a game. I found out rather quickly after downloading Final Fantasy Brave Exvius that the game has an easy tap to select control set up.

With that said, I also like to have a bit of a challenge when playing an RPG, so I was pleased to find the actual gameplay offers enough difficulty to inspire the player to use their know-how and expertise to get the job done!

Mobile Adventure

If there were only one positive thing I could say about the mobile gaming industry, and there are many great things, I would gush about the freedom it gives players all over the world to enjoy the games they love anywhere they want rather than being tied to a TV or PC monitor.

When you download Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, you can enjoy all the fun and excitement of an immersive RPG experience including wandering villages and forests to locate NPCs that will send you on epic quests.

Data Loss Glitches

One of the biggest issues I had with this game was the seemingly random glitches that would cause all of my save data to disappear completely. It appears as though many of those who play Final Fantasy Brave Exvius have encountered this same issue but the developers have yet to find a solution.

This issue is frustrating in itself, but what makes it all the worse is that most customers never get their saved game back, which means that any money spent in the app will have been wasted as well.

I find it frustrating that more and more developers are practicing tactics to get money from players without giving them the items and gameplay they paid for. At the end of the day, perhaps keep your real dollars in your wallet and keep it a free-to-play experience as intended.

Overall, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a wonderfully nostalgic RPG with tons of features to keep you entertained for hours on end! Although it does have the problems of losing saved progress, it's not as if every single player will have this issue at one point or another. So, if you have a newer device, you probably don't have much to worry about in that department.

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<![CDATA[FINAL FANTASY TACTICS : WotL]]> https://appblast.online/app/final-fantasy-tactics-wotl]]>

Final Fantasy Tactics has been one of my favorite RPG games since its original launch date for the PlayStation back in 1997. I was thrilled when I saw the revamp for the PSP in 2007, but I'm even more excited to find Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL in the mobile game store. Portable consoles can be really expensive, so I was happy to see Square Enix came out with a version for us mobile players! Although you might gasp at the somewhat expensive price tag in the play store, keep in mind how legendary the game is and how hard the developers worked to bring it to the small screen of our phones! Honestly, after playing the game for a short while, the sting of the purchase price didn't hurt half as much as I thought it might!

Natural Controls

One of the things I find most irritating about most mobile games that try to create adventure titles or RPGs is the wonky controls that nearly half of them seem to have. Luckily, Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL has some of the most natural and intuitive controls of any mobile adventure game I've ever tried. Instead of just zooming in and out of the maps in Final Fantasy Tactive: WotL, players can simply tap, touch, pinch, drag, and rotate the screen to manipulate the view of the maps in the game.

Keeping Things Moving

Another of my gaming pet peeves is when I have to sit through multiple loading screens or lengthy cutscenes that I've either already seen, or do not care to watch in the first place.

The development team for Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL has definitely streamlined the gameplay in this version of the game as they have shortened the time on loading screens and allow players to skip cutscenes if they want.

As much as I dislike sitting through cutscenes, I must say that the ones included in Final Fantasy games have always been hard to turn off anyway. At times they can be a decent break from the monotony of battle, so it is a breath of fresh air to have the option to skip over them.

No Cloud Save

There is really only one significant factor of the game that I would tweak, and that is to give the players the ability to save their game to the cloud so that it can be picked up on another device.

I found out the hard way that once you download Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL and change devices there is no way to recover the progress you have already made on your old device. With the game being over $10 in the play store, I feel like you should at least be able to jump from mobile device to device without worrying about losing your progress.

However, it is comforting to know that the game is always evolving and the developers have always worked diligently to give us the best possible product, so I am sure this will be a feature in the near future.

Overall, I would highly recommend downloading Final Fantasy Tactics: WotL for anyone who loved the game in its original form. You are sure to enjoy reconnecting with your favorite Final Fantasy heroes just as much as I did!

The only other thing I might change about the game is brightening up the graphics a bit. At times, depending on what dungeon or quest you are running through, the background can be a bit dark and lacking for detail.

Other than that, the game runs nearly as well as it did on my Playstation all those years ago as a kid.

https://appblast.online/app/final-fantasy-tactics-wotl https://appblast.online/app/final-fantasy-tactics-wotl Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire]]> https://appblast.online/app/final-fantasy-xv-a-new-empire]]>

Final Fantasy has been one of the most popular game titles in the industry for at least the last decade, so I wasn't surprised when I started to find Final Fantasy games in the mobile play store.

As someone who has been a fan of the franchise since the start, I expected big things from the titles I found in the play store, but I was sorely disappointed.

I took a chance in downloading Final Fantasy XV because I expected great things from the mobile adventure strategy game. Although there are some great things about Final Fantasy XV for your mobile device, there were several things that seemed beyond disappointing with the title. First, let's start with what I did like!

Whimsical Graphics

Much like any of the games in the franchise, the mobile version of Final Fantasy XV includes some of the best graphics you can find in a mobile strategy game.

The colors are bright and whimsical and the developers did fantastic work on animating the different battle sequences and magical effects in the game as well. On top of seeing the Final Fantasy world in all its whimsical glory on the small screen of your phone, you can choose to assemble parties of heroes that consist of your favorite characters from the console and PC version of Final Fantasy XV.

When I initially downloaded Final Fantasy XV and saw the attention to detail in the graphics, I had high hopes for the rest of the game, but those hopes were soon dashed away.

Bait & Switch Tactics

Although the greatest appeal for playing Final Fantasy XV on my phone was the free-to-play status, it seems as though the game is focused more on the war of the wallet than producing a playable game.

First of all, the in-game store teases you with the promise of advantageous card packs only to give you a fraction of what you were promised once you shell out the cash to make a purchase.

Not only is this a very misleading practice, but the developers put an insanely high cost on each pack, making them no less than $100 after you start giving them money. Even if you had the kind of money to drop hundreds of dollars on a mobile game, you still wouldn't get all of the product you were promised, and the developers couldn't care less!

No Love For Customers

It seems to me that the most popular games in the play store tend to have a caring and hard working development team. So, it just seems strange to me that a company as successful as Epic Action LLC would ignore the pleas of wronged customers and continue with their unfair practices.

Although many customers have reached out to the company to be compensated for the missing items and money, they are only met with cookie-cutter copy and paste emails that offer no assistance; that is if the company decides to respond at all!

There wasn't much of a saving grace for the mobile version of Final Fantasy XV for me as there are so many problems with the way the game is managed. After nearly every update there is some new issue to contend with in the game, and you will rarely if ever, see a solution to the problem.

One of the most recent issues with the game leaves the text so small that you can't keep up with the storyline. What's worse is that you can't properly communicate with your teammates because of an annoying white overlay that covers up the entire text box. At the end of the day, I'm calling this one a "player beware."

https://appblast.online/app/final-fantasy-xv-a-new-empire https://appblast.online/app/final-fantasy-xv-a-new-empire Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Fire Emblem Heroes]]> https://appblast.online/app/fire-emblem-heroes]]>

Nintendo's popular Fire Emblem series is still regaling customers after 25 long years of releasing games for their various consoles. But now, players can enjoy a strategic RPG adventure wherever the mood strikes them by downloading Fire Emblem Heroes onto their mobile device.

It's not often you find a major establishment like Nintendo creating content for mobile gamers and for free no less, so I took a leap of faith and installed the game.

All of my favorite characters from the series are available to unlock and level up in Fire Emblem Heroes, so the replay value far exceeds anything I expected from this title. Not to mention the graphics are absolutely incredible for a mobile game, but what can you expect, it is Nintendo after all!

Old School Meets New School

When playing any video game, you would typically expect to find 2D or 3D graphics, but rarely were they once married as often as they are now. Nintendo has created the perfect mesh of 2D gameplay with stunning 3D animations.

So, even though you might have little 2D figures with blocky builds running around the map and battlefield, you will also enjoy seeing 3D, anime-style animations of your favorite Fire Emblem characters when going through the lengthy story mode and when they battle their foes.

Extensive Story

I would caution anyone who dislikes a lot of reading to possibly look for something different as you will be doing a lot of it if you download Fire Emblem Heroes.

Instead of long cutscenes between quests and battles, a chat box will appear at the bottom of your screen with the dialogue between the group who is speaking. You will also see a still animation of the characters as they speak to one another.

You could look at this feature of the game as great or ghastly, depending on the way you like to game. If you get tired of having to skip through a lot of dialogue before getting to the action, then this one might not be the game for you!

There are over 700 story chapters in Fire Emblem across all of the difficulty levels so you can imagine just how extensive the playability is in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Strategic Know-How

One of the things you have to be careful of when rushing into the heat of battle is the strategic placement of each of your heroes. Fire Emblem Heroes takes real-time strategy gaming to a new level by giving players the opportunity to reposition their heroes on the grid of the battlefield before engaging in a battle.

You'll have to carefully consider the abilities of each character on your team before giving them an assigned location. Not only will you have to think about the level of each of your heroes, but you will also need to consider the abilities of your opponents as well.

Fire Emblem Heroes is such a great way to waste time when I am looking for a game to play on my phone. There are tons of chapters in the game already, but the developers add more with nearly every update, so the story is ever-evolving and ready to bring new excitement to your gaming world.

Keep in mind, that although Fire Emblem Heroes is free to play, you will more than likely experience ads while you play the game, and players have the ability to spend real money in the in-game store if they'd like to progress a bit faster.

However, there is not a lot of pressure from Nintendo to open up your wallet when you play Fire Emblem Heroes which is a refreshing change for the mobile gaming market!

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<![CDATA[Fishdom]]> https://appblast.online/app/fishdom]]>

I remember the first and only fish tank I had as a kid. The tank was full of brightly colored rocks, a few plastic decorations, and, of course, my goldfish friends. My parents kept it in their bedroom so my brother and I didn't get to see our fish very much but when we did it was usually to clean out the tank or feed them.

Now that I'm older, I've contemplated getting another fish tank, but I just can't get over the idea of having to put up with the headache of cleaning the thing or dealing with the smell they can sometimes put off.

When I discovered Fishdom in the play store on my phone, I knew I had to give the game a try. It allows me to do all the fun stuff that comes with owning a fish tank, without having to deal with all the not so fun elements.

Creating Beautiful Environments

One of my favorite parts about playing Fishdom is being able to decorate and design the various tanks you can choose in the game. I assumed once I had downloaded Fishdom that the game would just have a single atmosphere in which to design and redecorate repeatedly.

I was pleased to find that there are dozens of environments in which to choose for your unique fish tank, and even more inhabitants to acquire for it! I never expected to find cobblestone streets, gas lamps, houses, and so much more available for purchase in the in-game shop.

Challenging Match-3 Puzzles

Initially, I had no clue what I might have to do to earn in-game currency to purchase the decorations and fish to go into my tank. I should have known that the developers would incorporate the ever-evolving match-3 puzzles to the game as a way to earn currency.

What I like about the match-3 puzzles in Fishdom is that they feel unique to the ones you find in many other mobile games on the market. The game boards are laid out in a challenging and unique way, so you'll never get bored with the variety.

More Than Floating Fish

I merely expected a simple aquarium simulator that would let me feed some digital fish while enjoying the idea of having some little fresh-water friends again.

Once I downloaded Fishdom and really dove into the game, I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity in the game. There are tons of challenging puzzles to play, beautiful atmospheres to design and decorate to your heart's content, and dozens of animated fish friends to hang out with.

All of the fish seem to have their own personality as well, which I absolutely love about the game. All of the fish speak to each other, perform tasks in the tank, and entertain you with their random actions; so, there is far more to them than simply bobbing and floating around in the water to look pretty.

Fishdom is definitely a game built for players who enjoy working through challenging match-three puzzles. As you start playing the game, the puzzles are not too difficult, which is nice as you are just trying to establish your fish tank. However, once you get into the higher levels of the game, the puzzles start to get so difficult that the game seems to stand still at times.

One of the things I love about Fishdom is that you have to pay a small fee before downloading, which means you don't have to suffer through any ads while playing the game. All you have to worry about when playing Fishdom is sitting back, relaxing, and having a good time!

https://appblast.online/app/fishdom https://appblast.online/app/fishdom Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Five Nights at Freddy's]]> https://appblast.online/app/five-nights-at-freddys]]>

It takes a special kind of player to muster up the courage to complete a game from the horror genre, and we found a title that is sure to make you peek over your shoulder a few times!

Five Nights At Freddy's is a terrifying title which leaves you, a newly hired security guard, alone in a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza joint. We know it doesn't sound like much, but this horror title works to poke at the irrational fears of children and adults alike.

Have you ever had a creepy doll that you could barely stand to look at? If you have, then you know just how disturbing inanimate objects can be, especially robotic mascots that come to life after closing time in a family pizza place!

When you're ready to see if you can survive your shift, then head to the play store and download Five Nights At Freddy's to get started.

Limited Power

At the start of each session, you will begin in the security office of the pizza place, which has monitors all over the vast complex. All seems well until you notice the limitations to your power source. Once your power runs out, the doors and lights will fail, and all you will have to keep you safe are the monitors who keep track of each area of the restaurant.

Though it might seem simple, the cameras do not always give you the best vantage point because of the lights being out, so you'll also have to be sure to hide so that you can't be easily found.

Don't Let Them Find You

The most important aspect of Five Nights At Freddy's is to make it through five nights of hell in the place with three seemingly possessed and murderous robotic creatures.

If you can keep track of where you are compared to where the characters are on the cameras, you can move around the complex to find new hiding places; however, you'll find it far more difficult to know where they are and where you need to move to stay safe.

If you think you have the directional skills and level head about you to take on this terrifying game, then download Five Nights At Freddy's and dim the lights before you play, we dare you!

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Although you might be thinking, there aren't many terrifying qualities to a robotic mascot in a children's pizza shop, but you'll soon learn just how scary Freddy and his friends can be once you've lost all the lights and use of security doors in the building!

You'll get a chill up your spine as you peer at the screens on the first night, and by the fifth, you'll be begging for a way out without being caught. Be prepared for when the robots do pop up because you are sure to jump out of your skin when they do!

As far as games in the horror genre go, Five Nights At Freddy's holds it's own at the top of the list. Freddy is just as popular with gamers now as he was years ago upon his introduction.

There is one issue commonly seen in the comment section with Five Nights At Freddy's, however, and the idea of it becoming a widespread problem is enough to make us want to throw our phones.

Many players are seeing a glitch on the final night where the game will randomly kick them back to the home screen, effectively losing all progress in the game they were on. Hopefully, this is an issue which will be fixed in an upcoming patch. We can only hope so, as FNaF is one of our new favorite horror titles!

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<![CDATA[Five Nights at Freddy's 2]]> https://appblast.online/app/five-nights-at-freddys-2]]>

Even though I've always been somewhat of a scaredy-cat, there has always been something in me that is drawn to a good horror game. My brother and I would gather around my Uncle when we were young and watch him play terrifying titles like Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

Through the years there have been some great horror games to hit the genre, but the one I find to be most unsettling, and even nerve-racking at times, is Five Nights at Freddy's. I enjoyed playing the first game, although I had to take frequent breaks to make sure I didn't wet myself from a jump scare. However, now that I have finished with the first story, it's time to move on and download Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and start my adventure again!

Otherworldly Animatronics

There's just something about an animatronic figure that is intensely creepy. The way they move, and sing, their dead, unblinking eyes; now imagine those same machines coming to life and trying to track you down in a dark, family-friendly restaurant after closing time.

In each installment of the game, the animatronic creatures at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza seem to get more and more terrifying. Along with the addition of extra terrifying features on the characters you already know and love, there are new members to Freddy's crew who are eager to scare the pants off of you!

Limited Power

If there's one thing that's given me the heebie-jeebies all my life it would be stuck in a dark area with no means of turning a light on. Something about not being able to see what is around me has always been a horrifying thought.

I found out rather quickly with the FNAF series that the majority of the time you are playing through a night, you will not have a flashlight or means to turn the power on. Because the battery life is limited on your only flashlight, you'll need to make smart decisions on when to use it and when to stay put in the dark.

The only power that will remain in the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza restaurant is keeping your security cameras active so that you can keep an eye on the murderous figures who are out to find you!

Hide In Plain Sight

Sometimes the only option you have in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is to hide yourself out in the open. Though this might sound counterproductive, the characters will not be able to find you because they use face recognition software, and the boss has equipped you with a Freddy mask, just in case.

If you are not careful to watch the cameras, the figures just might show up in your office for a not-so-sweet surprise.

However, if you are quick enough to place the Freddy head over your face, then you are sure to fool them, at least for now.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is an extremely addicting game to play, as the developer has made sure to give you plenty of challenges to overcome. Many people think that the game can be too hard at times, but I would much rather have a lengthy game that challenges me than a game I will beat in just a few hours.

I would recommend Five Nights at Freddy's 2 for anyone who is already a fan of the genre, or for those who want to be able to play the game on the go rather than stay tethered to your PC or console. Overall, FNAF 2 is well worth the money to purchase the game and will surely keep any horror fan entertained.

https://appblast.online/app/five-nights-at-freddys-2 https://appblast.online/app/five-nights-at-freddys-2 Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[FL Studio Mobile]]> https://appblast.online/app/fl-studio-mobile]]>

As far back as I can remember, I've always been fascinated by music; listening to all the different layers to a song was always the most intriguing part for me.

When I was younger, before I understood the idea of a production studio and equalizers and all that good stuff, I had no idea how someone could take so many sounds and mash them all together to make something so beautiful, or rhythmic.

I knew I had to download FL Studio Mobile as soon as I found it in the play store, as all the features and benefits listed in the description were everything I'd ever hoped to find in a music creation app.

Straightforward Navigation

Because I have no previous knowledge in mixing tracks or creating beats with an equalizer or mixer, I was so relieved to find the navigation to be straightforward and simple to understand.

I appreciated that the developers took the extra time to simplify features which might otherwise be too difficult for the untrained user. The interface is essentially a grid made up of rows of squares. Each row represents a different layer of sound in your track, so it's easy to tell what sound is coming from where.

The farthest side of the screen even has a label on the first box which will tell you exactly what that row is producing in the current track. When you download FL Studio Mobile on your phone, it's like having a mobile music studio in your pocket at all times!

Long Click To Copy And Paste

One of the features I really enjoy when creating a track is the long click to copy and paste option. If I am really enjoying a specific loop in the track, all I need to do is long click on the section of squares containing the sounds I want to loop, and then long-click again to paste the section into another location on the track. This saves so much time because you aren't having to scroll back and forth to make sure you haven't messed up the rhythm at any point.

Choose A Track Or Create Your Own

If you are not a musical genius like some lucky people out there, don't worry about feeling overwhelmed or lost when using FL Studio Mobile, as there are plenty of built-in music tracks for you to synthesize, equalize, and otherwise make your own.

I love that when I'm feeling a little less creative or lazy, I can simply choose one of the preset loops to play around with. It adds so much more usability to the app and gives it more of an entertaining feel.

I never imagined that creating such awesome beats and beautiful songs would be so simple! I also can't complain about the fact that FL Studio Mobile allows you to record and save your tracks so that you can share them to social media or directly to your family and friends. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who loves music, and who has a knack for creativity.

https://appblast.online/app/fl-studio-mobile https://appblast.online/app/fl-studio-mobile Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[FlipaClip: Cartoon animation]]> https://appblast.online/app/flipaclip-cartoon-animation]]>

When I was a kid, I was always doodling in the lower corner of my schoolbooks and notepads to create funny flipbooks. Although my parents and teachers didn't always appreciate the distraction, creating flipbooks in class is the first artistic expression I can remember making.

Over the years, I find myself randomly doodling on the corners of pages, fondly remembering those early days of animation. Now, I have tons of different applications and services that help me create stunning works of art for my clients; however, I wanted to find something to create for myself.

When I found FlipaClip in the play store, I knew I had found the app that would bring back all those nostalgic memories of drawing in class.

Easy To Learn Navigation

I was afraid that FlipaClip would be overloaded with complicated controls and too many different options to choose from, but the interface was perfectly set up and easy to pick up rather quickly.

What I love about the simplicity of the navigation is that any age of artist could download FlipaClip and have a blast creating awesome content. When you have a straightforward and clean set up to work with, there are no distractions to keep you from creating something amazing, and that's my favorite thing about FlipaClip.

Easily Edit With Onion Layers

I have tried a few artistic apps in the past that don't allow you to create an image with layers, which makes editing any animation a nightmare. Luckily, I quickly found the option to add onion layering to my illustrations before I got too deeply immersed into them.

Now, if I make a mistake on the movement of a character's face, I know all I have to do is select the layer with the error present in order to fix it. Having the onion layer option has saved my butt more times than once, but it's good for much more than editing.

If you are trying to create an intricate flipbook with talking characters or a lot of movement, then you can also use the layering feature to make sure the cell you are working on will transfer smoothly into the next.

Adding Audio

There are not many things you'll need to pay for when you download FlipaClip, but the most exciting pay-to-use feature is the ability to add sound to your flipbook.

I don't know about you, but making a digital flipbook into an actual speaking animation or scene with music is like a dream come true. The only way that I can see paying for audio as being a problem would be if you are planning to use the app to complete a huge project. In that case, paying for the ability to add music or speech to your flipbooks could be a bit expensive.

FlipaClip is a wonderful app for any artist on the go, or for creative kids to try their hand at animation. There's no right or wrong way to use FlipaClip, and I think that's what I love the most about it.

Although there were plenty of things I love about the app, there was one issue I had when creating content. When using some of the pencil tools there is not a finished, solid line when you run your animation. This can give your image an unpolished look and overall ruin the aesthetic you were looking for if not careful.

The pencil tool smoothness is not a make or break factor for me when it comes to using FlipaClip because there are so many different things you can create when using the app. At some point, those sloppy pencil lines may give my animation just the look I was trying for.

https://appblast.online/app/flipaclip-cartoon-animation https://appblast.online/app/flipaclip-cartoon-animation Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[ForzaTune 7]]> https://appblast.online/app/forzatune-7]]>

There is no more immersive gameplay to me than getting behind the virtual wheel of a sports car and putting the pedal to the metal in thrilling races or open world driving experiences.

Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 4 are amongst my favorite games in the genre of racing games, but there are times I wish the controls were a bit tighter.

When I discovered a tuning app created especially for these two titles, I knew I had to download ForzaTune 7 to see if it lived up to the hype. I couldn't believe how many different features were available that I had always wished were available in the actual games, so I knew it was well worth the money spent on this one!

Tuning Calculator

One of my favorite features, and one that I like to think spawned from my very dreams, is the tuning calculator. The tuning calculator works with the car you choose to drive and your driving preferences to give you the best possible road conditions.

When you download ForzaTune 7 to use with either Forza Motorsport 7 or Forza Horizon 4, you are basically guaranteeing that you will always have the best traction during a race. The controls feel so much smoother now that I have started using ForzaTune 7 and I have definitely enjoyed the spike in wins on my end!

Gear Calculator

I love the speed boost strips in racing games, but I can never get my car to stay on top of them long enough for them to do their job. It's frustrating, to say the least, so I was excited to find the gear calculator among the tuning options in the app.

Now that I started using the gear calculator tuning mod in Forza, I stick to the boost strips so much easier! It's as if the app actually guides your car toward the strips so you don't miss them, which is exactly what I needed to improve my game!


There are a lot of tuning mods you can create on your own using ForzaTune 7, but some of the mechanics can be a bit advanced. I am grateful to the developers for adding a free tutorial section which connects you to helpful videos through links right in the app.

You can also access driver training videos and information through the same location. The tutorials definitely make it easier to navigate the app if you aren't as tech savvy as some of the more advanced users out there.

The tutorials section can also be helpful to those advanced users, as it gives you plenty of ideas on how to mix and match the various features to create an incredible customized mod.

There are so many incredible tunes in ForzaTune 7, but it would take far too long to name them all here. However, another notable mention I have to make is about the drift tune modification. If you've ever struggled like I have to perfect your drifting game, then you know how frustrating it is to fail over and over again.

The drift tune takes all the frustration out of drifting by tuning the conditions of the road and your vehicle for the optimum drifting experience. When you use ForzaTune 7, it's like you are taking your favorite Forza games and turning them into exciting racing experiences.

https://appblast.online/app/forzatune-7 https://appblast.online/app/forzatune-7 Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Fox News – Breaking News, Live Video & News Alerts]]> https://appblast.online/app/fox-news-breaking-news-live-video-news-alerts]]>

Fox News seems like it's always been the household standard for getting all the best information. However, as I've grown older and started paying closer attention to the news and current events all over the world, I have noticed that Fox isn't all that neutral when it comes to delivering information.

Despite my disdain for the franchise, I decided to download Fox News to see if the app would be any better than the nightly news. Sadly, I was met with the same slanderous, negativity-laced, political agenda that is Fox News. If you've been debating whether or not to download the app, allow me to give you a bit of insight.

Overly Heavy Political Content

It seems as though Fox News has a particular affinity for the current United States President, and it shows, in nearly every article, all over the site. Now, without taking sides, it would be difficult for anyone to say that the current President has not done or said something to either make them scratch their head or cross their fingers that we wouldn't be attacked overnight.

You have to wonder how responsible the journalism is at Fox News if they always take the side of one person or party. When I read an article or watch a news broadcast, I want to have the confidence that I am getting the most straightforward and unbiased reporting out there. Unfortunately, I don't feel that I get trustworthy or open-minded news from Fox.

Functionality Issues

One of the things that frustrate's me the most about the Fox News app is that you can't rely on any of the video's or their audio to play correctly every time.

As if it wasn't frustrating enough to have to scroll through the same boring content, but I can't even rely on the videos I do want to watch to work properly when using the Fox News app. The times that I do get a video to work, then it seems that the audio won't sync up properly, and sometimes there is never any sound at all.

There are lots of bugs throughout the app, but the streaming issues have to be the most frustrating in my opinion. What good is a news app after all if you can't watch the news?

Personal Feed

Ok, so I did find one redeeming quality about the Fox News app, so I thought I would close my thoughts on a high note. I really enjoyed being able to save the articles and videos I wanted to watch or read later on to a personalized feed.

If I was in the middle of reading something and got interrupted I can easily tap the option to save it and easily come back to it later on. There have been so many times in the past that I have found an interesting article on another site and could not find it to finish reading at a later time.

Although I didn't find much to love about the app, I don't see why you couldn't download Fox News if you are already a fan of the news they broadcast. The only issues you will more than likely come across, especially if you have an older device, are a few audiovisual problems within the app when trying to watch or listen to content.

I will say, another redeeming quality of the Fox News app is that I found no disruptions or issues with the written information in the app. It was overall straightforward to navigate as well, so I suppose that is another plus for them. At the end of the day, if you are a fan of Fox then you may not have any problems with the app. However, if you like a little variety in your news, you may want to stick with another station.

https://appblast.online/app/fox-news-breaking-news-live-video-news-alerts https://appblast.online/app/fox-news-breaking-news-live-video-news-alerts Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[FOX NOW: Watch Live & On Demand TV & Sports]]> https://appblast.online/app/fox-now-watch-live-on-demand-tv-sports]]>

Fox has been a staple television network in my household since I was a young child. I can remember sitting around the TV watching The Simpsons, Sunday night football, and so many more shows with my family.

It's much easier to catch all your favorite TV shows when you're a kid; no strict schedule to adhere too, and no job to rest up for in the morning.

Now that I'm an adult, it's a lot harder to catch my favorite shows as they air, which means hearing all the spoilers when I go into work the next day. I recently heard about the FOX NOW app, and decided to give it a try; after all, I already use other streaming services, so why not support one that shows nothing but Fox content?

Catch Up Before New Episodes

There have been plenty of times that I've gone into work or heard from a friend that something crazy happened in an episode of my favorite show, one that I forgot to watch the night before. In fact, I do this so much that I'll miss several episodes before I get a night to myself to actually watch it.

Unfortunately, if you rely solely on your cable provider to watch TV, then you're likely to miss out on seeing the episodes you didn't watch before seeing the newest one. Luckily, this problem is solved when you download FOX NOW. Now, I can catch up on all of the episodes I missed before watching the newest show.

Watch Without Cable Subscription

When I downloaded FOX NOW onto my phone, I was surprised to see that I didn't need a subscription to use the app. Although most of the content is locked without signing in with a cable provider, you can still watch the five most recent episodes of any show that airs on the Fox network.

I love that I have the option to use the app without having cable because I don't typically pay for a provider subscription. I will often rely on apps like Hulu or Netflix to watch all of my content, but those don't allow you to watch the episodes of a current season like FOX NOW does.

Too Many Ads

I expected there to be ads during the videos on FOX NOW, but it's a bit ridiculous when you have to watch several ads just because you chose to rewind an episode you were watching.

It seems, at times, that I end up watching more commercials than I do actual TV which makes me think I'm better off just biting the bullet and calling the cable company.

If I'm going to watch a 20-minute episode and it takes nearly an hour due to ads, I might as well just go ahead and watch standard TV. As if the ridiculous number of ads wasn't horrible enough, the videos don't even play smoothly when you're trying to watch your content.

Nearly every time I used FOX NOW to watch TV I had to wait forever for the video to load, and sometimes it never did.

Another issue I found with the FOX NOW app is that the search features seem to be very lacking. You would think that a network as big as Fox would have a primetime tab or at the very least a most popular selection, but it's not that simple to find your favorites.

Despite its random problems, the FOX NOW app isn't a complete throwaway. Sure, the videos buffer too long sometimes and the commercials will make you want to rip your hair out, but at least you get to watch your shows, right?

https://appblast.online/app/fox-now-watch-live-on-demand-tv-sports https://appblast.online/app/fox-now-watch-live-on-demand-tv-sports Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[FoxFi Key (supports PdaNet)]]> https://appblast.online/app/foxfi-key-supports-pdanet]]>

FoxFi Key is a nifty little app that is meant to turn your mobile device into an internet hot spot. There are so many scenarios where I can see this being a supremely helpful feature. For example, If I am traveling for work and need to complete a project on my laptop but have no Wi-fi signal, all I have to do is activate my FoxFi to connect my laptop to the internet.

I was really excited to hear about such a useful app, but my hopes and dreams were quickly dashed when I looked into the service a bit further.

Multiple Apps Needed

First of all, there are a few more things you'll need to install on your phone before downloading FoxFi Key. At first, I didn't see the problem with this until I searched for the complimentary applications.

I wouldn't have minded having to download multiple things if I only had to pay one flat fee, but that is far from the case here. There is at least one other app you will have to purchase, and that is PdaNet; without it, there are no connecting outside devices to the internet.

Blocked By Carriers

One of the most frustrating things I learned about FoxFi Key was that a few popular carriers actually have the service blocked from the Google play store.

Because there are major companies blocking this product, there are millions of people who can't even use the service. The kicker is, many of those people do not know the app is blocked and end up wasting money on it.

Although I'm sure they have solid business reasons for doing this, you have to wonder if such an app is even worth installing if major phone companies want nothing to do with it.

Useless On Devices

I thought I would be safe downloading FoxFi Key because I do not use one of the offending carriers, however, I quickly found out there were more issues with FoxFi Key than I had originally suspected.

If you happen to use a Samsung device, you are pretty much screwed if you paid for FoxFi Key or PdaNet. Samsung is yet another popular name that has shunned the use of this app.

I couldn't have felt more disappointed or cheated after I paid for this app. Unless you do your research first to find out whether or not the service will work on your device or with your carrier, I wouldn't recommend spending the money on this app.

Although the idea of the app is amazing and there are plenty of users who get to use the full features and benefits of FoxFi Key, there are far too many restrictions for me to label this as a decent app to add to your mobile collection.

The only saving grace for this application is that the developers have created a website in which you can check a chart to see if your device and carrier are compatible with FoxFi Key and PdaNet.

Another redeeming note I can make for FoxFi Key is that the developers have recently extended the return policy for the app from 15-minutes to 21 days.

So, if you have purchased FoxFi Key and have had a less than satisfactory experience, make sure to reach out to the developers to request a refund. Overall, I would say anyone wanting to try the service should do so with caution and keep an eye on the refund clock!

https://appblast.online/app/foxfi-key-supports-pdanet https://appblast.online/app/foxfi-key-supports-pdanet Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Free Music]]> https://appblast.online/app/free-music]]>

As someone who has always had a deep passion for music, I can honestly say that I have fallen victim to the lure of spending money on a music streaming app, just as so many of us have.

Lately, I have felt rather silly paying for something that is essentially just the radio without commercials. Because I don't own a standard radio anymore, I wanted to see what new services I could find that would replace the greedy music streaming companies I've used in the past.

It didn't take me long to find and download Free Music in the app store, and admittedly I was a bit skeptical at first, but I was pleasantly surprised at how streamlined and clean the app was. If you've been looking for a new way to listen to your music throughout the day, stick around and I'll tell you about all the things I love about Free Music.

Simple Interface

First of all, I couldn't be happier with how simple and sleek the user interface is in Free Music. There are some apps that use confusing icons or messy navigation controls; but, Free Music keeps it simple with play, pause, forward, and backward options when listening to music.

There is also an incredibly useful search engine within the app that will help you navigate through the massive library of songs and artists. You can either choose to search by title or name of artist or album, but you can also click on one of the many genre options as well to simplify your search.

Endless Options

There are over 10,000,000 songs to choose from in Free Music, so you are sure to have a blast choosing all the hits for your playlist! I love how expansive and diverse the collection of music is in this app; typically, you get stuck listening to the same music over and over again on the other apps, and you pay to use those!

Now that I have found an app that allows me to choose my own music without having to pay a ridiculous service fee, I am enjoying music much more again, and even discovering new artists I had never heard before, and all without spending a single penny to listen!

Doesn't Overload With Ads

I assumed that I would have to listen to more commercials than music when I downloaded Free Music, but I was shocked to find fewer ads than they play on the radio and no more than what any other free radio app would.

I very much appreciate that the developers did not include a flood of advertisements when they created Free Music, because they have brought the comfort and easiness of listening to the radio back to the people who don't want to pay to hear music without robbing them blind to do so.

Overall, I would recommend Free Music to anyone who is tired of paying for ad-free music and wasting money on little perks that you shouldn't have to pay for. For example, in Free Music, you can skip songs as often as you want, as long as you don't mind listening to a couple of ads. In some streaming apps, you are limited to the number of times you can hit the skip button before it forces you to listen, so I love that I have the freedom to listen to what I want when I want.

https://appblast.online/app/free-music https://appblast.online/app/free-music Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[FreeCell Solitaire]]> https://appblast.online/app/freecell-solitaire]]>

Card games have been some of the worlds most popular pastimes for centuries, and the modern gaming market has embraced the genre with open arms. It's been a long time since I've played any mode of Solitaire, so I was excited to find and download FreeCell Solitaire in the Google play store.

It's not often that I can find a card game in the mobile gaming market that gets me excited to play the game, but there were too many interesting features to deny myself the experience of playing this amazing version of FreeCell Solitaire.

Complete Daily Challenges To Level Up

I didn't expect much more than what I used to experience when playing FreeCell on my parent's dinosaur of a computer when I was a kid. However, once I started the game I realized there were many more facets that I remembered.

The first feature I fell in love with is the daily challenges you get the first time you log into the app every day. There is a great variety of FreeCell Solitaire puzzles, so I never feel like I'm playing the same hand over and over again.

Because the developers thought to incorporate daily puzzles, they have added an entirely new level of playability to FreeCell Solitaire. If you are looking for a more extensive FreeCell experience, then this is definitely the right game for you.

Exciting Animations When You Win

It might seem like a completely dorky or juvenile thing to enjoy, but I've always loved to watch the cards fly all over the screen when I complete the final pairing in my FreeCell Solitaire game.

Now that I've downloaded FreeCell Solitaire for my phone, I noticed that this new mobile version of the game includes some unique and exciting animations I've never seen before! One of my favorites looks like two swords crossing at the blades and battling with one another.

Knowing that my win will be met with an awesome and unique animation gets me even more excited to play a round of FreeCell Solitaire.

I think the incorporation of these animations really shows the players that the creative team for the game cares about the overall experience in FreeCell Solitaire.

Excellent Customer Service

If there's anything that bothers me it's terrible customer service. I didn't expect anything from the customer service team for FreeCell Solitaire, but I was happy to see how responsive they were to the various, albeit minimal, problems that consumers found in the game.

It seemed as though the issues customers were having, were fixed in a timely manner and with great customer service skills and communication. It shows a lot of professionalism that a small mobile gaming company would take such care and consideration for a game that really is quite simple.

At the end of the day, FreeCell Solitaire is one of my favorite card games to play on my phone or tablet. I usually play the game when I'm relaxing on the couch or in bed for the evening, or when I need to entertain myself on a long flight.

I believe anyone who enjoys playing FreeCell Solitaire would greatly enjoy this version of the game, as the developers have taken such care and pride in their work, and it really shows in the functionality and playability of the app.

https://appblast.online/app/freecell-solitaire https://appblast.online/app/freecell-solitaire Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Fruit Ninja Classic]]> https://appblast.online/app/fruit-ninja-classic]]>

Sometimes I just want to play a game that doesn't require too much thought to master. If I've had a mentally taxing day at work, the last thing I want to do is put my brain through any more pain and suffering.

I think that's why I love Fruit Ninja Classic so much; all I have to do is swipe furiously across the screen of my phone or tablet to annihilate deliciously juicy pieces of animated fruit.

Although I wish it were free to download Fruit Ninja Classic, I can't complain about the ad-free experience because of the payment. It's also worth it to pay for an app when you know it is taken care of by the development team.

Effortless Gameplay

Literally, all you have to do is swipe your finger across the screen to make your virtual blade whip through them like butter. The more combinations of slices you can make in one or a group of fruit pieces, the higher your points will stack up by the end of the match.

Another great feature of Fruit Ninja Classic is that you can earn new blades and customize them to fit your style. If you've been looking for a game that won't take any effort on your part to complete, then head to the play store and download Fruit Ninja Classic to start slicing!

Great For Keeping Kids Occupied

Recently, I had to watch my 3 young nieces for the day, and all the youngest wanted to do was play on my phone! Luckily, I had recently purchased Fruit Ninja Classic and knew the mechanics and gameplay were simple enough and appropriate for her.

Although she's using a virtual blade in the game to slice at the fruit, it is only fruit, and there are no other violent tendencies portrayed in the game; just good clean fruit slicing fun!

The best part about Fruit Ninja Classic is it offers just enough of customization options to keep her entertained between matches. This way, I was able to take care of her sisters while she was safely amused close by.

Gets Old Fast

Even though Fruit Ninja Classic is a blast for kids, and has fun, exciting animation that makes you want to slash furiously at those flying fruits, you still can't help but face the facts that the game is just that, slicing at fruit.

After a while, it becomes sort of dull to swipe at your screen, especially when there really isn't much strategy to avoiding the random bombs that will pop up in the way. Most of the time, if you hit a bomb, it doesn't do too much damage anyway.

Even my niece started to get a bit fidgety after the second round of Fruit Ninja Classic. Soon after she was asking to do something else because she was bored!

Fruit Ninja Classic will always be a go-to when you need to kill a little bit of time. However, if you're looking to fill an afternoon with some mobile gaming fun, you might want to find a few more titles to add to your portable library.

This game will occupy your time for at least 15-20 minutes at a time, tops. But don't plan to keep yourself occupied for an entire 4-hour flight like I did.

Overall, Fruit Ninja Classic is a wholesome title with plenty to offer as far as keeping you entertained, there just isn't much playability to the content. If you have young kids I would recommend letting them try out Fruit Ninja Classic, you might only find that it keeps them entertained just long enough to keep you sane!

https://appblast.online/app/fruit-ninja-classic https://appblast.online/app/fruit-ninja-classic Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter]]> https://appblast.online/app/galaxy-attack-alien-shooter]]>

When us oldtimers were kids, we used to beg our mom's for quarters so we could head down to the local arcade for an afternoon of battling enemies and flying huge spaceships. If you are an old-school gamer from the 80s and 90s who loves playing modern games with a nostalgic feel, then you will undoubtedly enjoy playing Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter.

Much like the space shooting games of our childhoods, when you download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter you get to board your very own aircraft to battle against alien invaders. If you have been searching for a well made mobile game which offers a good deal of nostalgia, then you should definitely consider playing Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter.

Nostalgic Arcade Style With Impressive Improvements

One of the most significant aspects of this game which stuck out so strongly to us is the nostalgic look of the actual gameplay. If you have ever been to an arcade and played one of the original space shooters, then you'll feel as though you've emulated one right onto your phone or tablet!

However, once you download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter the first thing you'll notice is how crisp and clear the colors and the graphics in the game appear. Technology and modern mobile gaming have done the old arcade genre proud with this one!

Test Your Ship With Worldwide PVP Battles!

As you advance through the various levels of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade your ships to make them more formidable in battle.

Once you have reached a certain level, you'll also have the chance to throw down the gauntlet with other players from all over the world, in real time! This means that you don't have to wait around for hours until the other person makes a move; so, when you start a PVP battle against another player, you can expect it to begin immediately, and may the best player win!

What we love about games that offer PVP options like this one is that it affords you the opportunity to meet players that share your interests from all across the globe.

However, keep this in mind if you are downloading the game for your kids, as there are sure to be unsavory characters out there who you don't want to be able to chat with them as they play. This is yet another example of "buyer beware," though the game is free to play!

Plenty Of Levels To Keep You Entertained

Don't you hate when you find a perfect mobile game that does its job of keeping you entertained, only to find out that the replayability or number of levels is weak? You won't have to worry about stingy development when you play Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter as they have included over 120 stages!

The best part about having a large number of levels to work through is that you have plenty of playability as they increase tremendously in difficulty as you get into the higher levels.

Now for the not so great stuff; there is one major issue with this game which quite a few fellow players have pointed out. If you plan on using the in-game store to purchase cool upgrades, skins, or in-game currency, don't expect to have a satisfactory experience.

Many players who have poured real dollars into Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter have not seen the items paid for with those dollars.

When attempting to reach out to customer service, players are generally met with silence or the unfortunate run around. Long story short, if you want to protect your funds, stick with playing the game for free!

https://appblast.online/app/galaxy-attack-alien-shooter https://appblast.online/app/galaxy-attack-alien-shooter Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Game Dev Tycoon]]> https://appblast.online/app/game-dev-tycoon]]>

Business simulation games or those which put your time management skills to the test are among some of my favorite mobile games to play.

Most of the games in the genre, however, have to do with food service and although I enjoy playing them very much, I needed something a bit different to shake things up in my mobile library.

When I found Game Dev Tycoon in the play store I knew I had to give it a try. I've always wanted to know how difficult it is to create a game from start to finish, so this should be a fun and exciting way to find out.

Straightforward User Interface

I wasn't quite sure how the interface was going to be laid out when I downloaded Game Dev Tycoon, but it wasn't early as complicated as I was expecting.

Choose your character and name your business before starting on your first game, then it's time to decide what kind of game you're going to make. Luckily, the game gives you easy to understand controls that don't take up too much of your screen. In fact, Game Dev Tycoon was designed so well I'm sure it would be easy enough for kids to play as well if they wanted to play a business simulator that is.

Choosing Categories

The first few selections that will pop up on the screen when developing your game are some of the most important. You will need to decide what topic your title will cover, what genre of game it will be classified under, and the platform in which it will launch.

You will also have to decide how much time to spend on the games servers, the storylines, and quests, as well as the actual gameplay. Make sure to spend your time wisely, however, because once you have set your time allocation, all there is left is to launch the game and hope for positive feedback!

Learn From Reviews

Just like a real game developer would, you must read the reviews of your game to make sure the consumers enjoy what you've put out. There will be three imaginary publications which will give you between a one and five-star rating.

Pay close attention to the comments made by your critics, because the key to winning them over just might be hidden between the lines. It will more than likely take some time until you get a good enough rating to progress your game, but having to tweak the categories and time allocations is half of the fun.

There's something about this game that keeps me coming back for more and more! I tried to find an aspect about it that I thought might need improving, but I had a hard time finding anything to complain about!

The graphics are smooth and beautiful, the controls are straightforward and easy to understand, and I feel challenged without feeling discouraged.

Although I beat the game in just a few hours, there is plenty of replayability because of the endless combinations of games you can create!

I would highly recommend Game Dev Tycoon to any players out there who enjoy a good business simulator, or to those who want to test their knowledge of good game development.

https://appblast.online/app/game-dev-tycoon https://appblast.online/app/game-dev-tycoon Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Game of Sultans]]> https://appblast.online/app/game-of-sultans]]>

I've been growing bored with my mobile gaming library lately, so I thought I would see if I could find something interesting in the play store. I didn't want the typical bright and bubbly match-3 puzzles I've been getting so burnt out on, so I decided to download Game of Sultans.

I could immediately tell that Game of Sultans was going to offer extensive replay value as well as an immersive storyline just by reading the description of the game.

If you're interested in playing an intriguing RTS game that puts you in the shoes of a Sultan, then head to the play store on your device to download Game of Sultans to start your journey.

Stunning Animation

The first thing that drew my attention toward Game of Sultans was the impressively realistic graphics. The game starts off with a cinematic that shows an empire on a stormy evening, you can tell immediately that the developers took great care in making sure that players felt immersed into the story as soon as they log into the game.

Although you could read along with everything that is said, the voice-over work in the game is also very well done. None of the characters sound robotic or over-the-top, and each one offers a unique personality to go with their role.

Helpful Tutorial

There's nothing that irritates me more than starting a new game and having to figure things out on my own. In my opinion, I think any game, regardless of platform, should offer an option tutorial for new players who are not comfortable with the controls.

Every game has a different set of mechanics and controls, not to mention unique user interface setups, so it's important for developers like the ones for Game of Sultans to include a sort of training period.

As well as helpful indicators and text boxes that explain what you need to click on to proceed, the different characters you meet at the beginning of the game will essentially teach you how to play by giving you specific directions.

Building a Harem

I don't know much about the Middle East or their cultures, but I was curious to see what it might be like to assemble a Harem as the Sultan. Although the women in the game have beautiful ornate costumes and accessories, there is something about the whole feature that seems unnecessary and degrading towards women.

I really wanted there to be an educational feel to this portion of the game, an insight into another culture, but the female characters are treated like pieces of meat and constantly talked down to.

As a female gamer, I find it unsettling to see a game animation of a man yelling at one of his many brides to lose weight. In this day and age, I think it's important for developers to be sensitive to all cultures and people, but I think the abusive nature of the Sultan in the Harem could have been left out.

Overall, Game of Sultans is a stunning RTS strategy experience that allows players to step into a completely different world. Build your empire and continue to make your father proud as you act as the new Sultan of your people.

My primary concern with the game is the message it sends to young men and how women should be treated. As great as the battle sequences and other features in the game are, I feel that this portion could be left out entirely without affecting the game in a negative way. If anything, I think the developers would be doing themselves a favor in getting rid of it entirely.

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<![CDATA[Game of Thrones: Conquest™]]> https://appblast.online/app/game-of-thrones-conquest]]>

With the rapid approach of the final season of Game of Thrones, I have been absolutely obsessed with all things that follow the franchise. Whether it's re-reading my favorite books in the series, or binge-watching the last season with my husband, I just can't get enough of it!

Lately, I discovered a game that would allow me to dive right in with my favorite GoT characters in an immersive mobile MMORPG experience. When I downloaded Game of Thrones: Conquest onto my phone, I was thrilled to see some of the most popular characters in the show pop up right from the beginning!

Easy To Pick Up

When I start playing a new game, I find it frustrating when a character tells you what to do but doesn't show you how to complete the given task. Luckily, you will encounter some of the most famous characters in the story who will do their best to teach you the ins and outs of the game.

You will have to build up the kingdom from scratch, which means building farms, barracks, castles, and more. As you encounter each new portion of the game a different character will pop up to explain how to play the game.

Create A Banner

A few years ago, I received a Game of Thrones adult coloring book that was chock full of stunning images for me to fill in, and some of my favorites were of the house crests.

I've always wondered what my families crest would look like if we had one, but now that I have Game of Thrones: Conquest, I can create a banner to reflect what I think about my family. There are tons of different shapes and icons to use for your banner and plenty of colors to choose from as well, so players are free to get as creative as possible when developing their banners.

Full MMO Experience

I have tried to play mobile MMOs in the past, but none of them have quite met my expectations. One of the things I quite enjoy in Game of Thrones: Conquest, is how many different layers there are to the game.

Most mobile games will give you a small handful of things to worry about, but when you download Game of Thrones: Conquest, you will be able to craft gear for your subjects, farm for goods to sell for money or to give to needy subjects, and anything else you can think of.

On top of maintaining the day to day happenings in your land, you will also have to stand up and fight against fellow players who strive to take over your land. Be sure to keep your army upgraded and all of your structures fully protected so that you never have to worry about losing ground to the enemy.

Although there are plenty of things about this game that I love, there are a few problems with Game of Thrones: Conquest that would be worth a look from the developers.

One of the most significant problems I ran into when playing the game was losing valuable boosts or in-game items due to a glitch or crash in the game. I have seen other players reach out on the forums about this issue, and some have said the developers have handled the problem by returning the items, but others have said they were met with a stern, "better luck next time!"

I'm not sure if the developers are actually this inconsistent, or if there is some catalyst to why they will assist some customers with issues and not others. Overall, I would caution players to keep their real money in their pockets, and simply enjoy the free play in Game of Thrones: Conquest.

https://appblast.online/app/game-of-thrones-conquest https://appblast.online/app/game-of-thrones-conquest Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Gardenscapes]]> https://appblast.online/app/gardenscapes]]>

GardenScapes is one of the best games I have found for keeping myself entertained on my phone. The title by Playrix offers unique gameplay that allows players to unleash their creative side by renovating a stunning garden outside of a mansion while incorporating puzzle mini-games as well.

There are tons of unique decorative pieces to place in your garden, and lots of places to explore, but there's more to this game than just designing beautiful landscapes. As you may have guessed, the decorations and actions to clean up the garden will take some in-game currency, and what better way to earn some coin than by solving matching puzzles! There are plenty of puzzles to solve when you download GardenScapes and even more tasks to complete in your garden, so there is never a dull moment in the game!

Dozens of Characters

One element that is almost always lacking from puzzle games is character development and dialogue. At times, having a lack of character interaction can make a game seem rather dull and monotonous.

Luckily, GardenScapes offers even more depth and playability by including dozens of unique characters for you to interact with as you roam around the property; you will even receive a furry friend after completing certain tasks in the game.

Each new character that you meet in GardenScapes will give you a task to perform or quest to complete that will unlock new territories and reveal new and improved structures for your garden.

Limited Lives

One of my only complaints with games like GardenScape is that you typically have to wait long periods of time between tasks because of life limitations.

In GardenScapes, you are limited to the number of times you can try playing a puzzle game to earn coins. So, if you are already broke and trying to earn some in-game currency to buy new decorations and statues for your garden, you will either have to wait a few hours for your lives to recharge, or spend some real dollars in the in-game shop to get more lives or moves.

I suppose it's best for the developers to stifle players progression at least a little bit with games like this, otherwise, you might never be able to step away from it!

Play Offline

I was shocked to learn that I could play GardenScapes offline while I travel. Although you are limited to the tasks you can perform in the game while disconnected from the internet, there is plenty to keep you entertained if you have the currency or decorations saved up.

I sometimes choose to play games offline so that nobody bothers me while I'm trying to relax. So, I couldn't be happier that GardenScapes allows me to go incognito when I don't want anyone blowing up my phone while I'm playing a game.

My only concern with trying to play the game on a long flight is not having enough in-game currency or items saved up to play the game properly on a long flight. Most games that offer an online mode do not have the limitations on lives or play time, so I'm curious to see how offline mode really works the next time I fly home to visit family.

Overall, GardenScapes is one of the most diverse games in the play store as far as keeping players entertained through challenging matching puzzles, providing endearing characters to interact with, and offering a ton of decorative pieces to place wherever you please. If you love games that allow you to open up and be creative, then you must head to the play store and download GardenScapes to start playing now.

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<![CDATA[Garmin Connect™]]> https://appblast.online/app/garmin-connect]]>

Getting fit and staying that way has been an aspiration of mine since I was a teenager, however, aspiring to do something and actually doing it are two separate things.

Now that I'm older, I've turned to technology to help me get on track. There are so many different watches and wearable devices now, that I wasn't sure which one to choose at first. Once I found the Garmin fitness device that worked for me, I knew I had to download Garmin Connect to help keep me on the right track.

If you own one of the Garmin fitness tracking watches, then you too would highly benefit from using the Garmin Connect fitness app.

Motivating Challenges

Some of the things I love most about the Garmin Connect app are the various challenges you can complete to earn achievement badges. By giving users something to strive for, Garmin Connect has created a motivating environment to support the healthy habits of its users.

You can earn badges for how many miles you have walked total, for getting your heart rate up, and many other healthy activities.

Another reason I really enjoy the challenge portion of the Garmin Connect app is being able to invite my friends and family to complete the tasks with me. Although it can be competitive in nature, it is always fun to push yourself a little harder when you know someone else is performing the same task.

Create Workouts

One of my favorite features in Garmin Connect is the workout creator. I am terrible at knowing what to do when it comes to losing weight, so having the app help me come up with the best work out solutions is extremely helpful.

I get to choose the day and time that I want to do the workout, and the app will remind me when it's almost time to get my sweat on! Being able to set my workouts up ahead of time means that I am setting myself up to have a successful workout week.

Insightful Tracking

I wasn't sure what to expect as far as how my device would communicate with the Garmin Connect app, but once I started exploring I found plenty of helpful tracking features.

I can see exactly how many steps I've walked that day, how many calories I've burned, and there is even a stress detail portion that lets me know how rough of a day my body has been through.

Another thing I love about the different tracking options in Garmin Connect is the ability to check up on how your friends are doing. Offer a few words of encouragement to push them along, or ask them for advice on how they are doing so well.

Overall, I would recommend that you download the Garmin Connect application if you have a Garmin wearable fitness tracker. Whether you want to make sure your health is on the right track, or you aspire to finish your first marathon run, you are sure to enjoy the overall experience of Garmin Connect.

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<![CDATA[Geometry Dash]]> https://appblast.online/app/geometry-dash]]>

We are so excited to have found a game that includes so many amazing features. Not only is Geometry Dash one of the fastest paced side-scrolling games on the mobile market, but it also introduces you to a world of rhythm-based platform jumping that navigates to the beat of an exciting soundtrack.

If you love to listen to music and have an eye for coordinating your moves with a fast-paced character, then you should download Geometry Dash to start playing.

Although the game is not free and comes at a price of $1.99, you are getting a game worthy of being played on a console; the so cost is quite reasonable. Also, you typically have fewer ads to interrupt games which you've paid to play.

Follow The Beat

If you are a real gamer, then you have undoubtedly encountered a side-scrolling game at some point on your journey. Now, there are a few different kinds of side-scrolling games; ones in which you can move back and forth without hindrance, others where you can only move forward, and some that move quickly to force you to keep up with the environment.

If you are having a hard time envisioning the play style, consider that the old Nintendo Mario Bros. games were similar to the former version of platform runners, and a game like Sonic would be like the latter, where you must keep up with his speed.

Geometry Dash is quite similar to the style of Sonic in the sense that you must keep up with the tempo of the music in the background to succeed. If you don't time your moves just right with the music, you may find yourself starting over again!

Use Upgrades To Your Advantage

One of the most frustrating things players come across when running through levels of Geometry Dash is that they have a hard time keeping up with some of the songs in higher levels.

If you find yourself getting stuck, make sure to utilize the upgrades found in the in-game store. You can use rockets, flip gravity, and some other cool effects that will increase your chances of making it through the levels which are giving you a hard time.

Create Your Own Levels

Although the game offers plenty of levels to play through, sometimes you just feel like you could create an excellent track with the different shapes you see in various stages.

If you have always wondered what it would be like to create your own game or develop levels in titles you already enjoy playing, then you will love the level creator available to players who download Geometry Dash.

Not only will you be able to create levels of your own, but you will also have the chance to sift through a selection of stages created by other players just like you. If you find some that look interesting, hop on your character and give the level a test run! It's also exciting to know that thousands of other players from around the world can play the games you create on Geometry Dash.

The coolest feature of Geometry Dash has to be the section where you can browse the player created content on the game. There is a section of this part of the app where you can leave feedback for other players. Tell your peers and fellow gamers what you think of their creations, and find out what their opinions are of yours.

Just keep in mind that not everyone has nice things to say when it comes to commenting openly over the internet, so beware if you are letting your kids play this one!

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<![CDATA[Geometry Dash SubZero]]> https://appblast.online/app/geometry-dash-subzero]]>

I love listening to music while I play games, so when developers bring the two together and kill two birds with one stone for me, I can't help but fall instantly in love with their app.

I love the concept behind Geometry Dash SubZero because it combines so many of my favorite things about gaming. The gameplay forces me to think quickly and use careful hand-eye coordination when jumping from one platform to another. Geometry Dash SubZero also incorporates the bright neon-like colors that I love from the vintage PacMan games while giving me an intricate side-scrolling landscape to navigate. As soon as I downloaded Geometry Dash SubZero I knew I had found mobile gaming gold!

Rhythm Based Play

My favorite part about playing Geometry Dash SubZero has to be the unique soundtrack. Each level has a different song which starts off somewhat mellow and then charges up to drop the bass with intense rhythmic obstacles.

If you pay close attention while playing Geometry Dash SubZero you will notice that the terrain in which you are navigating and the rhythm of the song playing seem to have something in common. The more notes that are playing and the faster the rhythm moves, the more you will have to jump and maneuver your way around obstacles and navigate through challenging passageways.

Fast Paced

Do not download Geometry Dash SubZero if you do not like games that encourage you to play quickly. You will have to keep your focus sharp when playing this game because at any moment the tempo of the music could change and you'll have to keep up with the ever-changing obstacles that arise throughout each stage.

I particularly enjoy fast-paced games like Geometry Dash SubZero because they help my mind to stay sharp and avoid becoming complacent or foggy. By playing a game that forces me to focus on the rhythm and the obstacles in my way I have found that my problem-solving skills and general focus throughout the day has sharpened.

Customizable Shape

Although most side-scrolling adventures come with a standard avatar, you get to choose a customizable shape which has different expressions, colors, and accessories you can choose from.

I didn't think I would enjoy customizing a shape as much as I do when I play Geometry Dash SubZero. There are tons of skins to unlock, so there is even more playability when you consider all of the items you can collect for customizing your avatars in the game.

You might not think that allowing players to customize the style and appearance of their geometric character would be a big deal, but I appreciate the extra effort it took the developers to include the option to customize my character.

I love stimulating my mind with an exciting round of Geometry Dash SubZero! There are so many fun things about the app that it's difficult to find anything to complain about. The animations are spot on with the rhythm of the music and the speed in which your avatar glides through each level is perfect.

If you enjoy challenging games which help you to exercise your mind while having a good time, then I recommend installing Geometry Dash SubZero to start playing!

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<![CDATA[Goat Simulator]]> https://appblast.online/app/goat-simulator]]>

All my life I have thought of goats as being one of the most hilarious animals on the planet, and even as an adult, I love to visit them at a petting zoo or family farm.

Although I've never been lucky enough to own a goat, I have always wondered what it would be like to have one around all the time. Now that I have found Goat Simulator in the play store, I can not only see what it is like to have a goat around, but what it's like to be a goat as well!

Be warned, do not expect a serious game about a loving farm animal when you download Goat Simulator. This game is made to be pure nonsensical, but it's the best thing you'll play all year!

Honest Developers

There's nothing in the gaming industry that earns my respect more than an honest developer. It's one thing if you have a buggy game and don't respond to customer complaints and rip people off, but if you're upfront about the issues in your app then that makes me want to support them all the more.

I found it hilarious and almost charming that the developers lace the description of this game with brutal honesty about their work. The only bugs the team will ever fix in the game are ones that cause crashes and functionality issues.

However, if you find that there is a glitch in a specific area that might make your goat behave abnormally, expect it to be part of the game for a while! It does seem a bit odd that you have to drop a fiver to pay for Goat Simulator and yet the developers don't care to fix the problems in the game. However, sometimes the glitches you find are half of the fun and hilarity!

Grand Theft Goat

The comical nature of the app is the number one reason why I downloaded Goat Simulator. I love that I can log into the game and have an hour of nonsensical gameplay without having to worry about hiding from enemies or avoiding any high-level mobs.

Another thing I absolutely love about this app is the lack of gore. There are plenty of scenarios when your goat could be part of a bloodbath, but fortunately, those gory graphics are left out!

Because the game is mostly for comedic purposes and doesn't have any gory graphics, it would be a perfect game to let your kids take out their silly energy on. However, make sure that they understand that the destruction they cause and the harm they bring to the goat in the game is not acceptable in real life.

Quest Glitches

One of my only complaints about the developers allowing glitches in the game is that it does tend to affect the playability of the game at times. It seems that when I complete a quest and finish up my gaming session that my progress is lost the next time I log into the game.

I wouldn't mind the bugs so much if they were all harmless visual or audio glitches. However, it does bother me when I cannot advance in a game that I paid for.

There are many things to enjoy about the Goat Simulator app, even some of the glitches that are allowed to live in the game. However, I hope that the issue with quest progression and point collection is remedied soon, as I don't know how much longer I can tolerate doing the same quests over and over again every day. Overall, if you love goats and having a good time, then you will definitely enjoy playing this game!

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<![CDATA[Golf Clash]]> https://appblast.online/app/golf-clash]]>

When I was a kid, I loved going miniature golfing with my brother and cousins on a sunny weekend afternoon. As I grew older, however, I found myself becoming more and more intrigued by the idea of playing on a professional course with actual golfers. Being young and naive at the time, I didn't expect the sport to be as challenging as it is, and much less fun than its miniature alternative! Even though I never did get into the swing of things with professional golfing, I still find the sport to be relaxing, so I downloaded Golf Clash on my phone to enjoy the game in a more simple form.

Smooth Graphics

The incredible 3D graphics and stunning course locations are what drew me to download Golf Clash rather than any of the other games in the play store.

Each course is carefully designed to give you the cleanest graphics and smoothest animations when lining up and taking your shot, this way you never have to worry about glitchy or poor graphics hindering your spot on the leaderboards.

Some of my favorite courses to play are the ones that have a sunset scene in the background. The colors used in the clouds and sky are perfect for setting a stunning evening scene for relaxing with a session of golf.

Collect and Level Clubs

The major difference in playing golf on an actual course and playing a game on your phone is that you won't have a professional caddy to help you choose which club to use. In Golf Clash, players will earn cards that have different clubs on them. In an actual golfing match, you have to consider the slope of the hills, wind trajectory, and other natural occurrences before taking your shot. The clubs in which you find while playing Golf Clash will offer special abilities to help you overcome any of the obstacles found in the courses on your journey.

So, the more you play Golf Clash and win matches against opponents, the more clubs you can collect and level up to help you win.

Real-Time Matches

There's nothing that annoys me more about gaming with other people on a mobile platform than waiting hours or days on end for them to make their move.

Luckily, the developers at Playdemic have made all matches in Golf Clash real-time! This means that when you engage in a match against another player, you won't have to wait long periods of time before they make a move.

Because the developers have added this minor detail, it means that the game will move along much more efficiently which will allow players to level at a more efficient pace.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of features that I love about Golf Clash; the stunning course graphics, the real-time PVP matches, and even the ability to collect clubs are all amazing additions to the game.

However, Golf Clash is by no means created without flaws; at times the indicator for where your shot will land is way off, which means throwing players off of their game.

It seems as though the higher level you get in Golf Clash, the more issues you'll find when trying to play the game. I have also noticed while playing Golf Clash that the developers constantly flash ads to spend your real money in the in-game store, and the higher your level the more you will see these ads. The more I progress in Golf Clash the more it feels like Playdemic created the app solely for a cash grab for players who want to succeed in the game.

https://appblast.online/app/golf-clash https://appblast.online/app/golf-clash Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Golf Orbit]]> https://appblast.online/app/golf-orbit]]>

Playing golf games are often addictive and extremely fun. I found this to be true with several golf apps. Golf Orbit is no exception. The game is addictive, has intense graphics, and overall very easy play ability.

The Game

You start out with the nominal, normal strength, speed and bounce. Once you start hitting though, once you hit the ball, you gain coins and points that go towards increasing the factors of strength, speed, and bounce. The download of Golf Orbit is a way to burn time, but you can also continue to challenge yourself. The swing power gauge is timed so you have to hit it just right to get the most out of your swing. The ball flies and goes through several obstacles. If it hits a hole-in-one, you get an eagle and your points increase massively. With the extra points, you purchase more elements that make your hit go further and with more bounce. As far as I could tell, there is no limit to the number of coins or the range of the three elements.

The Golf Addiction

Try putting this game. Go ahead. I dare you. Chances are, you won't be able to. The game builds on each previous hit so it's difficult to put it down and away. You want to keep challenging yourself and your previous score of points and coins. The game is addictive and easy to play. It's a great game to play on break during work, between classes, or waiting for the bus.

The Graphics on Mars

One would think Mars is similar to the movie Total Recall, with red dust, sand storms, and no oxygen. However, Golf Orbit does not subscribe to this view. You start out on a beautiful fairway, encounter well drawn bunkers, weird obstacles, houses, rocks, birds. All of those things you don't expect to see on Mars. The graphics in Golf Orbit are very intense, the colors and feel loud and attractive. The character you play is a bit cartoon-ish, but funny. The motion of the game is horizontal so you have to tip your mobile device to the horizontal angle.

The Playability

Golf Orbit is a very easy game to play. I picked it up right away, and I can see kids to adults playing the game. The game is fun for all ages. The play is based on challenging yourself and your previous score. This is what makes the game fun and addictive. Golf Orbit has everything you're looking for in a quick time eating game.


The only issue I have with the game is that it requires a subscription after the first three days. It will automatically enroll you in the subscription, too. I am jaded by games that do this; to trap the player pushes them away from the game. Luckily, it's a subscription that can be easily cancelled if you wish. Otherwise, it's $7.99 a weeek. A little steep for my pocketbook.

I found Golf Orbit to be very interesting and fun to play. I recommend it, but be careful of the subscription unless you really are into the game and want to play it constantly.

https://appblast.online/app/golf-orbit https://appblast.online/app/golf-orbit Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Google Calendar]]> https://appblast.online/app/google-calendar]]>

Google is one of the most popular household names when it comes to simplifying everyday life with technology. The company has released countless programs and apps to streamline all the little tasks we perform as a society every day.

Something I have always needed a little extra help with is keeping myself organized. At times, my office looks as though a tornado ran through it, so when I found out that Google created a calendar app that acts as a personal assistant, I knew I had to download Google Calendar for my sanity.

Saves Email Event Information

If you're anything like me, then you probably have hundreds of emails sitting in your inbox that need to be sorted through and organized. Going through emails is not something that I do often enough, and at times I miss important information because of the clutter.

Now that I've downloaded Google Calendar, I can rely on the app to sort through my emails to find any party invitations, reminders for meetings, and even upcoming flight schedules. I never have to worry about double checking on the app either as I immediately receive notifications as to what has been saved on the calendar for me.

Set Goals

It's always a good idea to set reasonable goals to keep yourself on track, whether it be with a new diet plan, or managing a new career. With Google Calendar, you can set specific goals for any area in your life, and the app will automatically carve time out in your schedule to get it done.

I always seem to find an excuse not to work out and take of myself, but now that I've started using Google Calendar to set up my goals, it's easier than I thought to plan a decent workout a few times a week. I've also learned that it's a lot easier to reach your goals when you have a system set up to remind you and keep you accountable for yourself.


My biggest concern when using Google Calendar was whether or not everything was going to look like one giant list of things to do. There are countless unique personalities in the world, and everyone has different ways in which they function and keep themselves on track.

Some people are able to look at a month of schedules and tackle multiple things at once, but I myself, like to set my Google Calendar view to weekly so it's not so overwhelming.

Not only will you be able to switch your calendar between daily, weekly, and monthly views, but you can also color coordinate the different events so you can more easily keep track of them. For example, if you have school events for the kids, you could make all of these squares one color, and the boxes indicating a work out session can be something entirely different.

Google Calendar is one of the most convenient apps I've ever had the pleasure of using, and at this point, I'm not sure what I would do without it. Not only does the app keep me up to speed on all the things I have to do in my busy schedule, but it also helps me to see a visual representation of how I spend my hours in a day so I can plan my time more accordingly.

The only complaint I have with Google Calendar is that at times it will integrate my other email accounts and cause duplications in my inbox.

Other than this small quirk, I couldn't be happier with the result I've seen since I've started using Google Calendar to keep myself organized.

https://appblast.online/app/google-calendar https://appblast.online/app/google-calendar Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Google Classroom]]> https://appblast.online/app/google-classroom]]>

Google Classroom would have been one of the most beneficial things for me as a student back in my day. The service is completely free for both students and teachers and fosters a supportive learning environment for anyone who might be struggling in class.

Now that I have my own children, I want to do everything I can to make sure that they are as successful as they can be when going to school. Initially, I wasn't so sure about downloading Google Classroom and how it could possibly be of any use, but I would soon find out that it was a gift from above!

If you are a teacher who wants to be able to reach out to your students more easily or a student who attends a school that uses the Google Classroom service, then make sure you try Google Classroom to improve your work.

Keeping Students Organized

I absolutely love the ways in which Google Classroom can keep my kids organized. No longer do we have to scrounge through the house in the morning to find someones lost homework!

Now, all of their homework and the materials they need to complete their assignments successfully are stored right in the Google Classroom app. That means more money to be saved by the school district, and the parents; because the app saves so much paper, it's even great for the environment too!

Open Lines Of Communication

My favorite aspect of the Google Classroom app is the ability for students and teachers to communicate freely with one another. Now, I have the peace of mind that if my child is struggling in class, they have a prompt and discreet way to address the issues they are having with their teacher.

Students can also use the app to communicate with one another on projects and special assignments. So, if your child is grounded or unable to make it to a study buddies house, they will still be able to do their part and communicate with their workgroup through Google Classroom.

Distraction Free

One of my biggest concerns before downloading Google Classroom was whether or not the app was going to have a lot of ads since you don't have to pay to obtain it.

Although it's a general rule that a free app means a plethora of commercial and ad interruptions, Google Classroom is thankfully ad-free and therefore doesn't distract your student or child with game ads or other video interruptions.

I love that the developers at Google have kept the distractions out of their educational apps. The last thing I need is my teenager downloading a game to play when they're supposed to be working on a school project or homework.

There are so many great things about Google Classroom, but unfortunately, it doesn't come without its flaws. Far too many times students and teachers alike have a difficult time working around bugs that will not show all of the assignments on a students app.

This could be a major problem, especially if you have a struggling student who needs to make up all the work they can to keep up with the class. However, with the development team being part of Google, I am sure it won't be long before someone is addressing the issue and creating a seamless experience for students, teachers, and parents once again.

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<![CDATA[Google Duo - High Quality Video Calls]]> https://appblast.online/app/google-duo-high-quality-video-calls]]>

I have tried many messaging and social media apps in my day, but when I heard that Google took a shot at creating a service of their own I knew I had to download Google Duo to try it out.

Because Google is such a trusted household name, I knew that the features and benefits within the app had to be impressive. There are several really great things about using Google Duo to keep in touch with the people in my life who matter the most, but there are also some not so great things about the app. First, let me tell you about some of the things I really liked about Google Duo.

Incredible Video Quality

As I said, there are several messaging and video calling apps that I've tried over the years, so I've seen some really great video quality, and I've seen some of the worst you can imagine.

I wasn't quite sure which end of the spectrum the app would find itself on when I downloaded Google Duo initially, but the quality is more than I could have ever hoped for.

Now, instead of squinting and trying to see my loved ones through pixels and blurry images, I can enjoy crisp, clear video quality that allows me to see them as if they were sitting beside me. There is nothing more important to me than staying in touch with the ones I love, so being able to see them clearly is a crucial feature for me.

Knock, Knock! Who's There?

Have you ever been logged into one of your media apps and received a video call from someone who you couldn't remember, or perhaps you weren't sure who the username was attached to?

I for one have found myself in this situation more times than are comfortable, and it's never a fun situation when you answer those calls and find someone you would have rather screened!

When you use Google Duo to do your chatting, there is a feature known as knock-knock which will allow you to preview the incoming call before you answer it. Luckily, the person on the other end doesn't know that you're checking in to see who's there, so you won't have to worry about any awkward confrontations in the future.

Easy Navigation

I can't stand apps that use overcomplicated user interfaces that make it difficult to enjoy an app. There is nothing worse than downloading an app that makes you guess or do research on how to navigate the various controls. So, I was pleased to find that Google Duo is one of the most straightforward messaging apps I have ever had the pleasure of using, and it's free!

Everything about the user interface in Google Duo is easy to understand, so even your kids could use it comfortably if you wanted to download it on their phone or tablet. Elderly members of the family would also find Google Duo easy to use, as the interface is easy to read and straight to the point.

One of my biggest concerns with using Google Duo, however, is how quickly it drains the battery on my phone, even when I'm not using the app. Another problem I noticed in Google Duo was an occasional issue with the sound quality when more than one person is speaking. If my mother and I are having a conversation and I interject over her or vice versa, then the app will either mute us or significantly lower the volume of the call, which can be quite annoying. For a free application, Google Duo definitely does its job and is not much of a hassle if you can be patient with random audio bugs and a battery you need to constantly charge.

https://appblast.online/app/google-duo-high-quality-video-calls https://appblast.online/app/google-duo-high-quality-video-calls Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Google Home]]> https://appblast.online/app/google-home]]>

When I was a kid, the Jetsons was one of the most popular cartoons on TV; I know I'm showing my age, right? Anyway, what I loved most about the Jetsons was the amazing technology they used in their homes. If there was anything they wanted, all they had to do was press a button or say a voice command and out came Rosie with their request, or some other form of robotic device.

Though I'm sure we are several years away from any kind of robot servants living in anyone's home, there are still some incredible advances in technology that have made daily tasks so much easier.

If you are anything like my family and have all of the helpful Google devices around your house, then you should download Google Home on your phone or tablet like I did to help manage everything more easily.

Energy Saving

What I love most about using the Google Home app on my phone is that my husband and I can turn off the thermostat or turn it up significantly during the day while we're at work and turn it back to a comfortable temperature before we even get back to the house.

Being able to control our thermostat from any location means that we can save ourselves a lot of money on our electric bill by managing the temperature of our home when we're not there.

We live in one of the hottest areas of the United States near Houston, Texas, so having easy control of the air conditioner is a crucial element for comfortable living here.

Manage The Home Away From Home

With all of the different technological gadgets around the house, it's almost unnecessary for anyone to hire a house-sitter anymore. You don't have to worry about leaving a lamp on for a week if you head off for vacation either because as long as you have all the right Google Home gadgets, you can manage all of them right from your app no matter where you are.

I love having the peace of mind knowing that I can turn on and off lights in my home, check the temperature of the house, monitor security cameras, and more from the comfort of a hotel room on vacation. As long as I am somewhere that has Wifi, I am able to manage all of the gadgets connected to my Google Home app.

Better Than Clap On

Do you remember those commercials from the early 90s? Clap on, clap off! Essentially the clapper was made for people who didn't want to get up and walk across the room to turn off a light if they were comfortable in bed or on the couch.

With the Google Home app, I don't have to get up to turn on any of my lights, change the temperature on the thermostat, or see who is at the door, because I can do it all from the app on my phone!

Although it does foster an environment of laziness, the Google Home app has simplified things in our home so much, I really don't know what we did before we had it!

Overall, I would recommend this app to anyone that has a lot of the Google Home devices around there home, or if you are starting out with your collection of techie trinkets. Having the Google Home app on my phone has given me a lot of peace of mind when we are away from the house, and has really brought our electric bill down because of all the different things we can turn off and on while we're away.

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<![CDATA[Google One]]> https://appblast.online/app/google-one]]>

In this day and age, nearly every man woman and child carries a smartphone with them at all times. Our devices have become an integral part of our day to day lives; they keep us in touch with our loved ones, act as a camera when taking pictures or video, and is ultimately a supercomputer in the palm of our hands.

Luckily, I found an app that will help to keep all the files on my phone organized as well as save me a ton of space. Now, I don't have to worry about sorting through files and pictures to see what I have to delete to make room.

Extra Space Options

Although you can download Google One and receive 100GB of free space on your phone, there are selections for 1T and 2T options if you need more space than that.

I love that the app doesn't force me to spend money to expand the space on my device, I can easily download the app for free and see if the 100GB will be enough. If it is, then I don't have to worry about purchasing a different subscription option. However, if I do still run into the problem of not having enough space for new files, then I can always choose to purchase more space from the app.

Share The Wealth

One of my favorite features of the Google One app is having the ability to share all the space I'm saving on my device with the members of my family. You can share the space you purchase through the app with up to five other people, which means you won't have to worry about downloading Google One onto multiple devices.

Having the ability to share your space means that everyone will easily be able to organize the files on their personal device, without having to delete anything to make space.

Too Many Apps

If you ask me, Google has far too many options for consumers. Sure, I love being able to keep all of my files, pictures, and videos secure and organized, but it seems that all of Google's apps are related to the same thing, making it rather difficult to figure out how each individual service is meant to function.

I assumed when I started using Google One that it would be fairly straightforward with controls and navigation, but I found myself confused with what the difference between Google Photos, Google Files, and other Google products was.

At the end of the day, I enjoy having the freedom to keep taking pictures and videos of my family without having to worry about deleting precious moments because of not having enough room on a device.

My only complaint about the app is that it isn't very clear on how to use it. It also seems as though Google ropes you into downloading the app with promises of free space, only to bombard you with requests to spend your hard earned money once you start using the service.

It seems to me that Google is trying to manipulate customers into spending far more money than is necessary by promising them free products and then tricking them into spending money once they've downloaded their product.

Although I think Google is one of the best things since sliced bread, I can't stand companies that try to cheat people out of their money. Overall, I would say to treat any purchases in Google One as a buyer beware situation.

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<![CDATA[Google Photos]]> https://appblast.online/app/google-photos]]>

I've always had an affinity for photography, but the ability to keep thousands of images organized wasn't always as simple as it is now. I knew that I had to download Google Photos when I saw all of the amazing features provided by the app.

I knew that I could trust the service because of Googles name being behind it, so that was an important factor for me as well. After all, who wants to use a service they can't trust to upload and manage their most precious family photos? If you tend to take a ton of pictures with your phone or tablet, then you must start using Google Photos to make the most out of your photography experience.

Share Albums With Family And Friends

One of my favorite features of the Google Photos app is that I can choose to send individual pictures or complete albums to family and friends. My mother and aunt's love to use Shutterfly and services like that which take your pictures and print them on blankets and mugs and other random giftable items, so I knew they would go nuts of Google Photos too.

Having Google Photos on my phone means that no matter what I am doing I can quickly and easily share pictures of my experience with the people I love the most.

Receive Stylized Photos

Although I'd love to say that my Photoshop classes from high school stuck, I am not the greatest at stylizing photos. The Google Photos app will stylize any picture you choose with ease, but I love when the app chooses a picture at random to stylize for me.

Shortly after downloading the Google Photos app, my husband and I went on a romantic getaway to San Antonio, Texas, and I took a ridiculous amount of pictures while we were visiting the city. One of my favorite moments from that trip was sharing a few cocktails with my husband at the fine dining restaurant at the top of the Tower of the America's at sunset.

About a week after our trip, I received a notification about a stylized photo and was so surprised to see a stunningly stylized rendition of a picture of the sunset overlooking San Antonio.

You will be surprised at how often you see beautiful pictures from the precious moments you've shared with your loved ones. It's almost as if the app knows exactly which pictures we will enjoy the most!

Fond Memories

The best feature of Google Photos has to be the fun little reminders it sends you from the albums stored in the cloud. You might get a picture from your child's birthday party the previous year, or a reminder of that first date you took with your now fiance. No matter what Google Photos decides to pop up and surprise you with, it's sure to bring a smile to your face or even a chuckle at an old joke you had forgotten about.

Google Photos is one of the most used apps on my phone, and I couldn't ask for better service. The developers are quick to respond with any issues I have within the app, and the navigation is straightforward and comfortable to use.

Another notable benefit to having Google Photos downloaded onto your device is the amount of room you will save. All of the photos you take can be saved to the Google Cloud and safely stored so that your device does not become bogged down or overloaded with picture files.

I would highly recommend Google Photos to anyone who takes a lot of pictures on their phone or for anyone who wants to be able to stylize their photos with ease.

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<![CDATA[Google Slides]]> https://appblast.online/app/google-slides]]>

If you've ever had to create a powerpoint presentation, then you know just how confusing they can be to orchestrate at times. There are tons of people who could benefit from an app that would simplify the power point process for both students and professionals alike.

I was recently scouring through the play store on my phone, looking for such an app to help me and my husband prepare presentations for our clients.

Of course, I had to download Google Slides when I found it, and for free no less! I was so excited to have found a solution to my ever-nagging problem of having to create these immaculate slide shows without a single clue as to how to do it properly.

Writing Is Saved As You Type

If there could only be one thing that drove me to complete insanity, then it would be when technology fails me, and I lose all the written work I had completed up until that point.

I was so relieved to find that any documents I may be working on while using Google Slides will be automatically saved as I type new information. So, this means that if I am writing out a lengthy slide and something happens with the device I am working on, I can easily find my work safely tucked away in the app, right where I left off.

Work From Anywhere

One of the things I love about apps like Google Slides is having the ability to work from any location, whether it be at work, home, or on the go. There have been several opportunities where I may have gotten in trouble at work or let my team down by not being there to work on a presentation with them.

When I downloaded Google Slides, it gave me the peace of mind that if something prevented me from being at work, that I could still support my team and pull my own weight on the project.

If you are a student who seems to find themselves sick in bed quite often or a professional who is constantly traveling for work, then you would most definitely benefit from Google Slides.

Go Off The Grid

Sometimes, you just need to turn the device on airplane mode, crank up your music, and get lost in your project all by yourself. That's why I love the addition of an offline mode in Google Slides.

If you can't get anything done on a project because your coworkers or friends keep blowing up your phone, then simply go offline so that you can continue on with your work without the annoying and disruptive distractions.

Another great reason for having an offline capability in the app is that you can continue to work on the plane if you tend to travel a lot. I can recall a few examples of when it would have been really helpful to have an app that would allow me to access all of my work while having no internet connection.

Millions of student's and professionals have chosen to use Google Slides to simplify the process of creating immaculate powerpoint presentations. Now that I have started using Google Slides on my phone, I can see what all the fuss is about! I have created more stunning content with Google Slides than I ever did with powerpoint on its own.

If you are a traveling professional, or student with a sprawled out study group who needs to finish up a project for class, then you must get Google Slides to make your life a bit easier. I don't know how I did my presentations before Google Slides.

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<![CDATA[Google Translate]]> https://appblast.online/app/google-translate]]>

Technology has given us so many helpful and life-altering things, but the most exciting gift of all has to be the ability to talk with other people who do not share our language.

Google Translate is changing the way we communicate with people all over the world and helping us to comprehend written foreign languages as well.

Although the Google Translate app would be perfect for many situations, the primary use of the tool will more than likely be for those who travel to foreign countries frequently, or those learning an unfamiliar language.

If you or someone in your household would benefit from the convenience of having text or speech translated for them, then make sure to head to the play store to download Google Translate.

Translate Anytime, Anywhere

Our main concern when testing out the Google Translate app, was whether or not it would be feasible to use the service when you are out in the middle of nowhere, perhaps backpacking across Europe?

To our surprise, we found that not only can you use the app just about anywhere you go, but you don't even have to be connected to your provider or internet service to translate.

Because you don't have to worry about a Wi-fi connection, you have far more freedom when traveling; for example, if you wanted to hike through a mountainous area with a remote village, you can greet people with ease using the app, even if you don't have a signal on your device.

Using The Camera On Your Device To Translate

You're probably thinking how on earth can the camera on your phone or tablet do any good with translating. Well, you're in for a pleasant surprise, because yet again Google has smashed our expectations out of the park.

If you are in an unfamiliar country and don't speak the language, talking to natives of that area is not your only reason for concern. There are many reasons why one might need a translator when traveling, and one of the primary reasons is to read signs and other relevant texts.

All you have to do is open the Google Translate app and point the camera at a sign or another piece of text in which you need help deciphering. Within moments, you'll have the answer you seek on your screen!

Speak Freely

What fun is traveling if you can't get to know the people that live in the area? Not only is it difficult to communicate when you don't speak another nation's language, but it can come off as disrespectful if you do nothing to try to talk to people.

Luckily, the creators of the Google Translate app made sure that no matter where you go, you'll be able to speak freely with those around you.

Just download Google Translate, open the speech recognition feature and hold the device between you and the person you are speaking with. As each person talks to the other, the application will translate in text for the other person to read in their mother tongue.

There is nothing more freeing than being able to communicate with people all over the world. Now you don't have to fear that backpacking trip, or the vacation to China or Europe you always wanted to take.

Another intriguing feature of the app is the drawing option. You can use your finger to write or draw symbols in the app to attempt to decipher their meanings. Keep in mind, however, that your drawing may not look enough like the symbol to translate it, so you'll have to draw the letters or symbols as clearly and precisely as you are able.

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<![CDATA[Google Voice]]> https://appblast.online/app/google-voice]]>

In this day and age, it is becoming more and more common for people to work from the comfort of their homes. Although running a business or making your living at home can be a dream come true, it can also be a nightmare if you have people calling you all day.

When my husband and I started our family business, we couldn't have been more excited to have the American dream come to fruition. However, the business calls to our personal cell phones started to take its toll rather quickly, especially when trying to spend time with our family.

Someone suggested that we try downloading Google Voice to manage the incoming calls more easily. I must say, I was hesitant at first, but I couldn't be more pleased with the performance of the app.

A Second Phone Number

You are probably wondering the same thing I did when I first heard about Google Voice, "How on earth is a Google app going to stop all these calls!"

First of all, if you're going to be working from home or conducting business from your personal device, then you will need to get a second phone number.

Luckily, Google Voice will provide you with a phone number so that you don't have to go out and get a second phone or another service provider. Having the ability to get a free phone number from Google could mean huge steps forward for a lot of people; especially those who have had their services shut off and still require a means of communication.

Manage Line Through Settings

Initially, when I realized that my second number would still make my personal phone ring, I wasn't sure how it was going to help keep incoming calls manageable between personal and business.

After I downloaded Google Voice and received my number, I did a bit of digging in the app and a found several very helpful settings options. My favorite feature under the settings options is the do not disturb feature.

When I have switched my brain off of work mode for the day, all I have to do is flip on the do not disturb feature and all phone calls to my Google Voice account will be sent directly to voicemail.

Under the settings options, I can also choose to receive voicemail notifications by my email or through text message. Receiving my emails this way means that I can read them at a quick glance instead of stopping my momentum to listen to my voicemail.

WiFi Dependent

There is only one downfall to using Google Voice, and that is the need to be connected to the internet. So, if you plan on waiting by the phone to receive a special call via Google Voice, then you had better make sure you are in a place with a reliable internet connection.

Luckily, if you do happen to receive a call when you are off the grid, the app will seamlessly pick up where it left off when you lost connection and send you all of the notifications you missed.

Google Voice is a wonderful app that is helping tons of people to become more organized with their business and personal lives. I also considered that people who need to keep their contact information hidden from others could also benefit from using the Google Voice app. Another thing I love about Google Voice is that it saves me money every month on the international calls we have to make for our business. There are competitive rates to choose from and the call quality is unmatched compared to some other communication apps.

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<![CDATA[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]> https://appblast.online/app/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas]]>

I instantly fell in love with the risque gaming title, Grand Theft Auto, when it first launched for the PlayStation in October of1997. My brother and I would fight over the controller and who got to do the next mission, but now that Rockstar has launched their GTA franchise for mobile gaming, I don't have to fight anyone to play ever again!

One of my favorite Grand Theft Auto games has always been San Andreas so you can imagine my delight when I saw it for sale in the Google play store. Although you have to pay to download the game, you're basically getting the same content you would see as if you had bought the game for PC or console, so the price really isn't that bad!

Immersive Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in my opinion, has always been one of the most immersive titles in the franchise, and the mobile version hits the mark just as well as it did on console or PC. There are over 70-hours of missions and various gameplay to enjoy when you download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, so you won't be getting bored of the content anytime soon.

The story is set in the 90s, and you have to travel back to San Andreas to help get the city back in order and take control of the streets with your crew and save the town.

Customizable Controls

My favorite feature of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the customizable controls and the three separate control modes you can choose from.

If you've ever played a mobile game with an open world you had to maneuver, then you know just how frustrating it can be to try and manage controls on a small device like a smartphone.

Instead of resorting back to the console version out of frustration, just head to the control settings and make sure the buttons that don't need to be on your screen, don't show up until you need them.

This is an option I've never noticed in a mobile game before, but I think it's a genius move on Rockstars part. Rather than letting the customers get frustrated, they've given us an option to take those pesky buttons out of the way!

Impressive Graphics

I'm sure by now you've seen stills of the mobile gameplay and are asking yourself whether or not the animation and graphics will be as pristine when you open the game on your phone.

You'll be pleasantly surprised to know that the graphics you remember from the console version are what you can expect to find when you play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on your phone or tablet.

Although Rockstar has outdone themselves with the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it does not come without problems. One of the significant concerns I had with downloading the game was the size.

Cellphones are not meant to hold massive open-world games like Grand Theft Auto, so if you already do a lot of gaming on your device, you might find that you have to delete some things to make room.

If you are thinking you'll fix this problem by putting the game on a removable SD card, you're out of luck. For some reason, Rockstar has not given the option to transfer the game file onto an external device. So, unless you have a phone with a massive amount of data, you might have problems getting it to download.

The last issue I found with the game was that all the fun and convenient cheats which are available on the PC and console versions of the game are not available for the mobile game. Though this isn't anything too tragic, I did find it a touch disappointing.

https://appblast.online/app/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas https://appblast.online/app/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas Sat, 20 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0400 AppBlast
<![CDATA[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]]> https://appblast.online/app/grand-theft-auto-vice-city]]>

Rockstar games really hit the nail on the head when they released the 10th-anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android mobile devices. Players who remember the 1980s themed classic are sure to be as excited as I was when I saw this title available in the play store!

Dare I say this open world experience, mixed of course with just the right amount of epic character narrative storylines, gives the original a run for its money.

It's been a long time since many of us Rockstar fans revisited the streets of Vice City, so if you're as eager as I was, head to the Google play store on your Android device to download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City!

Getting The Best Of Both Gaming Worlds

There are a few unique styles of gameplay which players like to sink hours of play time into, but the two most significant methods are solo and MMO, or Massively Multiplayer Online. Personally, I love being able to follow along with an intriguing storyline, but also have the run of an expansive universe where I can explore or collect rare items for crafting and building a bankroll for in-game items.

Although most of the MMO games on the market, both mobile and otherwise, have fairly solid storylines and character development, there's just something about that Scarface-like style that is so evident in the stories and characters of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Along with the great quests and tasks you'll have to perform when you play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you will also have the entirety of Vice City to explore, just like when we played back in the day!

Improved Controls For Comfortable Playability

One of my biggest concerns when installing the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was whether or not the controls were going to work well enough on a mobile device to do the content justice.

Honestly, although it does take some getting used to, the controls created for the mobile platform could not be any better than Rockstar has set up. It does seem that the larger the screen you are playing on, the better you can navigate the game, but it works just as well on either a phone or tablet.

The aiming and firing controls have been tweaked ever so slightly to give you a better experience when playing the game on the small screen. But, you can opt to connect your Bluetooth console controller to your device if it's more comfortable for you.

PC Quality In The Palm Of Your Hands

The most impressive feature of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the incredible PC worthy graphics you'll find throughout the game. I was very skeptical of the video settings being able to keep up with this stunning game on a mobile device, but the developers at Rockstar really put their nose to this project!

You will need 1.5 GB of free space on your device to download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, so you know you are getting a huge game with loads of incredible content.

There is almost nothing negative to say about this application, which I couldn't be happier about. Since you pay for the game, there are no walls of ads to keep you held up between missions, which also means no hassles for a subscription fee either! The only downfall I could find as of yet is that you can't upload the game onto an SD card, so you're stuck with having the massive game file library on your phone. The only downside to this is if you play a lot of games on your device.

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There is just something about the horror game genre that leaves players wanting to come back for more, and one of the most horrific titles in the app store right now is Granny. Although the title might make you think of baking cookies, eating treats and being doted over by a loving family member, you would be terribly mistaken in this case.

Granny is one of those terrifying games that put things into a realistic scenario for you. You are stuck in Granny's house, and you only have 5 days to make it out of her murderous clutches alive!

If you are ready to take your horror gaming to another level, make sure to head to the play store on your device to download Granny and start working on your escape!

Simple, Yet Scary!

The most important aspect of any horror game is to ensure that the players working through the game have a few decent scares along the way, and the development team for Granny does not disappoint in this area! Although the house is dark and rife with shadows, making your escape somewhat tricky indeed, the controls in which you are given to maneuver the place is straightforward and easy to master. Because you don't have to waste a lot of thought or energy on getting the movement controls down, you have much more time to fear what is around the next dark corner! The only other thing you have to worry about when playing Granny is keeping as quiet as possible. If you make one false move and drop something on the floor, Granny will appear as if from nowhere and slaughter you before you know it!

Keeping Things Fresh

One of the downfalls of a lot of horror games is that they don't see a lot of updates or changes to the gameplay. If you are tired of playing the same levels of the same games over and over again, then you need a new horror title in your library!

The team at DVloper make sure to keep Granny feeling fresh and new by adding modes, seasonal events, and other random additions to the game that will keep you jumping out of your skin and coming back for more action!

Because the development team takes such care and time with keeping Granny up to date, there isn't much time for you to get bored with the game, and that is always a plus in our book!

Realistic Hiding Places

If you haven't picked up on it already, Granny isn't a game you can complete without having to hunker down and find a place to wait her out. Just like in a horror movie, you will have to find places to hide in Granny's house where she can't see you, and you'll need to stay extra quiet as you wait for her to move past you.

Typically, when playing games where you have to hide, you are limited to crouching behind objects or crawling on the floor under something. In Granny, you have the freedom to do just about anything you would in real life. This means that if your character runs past a standing wardrobe and you need to hide quickly, you can open the doors and step inside just as you would if you were actually there!

Granny is one of our favorite horror games to share with you from the play store! There is nothing negative to say about this game other than that you have to contend with ads every now and then; but, to be honest, you might enjoy the break from all the jump scares that await you when you download Granny!

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<![CDATA[Grubhub: Local Food Delivery & Restaurant Takeout]]> https://appblast.online/app/grubhub-local-food-delivery-restaurant-takeout]]>

Do you ever have those days where just thinking about making dinner leaves you wanting to crawl into bed and take a nap? We all have those days where doing the simplest of tasks makes us feel even more exhausted just thinking about doing them, no matter how mundane the task!

If you ever have those days where you wish your favorite restaurant would bring you a plate of your most beloved cuisine, then you have to use GrubHub for those busy weeknights, or lazy weekends.

GrubHub is quite literally a delivery service that works like Uber for some of the most popular fast food chains as well as local restaurants throughout participating areas. So, next time you're feeling a grumble in your stomach, open up GrubHub to have something delicious sent right to your door.

Perfect For Busy Nights

One of the most stress-inducing activities on any busy weeknight is figuring out what to whip together for dinner for your family. Between picking the kids up for school, getting them ready for after-school activities, and helping with homework, finding the time to make a well-balanced meal can seem impossible.

If you download GrubHub onto your smartphone or tablet, you'll never have to worry about what to make on those chaotic weeknights ever again. All you have to do is open the app, choose your restaurant and select the items you want to be delivered and the rest is up to GrubHub!

Having those extra minutes to spend with your family can make all the difference when you have a lot on your plate as it is. Download GrubHub to relieve some of the stress and bring family time back to your weeknights!

Keep Track Of Your Order Every Step Of The Way

Rather than ordering a pizza or Chinese food and not knowing where your driver is with your order, why not use GrubHub and watch a real-time tracker of your complete order process. From the moment you place your order, you will see every step of the process from the time the cook gets your order to the time your driver picks it up for delivery!

Another great feature is that you can watch your driver on a map of your area through GPS tracking. This way, if you ordered your families meal before you got home, you can be sure that you will beat your delivery driver to the door just in time.

Easy To Reach Customer Service

One of the most frustrating things about the technological world is that it is not always so clear as to how to reach out to customer service when using an app.

Luckily, when you use GrubHub to order food, you will always have a clear and direct line to customer service at all times through the ordering process. For example, if your order seems to be taking an abnormally long time, you can contact customer service, and they will reach out to the restaurant to get an ETA for you.

One of the only downfalls to GrubHub is that although you can reach customer service relatively quickly, they are not always as accommodating as one might hope they would be. We once waited 2 hours to receive an order which was not delivered correctly in the first place.

Although customer service did give us a refund for the items that were not delivered, we would have preferred that our items be brought to us instead as we did not have a complete meal for the entire family.

Unfortunately, it is GrubHub's policy that unless an item costs more than $10 they will not send a delivery driver back to the restaurant to get it. So, if you have ordered lunch for work and it wasn't delivered properly, you might be out of luck!

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<![CDATA[Guns of Glory]]> https://appblast.online/app/guns-of-glory]]>

RTS, or real-time strategy, has been one of the most significant gaming genre's for quite some time now. One of the first titles I ever played in the category was Blizzard's StarCraft, but I soon grew tired of the science fiction heavy gameplay.

For a while, I didn't play any real-time strategy games, but recently I have found myself missing the stimulating strategic warfare that takes place in just about every RTS game I've ever played.

I was hoping to find something that felt more historical and less like a sci-fi movie, so I was pleased to have found Guns Of Glory in the play store. The game is filled with historical weapons like cannons, swords, and muzzleloader rifles, so I feel as though I'm playing with original weapons of warfare.

Build An Empire

In so many of the RTS games on the market, players are expected to build defenses around a military base or unique resource to protect their assets at all costs against their foes.

When you download Guns Of Glory, you will have the opportunity to create an entire kingdom full of everything one would need to rule over a land successfully. You will need to make sure that your people are taken care of and protected against any ill-intending visitors that might pop up at any moment.

The development team at Diandian Interactive Holding clearly wanted to give the players a realistic experience when defending their empire. You can choose from many different old-school armaments like cannons, swords, and even archers who will risk it all to defend your territory.

You will even have the opportunity to expand your territory by creating alliances with neighboring empires, which are managed by players from all over the world!

Manage Troops

When I play a strategy game, I always look for one that will have plenty of ways that I can customize my army, weapons, and structures. I downloaded Guns of Glory because of the promise of incredibly extensive means in which you can customize your game. Not only will you have the ability to upgrade weapons and fortify your structures, but you will also be able to manage massive airships that will carry troops who will fight for you from the air.

There are two different ways to make your airship stronger, and that is by adding assault components and guardian components. What I've always loved about RTS games is that you always have the freedom to switch things up if your setup isn't working out, and there are plenty of options in this game.

Misleading Ads

I was disheartened to find a very different game than the one I thought I discovered in the play store. When watching the advertisements for Guns of Glory, it appears as though you will have nearly endless strategic choices to make when in battle.

In reality, all the decisions you will make regarding your weapons, troops, and estate will have to be completed before the battle begins. Although I felt a bit duped at the time, I suppose there are far worse things that could go wrong with the game.

Once I started playing Guns Of Glory, I quickly learned that it was not as free-to-play as advertised either. It's very difficult to advance in the game if you don't spend real dollars on items in the in-game store.

The development team has made it nearly impossible for players who want to play the game without spending any money to progress past a certain level.

Overall, Guns of Glory is a decently made strategy game with loads of entertaining gameplay, it just might not be exactly what you are expecting if you saw the same ads I did.

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<![CDATA[Happy Color™ – Color by Number]]> https://appblast.online/app/happy-color-color-by-number]]>

One of the most relaxing activities I have ever taken part in is simply filling in an empty picture with vibrant colors. As a child, I could sit down to a session of coloring with my favorite coloring books until every page was saturated with color.

Now that I'm an adult, it's much harder to find the time to sit down with my art supplies and create something beautiful. That's why I turned to the mobile play store to get Happy Color Color by Number, an app that would afford me the ability to color in thousands of images without paying a dime and without worrying about cleaning up a mess or retrieving supplies.

Endless Options

Because there are over 2,000 free pictures to choose from in Happy Color Color by Number, I never feel as though I'm coloring in the same picture over and over again. There are tons of different categories to choose from, and many different styles of coloring pages to fill in.

Not only will you have over 2,000 pages to select, but the developers make sure to keep the app updated with fresh new coloring pages on a regular basis. Although you will never feel pressured into spending any real money in the app, there is an available in-game store for players who wish to dabble in the more intricate designs found in Happy Color Color by Number.

Select by Category

When I initially downloaded Happy Color Color by Number, I wasn't sure how I was going to sort through thousands of pages to find one that sparked creativity.

I was pleased to see that all of the images are broken up into categories which makes it far easier to figure out what I feel like coloring. Some days I might find myself working on a picture of an animal, flower or landscape, and other times I might choose to color in a playful scene with toys, candy, or ice cream.

No matter what kind of coloring books you might be into, there are sure to be hundreds of pages for you to enjoy when you download Happy Color Color by Number.


Did you ever finish coloring on the page of a coloring book and wished you could erase the whole thing and start over again? Well, when you get creative with Happy Color Color by Number, you will have the opportunity to recolor any image you've already completed.

It doesn't matter how many times you complete one of the pictures in the app, you will always be able to start over with the press of a button. I love having the ability to go back and recolor images I've already completed, and my kids enjoy being able to work on the same pictures as their siblings without having to fight over a coloring book.

Happy Color Color by Number is one of my favorite apps to sit back and relax with at the end of a long day. I get the same enjoyment I had as a child sitting down with my crayons and coloring books but in a much more convenient package.

If you've been looking for an app that will allow you to be creative without putting you under any stress or pressure, then you should consider downloading Happy Color Color by Number onto your phone or tablet. I would even recommend this app for those who have small children in the home as the app allows you to zoom in close to the colors for easy painting. Parents will also love that there are no chat features in the game, so your kids will never receive unwanted messages from strangers!

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<![CDATA[Happy Glass]]> https://appblast.online/app/happy-glass]]>

I took physics in high school, college, and to this day, I have not used one bit of knowledge I gained in that class. And then I played the download of Happy Glass. This game is an addictive and fun way to exercise your brain.

The Game

Your character is a simple empty glass. Pouring from a pipe that looks like the famous green pipes from Super Mario Brothers is water. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to draw a line with a pencil that allows the most water volume to fill the glass. Once the glass is filled, the glass is smiling and you collect your award of stars. Sounds easy, right? It's not! The glass changes angles, and the obstacles bounce the water off in different directions...filling or knocking the glass off.

Happy! Happy! Happy!

While frustrating, I don't think you will put this game down. It definitely challenges everything you know about weight, physics, science. This game is a brain exercise and you are not even aware your brain is being prodded to function. As you go further into the game, it becomes more difficult which is pure frustration. You will ask yourself: why am I continuing? Why do I keep torturing myself? One reason: you are trapped by a game that teases your brain while fun at the same time.

The game has a minimal amount of ads, but if you want more stars, you are prompted to watch a quick ad video. The game must have a connection to the Lumosity app because most of the ads are messages regarding said app. I believe this game is similar to the brain teasers on Lumosity, but once again, you're oblivious of this tactic because of the fun.

I recommend this game to any student or adult who thinks they can trick the flow of water in the smiling glass. In addition, be prepared for multiple glasses that need to be filled at the same time. The game pulls out all the stops when it comes to physics and science.

The graphics are pretty simple with a grid backdrop, and not much else. But the graphics won't matter after about three levels. You concentrate on the pencil making the line. Feeling overly challenged? Hit the "hint" button for a direction as to where to put the line to get the flow of water in the best method. However, with the hint comes an ad video. Like most games, the bills need to be paid, but the ads are not multiple and as far as I've encountered, they are pretty quick.

I'm keeping this game as it is addictive and a good time consumer. It's just right for those who want to exercise their brain. I can see it used in school, teaching kids about physics and the flow of water. Since it's a good brain exercise, I can also see it used with those suffering from brain or memory damage. Overall, I highly recommend the app to anyone else who may not have used their physics lessons in 20 years.

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<![CDATA[Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery]]> https://appblast.online/app/harry-potter-hogwarts-mystery]]>

Ever since J K Rowling published the first book in the Harry Potter series, I have been absolutely in love with the franchise! I have read every single book several times, watched the movies more times than I could count, and now I'm branching out and taking part in the Harry Potter gaming universe. As soon as I found out I could create my own character that could attend Hogwarts, I knew I wanted to download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery to try it out.

The graphics remind me very much of what a cartoon version of the Harry Potter movies might be like, but not in such a way that felt too childlike or watered down. I also enjoy that I can attend real Hogwarts classes like spells and potions, and other magical skills.

Creating A Student

The very first thing you'll have to do after you download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is to create your character. You can customize the way they look, choose their gender, and pick which house you want them to represent.

I was anticipating which character I wanted to choose when I started playing so you can imagine my delight when I realized I could truly create my own Hogwarts story! Being able to choose a character of your own and play them any way you choose really helps to immerse you deeper into the game and creates a truly unique experience.

Relationships Matter

Whether you want to behave like a Malfoy, or you want to master the art of the high road like a Grainger, the decisions you make when interacting with the other players will greatly affect the outcome of your game.

If you choose to play like a Potter and make heroic choices, then you will have a lighter more pleasant experience. However, if you choose the darker path through your actions, then your story will certainly take a much more macabre turn!

I love that the developers created a way to shift your story depending on the interactions you have with other characters. It really makes me stop and think about what I am going to do, which also keeps me hooked into the game!

No Offline Play

My only complaint with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is that I can't play the game offline. You must be connected to a network or Wifi in order to play the game, so that means my hopes of progressing my story on any long flights are dashed.

Although it isn't the worst thing in the world to complain about, there are times I like to go off the grid and completely lose myself in a good gaming session without the worry of having people text or call me; because of this, I often look for games that can be played while my phone is in airplane mode.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery truly gives fans the idea of what it must feel like to actually be a student at the infamous academy. My only other wish for the game is that at some point there is a pay to play title that will take out the need for saving up lives so that you can progress. If I could binge-play this game for hours on end I would probably never put it down.

If you are as big a fan of Harry Potter as I am, then you have to download this game and experience life at Hogwarts for yourself.

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<![CDATA[Hay Day]]> https://appblast.online/app/hay-day]]>

In this day and age, it seems that nearly every form of media entertainment is saturated with oversexed characters, drugs, and violence. Although this really isn't anything new, it's nice to get a break from the heaviness of it every now and then.

I enjoy playing games that keep things lighthearted and fun while leaving out mature innuendos and any other R rated content, which is precisely the reason I downloaded Hay Day in the first place. Another reason I was so keen to play Hay Day is that it isn't just another cookie cutter matching puzzle game.

Just because I want to play something lighthearted and fun doesn't mean that I want to be chained to one genre of a mobile game either. Hay Day offers tons of fun for gamers of any age and skill level, so it's also an entertaining family-friendly option for kids.

Trading Goods

My favorite part about playing Hay Day is the authentic farm experience the title offers its players. Not only will you have the opportunity to build your very own town from the ground up, but you will also be able to manage and maintain a farm to help it thrive.

Trading items in Hay Day can make things significantly easier to complete unique missions and quests to progress your story. When you plant crops in Hay Day, you can harvest them to use in recipes to make special items, or you can put them up in the trading post to help other players reach their goals.

Challenges Keep Things Fresh

I have played a few different farming simulator games like Hay Day, so I had a certain expectation going into the game. Much like the other titles in the genre, players will have specific goals they need to reach in order to progress their story and build onto their farm or town.

The more challenges you can complete, the more coins you will accumulate for purchasing crops, structures, decorations, animals, and so much more! Because the developers add these little missions to the gameplay, there is far more playability to Hay Day than originally meets the eye.

No Pressure Farming

I can remember some of the original farming games having a time limit on how long you could allow your crops to sit before they would start to dissipate and die.

Luckily, you don't have to worry about logging into Hay Day at specific times because your crops will never go bad after you've planted them. This means that if you get busy and forget to log into the game for a few days, there isn't going to be a wasted mess when you get back into the swing of things.

Overall, Hay Day is one of my favorite new games to play on my phone and tablet because of its stress-free gameplay. Not only do you get to enjoy never-ending sunny skies in Hay Day, but you also have the opportunity to meet fun-loving gamers just like you in the Facebook community.

There, you can find other farmers who need help with tasks around their farm, trade goods with someone who has something you need to complete a task, or simply make new friends by reaching out and telling them what you think of their farm!

There are so many ways to enjoy Hay Day, but my favorite part is having a drama-free and violence-free game to relax with. It's not often that you can find a game that doesn't have a lot of blood and gore so I couldn't be happier with the sunshiney presence Hay Day brings to my day!

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